My Everyday Magic



Weekend Magic! 10/25 ~ 10/26/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

My Magic

* Mercury goes direct today! What an intense Mercury Retrograde it has been, though it certainly did the job!

* My dinner last night was sooooo yummy. I’ve never made scalloped potatoes before and they were the best I’ve ever tasted. Hubby was very appreciative of all my dinner efforts. (Seriously, though, I made three things for dinner and can’t imagine doing that every night. Bowing down to the Kitchen Goddesses who do.) ;)

* VERY GRATEFUL that I married a magical man who also LOVES to cook! *whew*

* Kai took an unexpected nap yesterday and that was okay with everyone.

* Watching the tail-end of “Footloose” last night before bed.

* Yesterday was Field Trip Day for Hubby and the boys. I had plans to get on the treadmill and get some work done. Instead I opted to take a long bath and then watch a movie in bed ~ so much better! I think one of my favorite things is canceling my “should do’s” for “want to’s.”

* It’s a beautiful fall day!

* Thinking of our Rainbow Faery and her Luna Festival this weekend!

* My oldest son LOVES getting on the treadmill and keeps increasing it a minute a day. Seriously, the only reason to get on a treadmill is to do it for the FUN of it like he does. I may or may not get on it today. lol.

* Fireplaces that turn on with a press of the button on this chilly morning.

I hope all our weekends are filled with pleasure and delight! I love you! ♥



fAerie fRiDay – 10.24.14

Hello Friends!

My wish for you today is Love.  Reach for love, look for love, feel love, give love, receive love, share love, Be Love – for there is nothing more important, nothing more powerful and nothing more beautiful in the world than our love.  Love can heal, love can transmute, love can bring joy, love can bring warmth, love can unite.  Celebrate love today in your life and watch how easy the magic will flow!  I love you!

sunshine at sunshine

sunshine at sunshine

My Magic:

*  Having fun with my boys

*  A beautiful conversation with my beloved while he’s on the road

* A powerful conversation with a dear friend

* Boots!  Oh, how I adore boots, especially in the autumn!

* Talking with like-minded people and sharing ideas and dreams

*  Coffee to start the day

* Understanding more about myself and knowing what I need to do right now

* Spending the afternoon with a dear friend

* A mud bath in my bath — how how this bath continues to be more like a spa to me

* Fun new recipes

* Baseball

*  Living and Loving with all my Being

I hope you soak up the love in your life and share that with everyone – especially yourself today!


My Everyday Magic 10/23/14

I have this little spark inside of me that keeps burning strong no matter what, it keeps me going and pulls me back up and never lets me fall further than I can recover from.


My Everyday Magic

Being gentle with myself today, its just what I need.

A cold but sunny October day with beautiful trees and leaf piles all around.

Having compassion for myself.

Releasing myself into the future.

Tears of release, of surrender.

My great kids.

Hubby working hard to fix our bathroom, all the leaks are now gone.

Taking my boys to the skate park for an hour or so with their friend and then allowing myself to relax for the rest of the day.

Soup and the delicious smells of Autumn cooking.

A lovely surprise connection with three of the most magical and wonderful friends yesterday. These dear sisters and all we have shared and mastered together.

Sending out love to you all today, please share some magic in the comments one of my favourite times of the day is reading here.


My Everyday Magic 10/22/14


My Everyday Magic

*In 100% Luna Festival mode…it is this coming Sunday, so this week it has my FULL attention.

*Feeling supported and loved…priceless indeed.

*Imagery…SO much imagery. I have so many things in my mind’s eye that I’d like to paint or recreate… Wonder what will take the forefront and be the next painting? :)

*Ginormous commissioned artwork, finished and installed. I can breathe and walk around in my room…for a very short while. Check it out!:

*2 more ginormous commissioned artworks next! Giving myself a week to breathe before I begin. =)

*Feeling like the hard work I’ve put in over the last 5 years is really starting to pay off in a way that I can FEEL it, some relief, mainly, financially. And it is just beginning. But this is really the first year in my life that I feel like I am on the path to being financially free. THAT is some badass freakin magic right there. I mean, it is still a bit of  a juggling act sometimes, but I feel GOOD, I feel like “I’ve got this” and I am not so stressed or panicky about money anymore. Amen.

*People. Oh people… lol.

*Art everything.

*Muuuuuuuuuuusic!!!!!!!!!!! I have a playlist for everything, lol.


*Even though I am fighting off a nasty bug (WHY oh WHY always before a big event I’m doing???), I feel like things will be okay. I feel alive and healthy, even with this crud. Lol.

*Still found the energy to clean and feel good about my space today. :)

*SOUP!! I am a shameless soupaholic. I love soup. I need soup. SOUP! Oh, and I made some soup today, and it was awesome and healing and SOUPer yummy.

*My boys. Infinitely precious and ridiculous and awesome.

What’s on your everyday magic list? What deserves to be acknowledged? What’s making you smile, or feel better? Please share in the comments below, and have a wonderful day!


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