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Wondrous Wednesday Magic!

Star Fairy

The Star Fairy

Hey now, magical folks! Star Fairy here, dropping in to share some cosmic info and some down to earth magic.
If you’ve been wondering what’s up with the planets lately, the answer is “A lot!”

Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer are all arranged like 4 points of a square, ready for battle, or perhaps a competitive game. Uranus, with Mercury currently alongside, shakes things up, gives us new ideas, and pushes for the changes that bring more freedom. Pluto is doing the deep work of transforming the structures and traditions of our society… no easy task! Mars reminds us that in order to come up with peaceful solutions that really work, we each need to state clearly what we want and where we stand. Jupiter challenges us to open our hearts and be generous with our nurturing. This includes self-nurturing!

This Grand Square is in effect for the rest of the month, and we may feel it longer. My best advice is to lovingly stay true to yourself, even if you are experiencing big changes. Be willing to change. It’s OK to mourn what is passing away. It is powerful to set your intentions for how you want to feel in the future. Tell the story of who you want to become, and then trust in the process. Your heart knows the way!

My magic:

~ we couldn’t see the lunar eclipse through the clouds, but I was able to tune into the energy. On a very early dog walk I recognized that I want to replace resentment, regret, and desire for revenge with the practical power and pleasure of presence. (alliteration helps me remember things!)
~ my husband, who had to get up in the wee hours to go to work. When he went into the kitchen he found a teeny tiny frog (a peeper!) had somehow gotten inside our house. He saved it from the cats and immediately took it outside to safety, even though he was naked. <3
~ seeing a barred owl in the woods. My dog and I were just below its tree. I saw it turn its head this way, then back to look at me, then another way, then back, then look at my dog, and silently glide away to a more distant perch. So beautiful!
~ baby cuddles! I'm taking care of a 3 month old and she is just so sweet!
~ watching some of the memorial ceremonies for the victims of the bombing at last year's Boston Marathon. I love how they talked and sang about resilience and strength, connection and community, and our desire for peace.
~ my son playing happily with his friends, online and in person
~ Spring songs! Between the birds that start at the first hint of light, and the peepers that really get going late afternoon and sing sometimes into the morning, the sound of joy is all around!
~ dark chocolate
~ the wonderful furry love of my big black dog, little black cat, and bigger black and white cat

<3 Please share what joy you are finding in your world! <3


Tuesday Magic 4/15/2014

Sparkle Fairy!

Sparkle Fairy!

I think our Spicy Sister is in Spain this week, so let me do a quick fill-in for her. Hope you are enjoying your travels, Dear Spicy!

My Magic

* It was cloudy here last night so we couldn’t see the blood moon lunar eclipse but I dreamed about it at exactly the time it was happening. My whole family was in my dream so I know we all experienced it on another level. This was validated when my 2 year old woke up at 4:30 and said to me “Moon is all done,”  meaning the eclipse was over. He never talks to me in the middle of the night so this was significant and cool. When we woke up in the morning I asked if he dreamed about the moon and he said “Yes, moon was red,” which is how I saw the moon in my dream too. Love these multi-dimensional times we are in!

* A rainy, windy morning and my 2 year old and I are watching “Pitch Perfect” in front of the fire.

* Interesting things to read.

* Cyber-sisters.

* Bacon and ice-tea for breakfast.

* Bubble baths by candle-light, which are slowly giving way to nightly family hot-tubs under the stars.

* The old looney tunes.

* My boys are great.

* Hubby is pretty cool too. He’s also quite calm for tax day, which is a lovely switch!

What’s making you smile today? I love you. ♥


Extra Sparkles Magic; 4/14/14

So cool to see all of those 4s up on the date.  Today is going to be good.  And I bet, it must be better than last week.  Last week, starting on Monday was one of my absolute hardest weeks evah! But energy

Fire Fairy blowing bubbles

Fire Fairy blowing bubbles

turned for the good for me on Friday and although I am feeling a little emotionally sore from last week, I am eager for the adventures ahead of me.

Today I am gathering extra sparkley magic for all of us. I am looking for a little extra push for something and if you are too, share below.


extra sparkles needed:

This hasn’t been publicly announced yet (MEM is the first place!),  and I am waiting to announce it fully to family and the rest of my friends until this bit is accomplished, but we are ready to buy our first home. : )  This week we are bringing all of our financial paperwork to a lender to receive our pre-approval.  Old doubts are creeping in and I don’t want that fearful energy hanging around this week. So I am asking for extra sparkles from all of you.  thanks!


a gorgeous walk yesterday in Walden Woods.

a much more cleaned up back yard

I started chipping away on our basement in preparation for moving

another day in the woods.  I am hoping to get some of my video done in the woods for my upcoming e-course.


cuddly little girls.

thanks for stopping by! sending you all extra sparkly magic today.




Reflection Magic ~ Weekend Edition 4/12 ~ 4/13/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

I’m being continually reminded that the outer reflects the inner ~ and the intensities of April are definitely displaying my own inner balancing of light and dark, as the world finds it’s own balance between the two (notice I said “balance” and not “battle”, though it certainly feels like the latter at times!).

I know the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do to change the world, is to change ourselves, so I’m doing whatever I can to honor myself with self-love no matter what I’m feeling or experiencing. This morning I’m feeling chaotic and wanting quiet ~ that won’t happen so I’ll continue to just love and accept where I am. It’s not easy, this balancing act between light and dark, but that’s what we all came here to do ~ and we are Masters.

My Magic

* The baby went to sleep early so I joined him in bed and watched this beautiful documentary. This sums it all up for me.

* Sleeping all through the night.

* Waking up to sun (and sons) ~ it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Hoping the bright weather will also brighten me.

* My Spirit Baby Work ~ so much lovely energy going on around it recently. It lifts me up.

* Hearing my oldest boys is having “the best time ever” at his sleep-over. He so deserves it.

* I love myself, I love myself, I love myself, I love myself ~ using this often to replace useless stinkin’ thoughts.

* Deep breaths.

* Going to take a long, hot shower this morning ~ perhaps it will help reset me.

What are you reflecting this weekend? I love you. And me. ♥


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