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Thurs-Fri Magic – 03.05-06.15

Hello Friends!

This week, I stood by my friend as she said goodbye to her father — and I’ve also been making baby gifts for the arrival of the newest extended family member in the coming weeks.  Both remind me how wonderfully delicious it is to be alive, to live a life, to experience anything…everything!!!

I have also been playing with the idea of waking up full of curiosity and asking “What adventure is in store for me today?”  And even in the days when I’ve been laying on the couch, recovering from a cold, I still find this to be a great way to open myself up to the magic that lies there waiting to be seen!  Life continues to be an interesting journey!

Sunshine and the Mushroom

Sunshine and the Mushroom

My Magic:

* Going as a family to a national curling event and having a lot of fun

* Inspired to create some fun gifts for a baby shower this weekend

* A beautiful email from my friend – and feeling such a deep appreciation for the gift of her in my life

* Warm, sunny weather again

* Fun with my boys

* Laughing as a family and having a giggle at ourselves

*  Finished two books this week and eager to start the next

* Lunch with my friend today and visiting old neighbours

* Being present

* Living and loving with all my being

My wish for you is to feel as much love and joy as possible these next few days!  



Wednesday Magic!


Happy Wednesday beauties! This is my first Wednesday post and I’m excited to be here. I’m starting the day off with a simple quote that resonates with the reason we’re all here at MEM. We’ve chosen the light; we’ve chosen to find peace and harmony through all of life’s ups and downs. It’s not always easy, but with the support of our soul sisters it seems that even the smallest things can take our minds off our struggles. That’s all it takes! A moment of reframing to remember why we are so incredibly lucky. So, congratulations! I’m happy you’re here :) What is bringing light into your life today?

My Magic;
~ I’m really loving the fashion show and hip hop team. As exhausting as it can be to go to back to back rehearsals, I have a lot of fun and learn so much!
~ so excited for our shows coming up
~ a super Spicy scene in our 50 Shades of Fashion show. It’s getting hot in here… ;)
~ attending a fashion show this weekend! I’m helping prep models for a designer then watching the show. It’ll be a great experience!
~ picking up an extra $hift at work  tomorrow
~ looking forward to a discussion on healing the feminine that I’m going to with my mom on Friday. It should be fascinating!
~ a lot of deadlines coming up but knowing I work well under pressure will help me get through it
~ spring and spring break is right around the corner!

I hope you have a wonderful day! <3


Magical March Monday & Tuesday 2nd & 3rd 2015


My Everyday Magic

Monday’s, I love them.
It’s March, I love March.
Expanding and enjoying some beautiful connections.
Watching Merlin with my family.
Snowdrops and pretty purple crocus flowering.
Taking my 8yr old out shopping for his brothers birthday, he is very excited.
Enjoying some talks on The Tapping World Summit.
A walk by the river looking up at the castle wrapped up warm in the wind.
Making lots of delicious chicken broth as my hubby heals.
Having more fun with flower essences and planning when I am going to visit Bachs house and garden.

I hope you are having a magical start to the week and share some with us here. <3


Weekend Magic 2/28 ~ 3/1/2015

sparkle fairy

sparkle fairy

My Magic

* A trip to Riggio’s yesterday so I could fantasize about Spring. I was soooo tempted to get a small orchid but I don’t trust my damn kitties to leave it alone. (Also having the Orchid Lady comment on my very clean car, which she read about on MEM, made me laugh and I needed that.)

* A really, really long bubble bath last night. My 3 year old joined me in the bubbles a couple of times, my oldest boy came in to talk to me, and I watched my hubby play with all three of my boys. I also got a really good idea on how to make my March proactive and interesting. Lots of fun interactions, giggles, laughs, and good insights. My 90+ minute bubble bath was the best part of my day.

* Reading to hubby while he built his models.

* That leftover Italian sandwich fed us for 4 meals ~ my 3 year old joined hubby and me in finishing it up last night. If the sandwich place wasn’t closed on the weekends we’d get more today!

* My oldest boy wants to start snowboarding right NOW. Calling around to see if we can find a local snowboard so he can start practicing in the yard.  After not wanting to go outside for weeks (and who can blame him?) it would be nice to find something that would make this blasted snow fun.

* Pizza for dinner tonight.

* Scheduled another guitar lesson for next Wednesday.

* Fireplaces.

I hope your weekend is fun and perhaps full of surprises. ♥


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