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Monday Magic 11/24/14

Simple Magic

A beautiful frosty morning.

Spending time with my dad.

My gorgeous boys they are such great people to spend time with.

My hubby having time out with a friend and an evening at his mums.

A walk with my youngest.

My boys making thoughtful, creative gifts for each other.


Fairy lights.


Please share your magic, I really love to read and share in it all.


Weekend Magic! 11/22 – 11/23/2014


My Magic

* All the boys coming home from field trip day with Papa with cool stuff ~ my 3 year old came back with a lego telephone truck, my 6 year old came home with a puppet, and my 9 year old came home with a boomerang and now he wants to make his own. My 39 year old came home with a new model tank to build. :)

* My oldest boy used his own money to buy me a purple and blue hacky sack. We’ve been practicing together.

* SO happy with the updates on Love From Baby so far. It feels like I did after I cleaned and organized my office ~ a fresh, new energy that resonates more with who I am NOW.

* A lovely, lovely bubble bath yesterday and noticing that even if I’m not feeling exactly JOYFUL, I’m feeling quite peaceful and content and I will GLADLY take that.

* Waking up thinking about someone who wants a Spirit Baby reading and getting clarity on which new direction to take ~ music to my ears!

* My boys both saying to me yesterday that “everyday feels different now.” They are noticing changes and even though they miss the comfort of the “regular days”, they know that things are getting better. I love how the explain things in simple, child-like, easy-to-understand terms.

* My boys also talking about each day has a color to them ~ we talked about this a lot and I absolutely loved it.

* My oldest boy and I have a stack of quarters and a date with a crane machine this morning! One of the skills he wants to build is getting adept at crane machines. He’s been watching tips on his ipad and is planning on winning his brothers some Christmas presents. I’m excited to support him.

* Looking forward to reading Lauren Gorgo’s newest report today, especially as it starts with this opening: “Dear November, What the #%#@!”  Ha!

* Feeling peaceful, content, and also feeling something truly exciting bubbling under the surface.

How is your weekend going? I love you!


fRidaY mAgiC! 11.21.14

Hello Friends!

I am tuning into myself more often and loving the way it feels.  It sounds so ridiculous to write that and yet, I’ve been discovering just how disconnected I have been and how outwardly focused my life has been to this point.  I am really enjoying the way it feels to be more in tune and have to say it is far easier to make minor adjustments here and there than it has been to make major changes after a meltdown or two.  I continue to be a work of progress.

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

* Going out at midnight with my boys to get a “midnight release” of the new Pokemon game for my son who still loves these games.  It was so much fun to do something crazy like this together and they were thrilled!!!

* Going to work at the University tomorrow.  I love when I get paid to do something I love

* Going to see the in-loves this weekend for a holiday brunch.  It will be nice to see everyone and spend some time together

* Music!

* The Christmas lights I’ve put on the mantle on our fireplace!  I love the way they look every time I’m in the room

* Feeling excited about the idea of decorating our new home for Christmas!

* Connection with my soul sisters – they are a true light in my life

* Waking up every morning with my beloved.  It’s not always easy this relationship of ours – but I love waking up together and living together even more than I imagined!

* Ease and access to all the shops and things we need.  The kids and I spent yesterday running errands and it’s so easy when everything is within minutes of our home.

* Warm weather that’s melting the snow.

* Living and Loving with all my being!

I am sending the faeries to create a little extra magic into your day today.  I hope you catch a little of that magic in the way that suits you best right now.  Know you are loved beyond measure!


Soothing Magic 11/20/14

I have been falling into agitation and a feeling of waiting, of sadness, of fear. Through this I have discovered to keep remembering what soothes me, returns my breathing, loosens the tension, opens my heart.

What soothes me magic?

Walking outside in nature, breathing deeply, feeling at home.IMG_3238

Sketching and doodling, settling into creating.

Being fully present with my boys.

Being fully present with myself.

Reading aloud a shared book with my family.


Snoozing ;)

Connecting with friends.

Falling deeply into a loving embrace.


My Everyday Magicmagical


Wrapping up warm.

Tea, warming me from the inside out.

The amazing beauty of the Autumn world.

Walking in the golden woods, seeing bare winter trees and holly covered in bright red berries.

Finding a beautiful creative way to decorate for the holidays.

Remembering to keep learning how to love myself.

Wise and beautiful soul sisters.

Sending out love to everyone, I think we all need it right now. I love to hear everyones magic.


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