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The Magic of Form 09/01/2014

Its September 1st and I woke up with a desire to get outside and experience her, to touch my toes in the dewy grass, to run my fingers over the different barks on the trees, to find some of the last of the summer flowers still in bloom. All of this feels so good and I am reminded of what is SO wonderful about being here in these human bodies, the magic of our senses and the one I am loving the most is touch. Each moment that we have here to touch, to hold, to listen, to sing is so utterly sacred.

The sweet, soft kisses of my 8yr old, the feel of his cute still puppyish hands.

Hubby kissing me on my forehead.

All the hugs my 12yr old wants at the moment.Tree 008

A whispered ‘I love you’.

Feeling the sun warm on my skin.

Lifting my face up to the pouring rain.

Closing my eyes and listening to music.

Dancing with my kids to fun and lively tunes.

Climbing trees and chasing each other around in the sunlight.

Enjoying delicious home cooked food and feeling excited about all the aromas of Autumn goodness that will be filling our home.

Hugs and walking arm in arm with a friend who was there when I needed.

Laughing and feeling the vibrations ripple through my body.

Loving hands caressing my hair.

Feeling love surge through my body as I look deep into the eyes of my children.

Fingertips touching with my beloved.

A warm purring kitten in my lap.

Being gently nudged by a friendly horse.

<3 I hope September is a wondrous month and I look forward to sharing the magic she brings us all here. <3




Weekend Magic 8/30 ~ 8/31/14

On my silks

On my silks

My Magic

* August is OVER this weekend.

* After this weekend we don’t have to pay anymore to get into local beaches AND they’ll be a lot less crowded~ I’ve been waiting for this ALL summer.

* 94 morning glory blossoms yesterday. A record for this year. So beautiful.

* The tiniest crescent moon last night.

* Watching Frasier with my hubby. (We only have 2 seasons left!)

* I’m now Facebook friends with my Sisters from Aerial Silks class. I LOVE seeing pictures of aerial silks on my FB feed. And it inspired me to post a couple of my own.

* Getting back on the silks and back to exercising after a few days off.

* My boys are really awesome. And even though I’ve been quite low this week I haven’t been snapping at them, instead I’ve been fully appreciating their “kid-ness.” This is quite huge for me ~ to immerse myself in my kids when I’m feeling low instead of wanting to escape them.

* My husband has been really, really awesome to me this week and I really appreciate it.

* Big deep breaths….

How is your weekend going? I love you. ♥

Sparkle Fairy hanging out...

Sparkle Fairy hanging out…


fRiDay mAgiC! 08.29.14

Hello Friends!

My weeks seem to be going by quickly — which is nice because that means it’s getting closer to my beloved coming back home!!!  He’s been away for 3 weeks and we only have about 10 more days to go!

Life has been interesting lately.  Lots of interesting experiences, people and opportunities.

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

*  Friends

*  Feeling blessed with so many good people in my life

*  Fun at my son’s baseball year-end party

*  Yummy food

*  Coffee

*  Warm, sunny days

*  Knowing what I need to do

*  Reading

* Living and loving with all my being

I hope you have a beautiful day full of magical people, loving experiences and positive surprises!


Finding Magic Everywhere 08/28/2014

Thankful Thursday Everyday Magic

My 8yr old being so excited that I bought him lots of sellotape and string!

The magic of love and connection is lightening my step and warming my heart.

This week hubby and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary and 18years of being together, it seems such a short and long time all at once and I feel so blessed to be sharing this journey with him.

A whole range of emotions flowing through.

Laughing so hard I felt like I’d done 500 sit ups!! So much laughter in our home recently.

Feeling free again.

Ocean Fairy

Standing tall and deeply rooted in my truth.

Making Art

Making love.

Running and dancing as I shift energy in my body.

I am in a state of transition and I trust that something wonderful is happening.

My Dear Sisters around the world, I love you all and feel so blessed to know such beautiful, strong, tender women.

Spending fun times with friends and our kids, laughing, dancing, talking.

Feeling the change of the seasons and accepting all the feelings that come up, I love Autumn but I struggle with the transition from summer.

Sending out extra love and asking the faeries to sprinkle their light, playful energy. Looking forward to reading and joining in with all the magic that is shared here today.


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