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Magical Monday & Tuesday 20-21 April 2015

It’s been an emotionally exhausting weekend and I’m feeling in a daze this beautiful sunny Monday morning! I spent a beautiful hour or more sat in a quiet cafe yesterday morning journalling and then came across these quotes by Karen Maezen Miller that summed up my ponderings

“Forget what might have been and what might yet be. The past is gone and the future will arrive on schedule.”

“Engage in everyday activities with nothing left over and nothing left out.”

“There is no fix and no problem, no hurry and no wait.”

My Magic

Absorbed in the moment.
Running early this morning with my neighbour, great start to my day.
Feeling not quite here and not quite there and it’s all ok.
Wonderful friendships, sisters near and far.
My crazy, wonderful, fun, full of life boys.
Resting wrapped up in hubby’s arms last night, both of us tired, quiet and enjoying breathing and being together.
A video clip of my mums adorable new puppy.
Loving myself even when I feel down, it’s getting stronger.
Struggling with self worth, I even just wondered if I should delete everything I have written and shared here today! The magic in this is moving forward in my vulnerability, sharing who and where I am right now.

fairy love

Sending out love to all and looking forward to hearing your magic.


Weekend Magic 4/18 ~ 4/19/2015

sparkle fairy

sparkle fairy

My Magic

* Laser pointers + our cats = tons of laughter and entertainment

* Our boys + bath foam = so much freakin’ cuteness

* My family + taco night = pure happiness

* My 3 year old + power ranger gun = all is right with the world.

* My 10 year old + his wilderness class = perfect partnership

* My 7 year old + legos = awesome creativity

* My husband + Me = the power to do ANYTHING.

More Magic

* Making potions and having them REALLY work. And I’m not even surprised or impressed.

* A fully stocked kitchen filled with healthy choices.

* Really engaging and connecting with my kids.

* Homemade sparkling grape-ginger juice (what my family says is true: I make the best juices).

* Hubby’s homebrew and sharing it with him after the boys are asleep.

* Focusing on what’s right in front of me and nothing else.

* Got rid of three more bags of clothes from my closet ~ it was impetuous and sudden and it felt awesome. I feel like I cleared the energy of the last three years.

I hope your weekend is full of magic big and small. I love you. ♥


Thurs-Fri Magic – Apr 16-17, 2015

Hello Friends!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week!  It’s been a busy week for me, but I’ve also really enjoyed a lot of fun times just hanging out with my kids, chatting with friends and family on the phone and cuddling with my beloved!  A nice mix for this girl who likes balance!

Sunshine and the Mushroom

Sunshine and the Mushroom

My Magic:

*  Being present

* Having fun creating some bowls on the pottery wheel with my son – we’d both really like to buy a pottery wheel for home

* Going to spend time with my in-love’s this weekend.  It will be nice to see my beloved’s parents who have been away since before Christmas!  And his very pregnant niece (or even better a new babe to hold)

* Our cute little Peter rabbit — he’s a crazy bunny and we love him so

* Getting a ton of work done this week — it feels very satisfying

* Workouts that really feel good for my body.  I’m enjoying a healthier body again

* Taking some photographs that are lovely

* Inspired to write

* Haircuts for the whole family

* Knowing…trusting…believing

* Living and Loving with All My Being

Happy end of the week everyone!  I hope you know how much you are loved and enjoy a little spring-time, new moon energy this weekend to launch some wonderful magic in your life!  <3


Wednesday Magic! ✨


Happy Wednesday everyone! Smile; it’s the direction that your day will go in :) these are beautiful positive messages I’ve been seeing and wanted to share.

My Magic;
~ new modeling opportunities coming up ✨
~ a weekend full of fashion! I’m working as an intern/assistant for two shows then Sunday I walk in a Trashion show! I’m so excited!
~ when hard work pays off; the feeling during and after 👌
~ I won tickets to SNL in NYC next month! I screamed when I saw the email!
~ the sun is out and it’s getting warmer!
~ only about a month left of this semester. Crazy how time flies!
~ finding my breath when I’m searching for clarity
~ smiling because why not?

I hope you have a magical day!


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