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Love Magic! 28-29, 2015

Hello Friends!

Sharing my news here!  My beloved whisked me away to the mountains last weekend and it was so beautiful!  We hiked in the mountains every day, we stayed in a cute little mountain chalet, we ate dinners in new restaurants – it was divine.  The weather was fabulous — t-shirts and shorts and lots of sunshine!  We also saw our share of nature:  deer, mountain sheep, elk/wapiti, birds; including a special little Gray Jay and a Grizzly Bear that allowed us to photograph him.  We went on a stunning hike on Saturday and while atop the mountain – my beloved presented me with a ring and asked me to marry him!  The answer was “YES” (of course)!!!  I was a little surprised and extremely delighted!  It will be another fun adventure for us as a couple and for us as a family.

I’ll add some photos from our trip!

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

My Magic:

* Sharing our news with friends and family has been so much fun

* My boys being excited and delighted

* Lots of closeness and loving with my beloved

* Enjoying our daily workouts at the gym

* Being more active and enjoying the outdoors

* Going to see my beloved on stage last night

* A date-day on Saturday while the boys go with their dad

Mountain lake

Mountain lake

* Living and Loving with All my Being

Happy End of May!  I hope you are feelings love and magic in your life too!  


Wednesday Magic!


Happy hump day! I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend and is finding their groove back into the week. Yesterday was slow for me, but I found my breath throughout the day and was amazed at how clear my thoughts became. I also went to yoga which probably enhanced this meditative state, but I’m jiving. 👍

My Magic;
~ health and fitness is a lifestyle I love living!
~ helping out at the recital was a weird experience but it’s nice to be there for them
~ memorial day was a blast 🎉 I celebrated with my best friends, our dance teacher and friends/family.
~ feeling like creating so maybe I’ll make a new dance this week. 💃
~ Boston tomorrow night for my brother’s graduation dinner!
~ New York possibilities. There’s an exhibit I have to see!
~ crushes. I go for the intellectuals.
~ open conversations
~ personal growth
~ new jobs! I’m doing well as a receptionist and have a few shoots coming up.
~ music and green tea

Enjoy your day 💖


May Magic Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th 2015

Refreshed and revitalised after our week away. Looking forward to everyone’s magic and I will be around to comment this week. <3

My Everyday Magic

Writing my magic over a late breakfast with hubby chatting and laughing together.
Family movie last night.
A fun and refreshing week by the sea.
Conquered my fear of heights and had fun tackling obstacles over and through the trees zip lining, rope walking and tyres in the air. My kids are so brave and fast, I love the confidence they have in their bodies.
Taking my time now we are home, releasing pressure.
Resting and relaxing.
A walk with my youngest.
Lemonade and beer in our sunny garden.
Loving, supportive partnership.
Enjoying my life my way.
Quiet reflective time, deep conversations.



Weekend Magic 5/23 ~ 5/24/2015


My Magic

* A visit with My Main Man, Jacques yesterday. It was emotional and tearful and I left the farm different than when I arrived. I always do. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this horse?

* Surrendering to body-crushing fatigue yesterday after my time with Jacques and doing it without guilt.

* My boys, who all took turns giving me massages yesterday.

* Summoning up enough energy to do a couple Mad Libs with my boys last night ~ we laughed and laughed and laughed.

* Reading another favorite childhood book “The Watcher in the Woods.” It’s SO FUN reading old favorites.

* Watching a new favorite movie of mine after everyone was asleep: “Dreamer.”

* An aerial dream for the first time in a LONG time ~ in it, I was reuniting with all my aerial friends and during our reunion I knew I was ready to get back on the silks again. It was so vivid, that I even knew my dream was taking place in September. Feels good thinking I’ll have the strength and vitality to get on the silks in the next few months.

* It can be challenging integrating back into life after a day in bed, but I’ve decided it can be easy too.

* Pretty sure hubby and I have a date tonight and the boys will have a new sitter ~ just waiting for confirmation. Looking forward to a meal out at one of our new favorite restaurants…looking forward to uninterrupted conversation too.

* My 3 year old who is just the cutest power-ranger EVER.

I hope your weekend is full of grace, ease, and delightful surprises. ♥

Sparkle and My Main Man, Jacques

Sparkle and My Main Man, Jacques


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