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Weekend Magic 9/20 ~ 9/21/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

My Magic

* My sweet boys. They make me smile every day.

* Garlic bread with cheese.

* Caesar salad with home-made croutons.

* Our kitty, Munchie Boots, is a water lover. He’ll rush into the bathroom to watch the toilet flush, he’s fascinated with the water in the tub going down the drain, and he’ll pretty much stop whatever he’s doing if there is water around. Recently he discovered our fish, Ocean. At first we were wary that he would try to eat him, but in the last couple of weeks he’s made it clear that he just really LOVES being around this water creature. We had to clear the pictures off the shelf to make room for Munchie to hang out next to Ocean. He’ll even sleep next to him with his paws hugging the fish-bowl. It is so freakin’ sweet. And as for Ocean, he’s never looked happier in his life. My whole family is LOVING the friendship between our kitty and our fish.

Munchie and Ocean: Best Friends

Munchie and Ocean: Best Friends

* Our other kitty, Zen, comes in my room every morning to play with my feet under the covers. Love our morning ritual.

* The way our kitties hug and love each other even in their sleep.

* Hot salt baths.

* Looking forward to getting in our hot tub as a family.

* My boys are doing great with all their chores and all their help.

* A busy day today and tonight ~ I’m a bit overwhelmed I won’t get a break today but trusting I’m up for it. And it’s a day full of things and people I love.

What are you appreciating this weekend? ♥



friDay mAgiC! 09.19.14

Hello Friends!

I hope you’ve had a magical week!

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

*  Having my in-love’s come to visit us!  We had a lovely dinner, a fun evening visiting and we’re looking forward to more fun today as a family!  It’s so wonderful to have our home full of family.
* Wonderful weather!  It’s been quite glorious here this week – which feels especially nice after that nasty weather last week!
*  Going for a lovely afternoon walk with my oldest!  It’s such a treat to have one-on-one time.
*  Yummy food.  Food that I said I should make soon — and having my in-love’s here was the perfect reason to cook.
* The four of us cooking together – a rare and delightful treat
* Reading and enjoying an adventure
* Exploring new ideas and thoughts
* Enjoying our home and being together as a family
* Feeling present
*  Heading to the mountains soon!  I cannot wait!
* Living and loving with all my being
I wish for you great magical things on this beautiful Friday in September!  I hope you call in all the faerie magic to your day – and come and share a little with us all.  You are loved.


My Everyday Magic 09/18/14

Spending time outside with the trees and being reminded of how strong roots allow me to grow supported and how reaching always for the light means being flexible in my path.

My Magic

Friends walking the same path.

Friends walking different paths and knowing when to stay on mine.

My boys and all the wonderful times we have together.Ocean Fairy

My kind husband.

A quiet day after a busy one, balance.

Smiling, feeling a warmth bubbling up inside me.

A much needed wonderful sleep last night.

Cuddling my boys.

Blessed with the wonderful relationships we have in our family.

Grounding and flying.

Beautiful night skies.

What is magical in your world today? Sometimes it is easy to find and other times not but there is always magic to be found and its always worth looking for.


My Everyday Magic 9/17/14



Another Wednesday has come, and it seems the timing is right again, to focus on the magic. It has been an intense week for me, with a lot of highs and lows. There have been a few rough patches that I’ve had to move through, and I’m doing what I can to be gentle with myself right now.

My Everyday Magic

*My bed. It isn’t anything special as far as beds go, but it is mine, and I love the comfort of being in it.

*I took today off.

*Meaningful connections with people I love.

*Quality time with my family.

*Big earthquake today on Guam. I love it when nature shakes things up.

*The coolness that this grey weather brings.

*Made chili and rice for dinner.

*Offering the highest love and value of myself in my interactions, and really listening to people, giving my full attention & eye contact, being present.

*Nods from the universe.

*My boy, who seems to know exactly when I need a hug.

Sending you love and strength, to nurture yourself with whenever you need. <3 What’s making your everyday magic? Please share in the comments, and know that you are loved.

~The Rainbow Faery


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