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fRiDay mAgiC! 08.29.14

Hello Friends!

My weeks seem to be going by quickly — which is nice because that means it’s getting closer to my beloved coming back home!!!  He’s been away for 3 weeks and we only have about 10 more days to go!

Life has been interesting lately.  Lots of interesting experiences, people and opportunities.

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

*  Friends

*  Feeling blessed with so many good people in my life

*  Fun at my son’s baseball year-end party

*  Yummy food

*  Coffee

*  Warm, sunny days

*  Knowing what I need to do

*  Reading

* Living and loving with all my being

I hope you have a beautiful day full of magical people, loving experiences and positive surprises!


Finding Magic Everywhere 08/28/2014

Thankful Thursday Everyday Magic

My 8yr old being so excited that I bought him lots of sellotape and string!

The magic of love and connection is lightening my step and warming my heart.

This week hubby and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary and 18years of being together, it seems such a short and long time all at once and I feel so blessed to be sharing this journey with him.

A whole range of emotions flowing through.

Laughing so hard I felt like I’d done 500 sit ups!! So much laughter in our home recently.

Feeling free again.

Ocean Fairy

Standing tall and deeply rooted in my truth.

Making Art

Making love.

Running and dancing as I shift energy in my body.

I am in a state of transition and I trust that something wonderful is happening.

My Dear Sisters around the world, I love you all and feel so blessed to know such beautiful, strong, tender women.

Spending fun times with friends and our kids, laughing, dancing, talking.

Feeling the change of the seasons and accepting all the feelings that come up, I love Autumn but I struggle with the transition from summer.

Sending out extra love and asking the faeries to sprinkle their light, playful energy. Looking forward to reading and joining in with all the magic that is shared here today.


My Everyday Magic 8/27/14



My Everyday Magic

*I. Got. The. Big. BID. I proposed. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Many other commission pieces. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*An exhibit I’m installing on Sunday… YAY!

*Fun. Fun. Fun.

*My boys. Their ninja fit class, me having fun, trying. :)

*Painting, painting, painting.

*Moving along, event planning, Luna Festival stuff, feeling like I have a better handle on this stuff this time around.

*People, amazing people!!!


*Yummmmmmmy food and drinks.

*I don’t even know what else to share specifically, I am just basking in the awesomeness of everything right now. It’s kind of crazy, because I’m negative financially, but I KNOW that is turning around, and that everything will be in the timing it needs to be. I am doing my part, the best I can, so I know I need to let go of the rest, be patient, and just keep creating, doing my thing.

Love you ALL, please share, what are you striving toward? What is making you smile? What are you feeling or creating? 


Tuesday Magic!

The Spicy Fairy!

The Spicy Fairy!

Happy Tuesday!  I’ve got some quick magic today but I’m happy to take a moment and pause. This week classes begin and my roommates move in. I’m just excited to have classes underway and everyone in the house! A lot of new, exciting things are coming! I hope you feel this energy too :)

My Magic;

~ a blissful weekend in New Hampshire with awesome friends!

~ college-friend reunions! There are so many people I’m excited to see :)
~ excited for classes but nervous for the work load

~ training to work as an instructor at school all day today!

Have a beautiful day!


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