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Bliss in Sacred Space 4/23/14


Bliss in the Back Party in the Front!



Hi There MEM Friends!!! It’s been quite some time since Bliss Fairy has paid you all a visit! Seeing that the last time I flew by to share my MEM was some time ago. So for this fly by I’ll be sharing my list of MEM highlights over a length of time, not just todays.

This My Everyday Magic is dedicated to making time for sacred space and finding your Bliss in it – wherever you are… Even in back of your car!!!

Bliss in Sacred Space:

Plopping down in front of the tube indulging in a favorite show folding clothes and sipping wine.

Speaking of wine! Finding the perfect WINE at an AWESOME price that pairs well with EVERYTHING, especially with a flick fest ;-)

Space to Spend on the Face! Taking time to nourish & care for my body temple. Amusing myself in front of the mirror as I slather on my favorite homemade mud mask. Loving my family’s reaction to the comical shade of Marvel Character Green on my face.

Sanctuary in the Sand. Wiggling toes and Bliss along the shoreline. Simplicity, sweet & salty courtesy of the Sea.

In front of the Stove. Getting  around to making a home cooked meal- A dash of enthusiasm, a pinch of inspiration, a spoonful of nourishment, a cup of accomplishment, and a pot full of LoVE! Come and get it!

PIN IT!!!!! Curdled up- scrolling, scrolling , search, YES!!!! PIN IT! The great find that motivates me to create awesome things.

And ME, I just love her- For in her, is the most Scared Space where I find Bliss.


Where have you found Sacred Space and how did you find Bliss in it? Please share in the comments below.


Tuesday Magic!

Spicy in Barcelona!

Spicy in Barcelona!

Hello everyone! I sincerely apologize for missing last week; I was having an unforgettable spring break experience in Spain, I hope you can forgive me ;) Despite being on holiday I actually learned a lot during this week. That’s the beauty of traveling; it feels like a dream but you learn so much throughout your trip. I love it! Here’s my inspiration and magic, what’s yours?

My Magic;

~ Barcelona. Period. This was my second time in my favorite city and I can honestly say I think I’ll be living part of my life there. If I could study abroad again I would definitely go there, the culture and lifestyle is so much more Me. Part of growing up is realizing where you do and don’t feel right, and for me Barca feels like Cinderella’s slipper. I plan on learning Catalan and making a hot Spanish man fall in love with me. ;)

~ Culture. Walking through the Gothic was incredible because so many small shops and restaurants exist but get little attention. I love finding little places that serve mind blowing gelato and flaming sausage!

~ catching some rays on the Barceloneta beach was wonderful

~ being VIP at the club was an amazing experience! Definitely not my typical scene though haha

~ back in England drinking tea and enjoying a much slower pace

~ 2 days of class this week then one exam in 3 weeks! The school system is very different here but I don’t mind one bit.

~ flight to Paris is booked for May!

~ infinite gratitude

Sending love your way today!


Get your Bliss on Magic; 4/21/14

It’s Marathon Monday up here in Boston, which means lots of people are getting their running on (Love and Energy to all of you marathoners out

Fire Fairy blowing bubbles

Fire Fairy blowing bubbles

there!), while others just get the day off from work.  My husband is home today.  This weekend I started to mentally list all of the things I wanted to get done.  I kept on getting a nudge to change my approach, and finally realized I needed to make sure I added in some fun.

Oh my goodness, sometimes I am all business and no fun and even writing a list of things I enjoy can be challenging.  So inspire me.  What do you love to do?  What gets your bliss on?

My bliss list:

the woods

board games

walking in nature



vision booking



time along with my husband to cuddle and talk



window shopping in unique stores

house dreaming


Such a lovely day yesterday with family, no tension or stress, just play, good food, fun and family. “Thanks for the best Easter ever, Grandma”, from my oldest.  Sigh.  (it’s not always like this, so I am really reveling in it)

a day with my hubby home to have some fun (and get some major work done)

sleeping a little late and still having some time for myself this morning

getting steps closer to my new e-resource.  (I got to record a video at Walden Pond for it.  so excited)

getting our pre-approval for our mortgage today!!! (a tad bit nervous that for some reason we will be rejected)

knowing we will find the right realtor

Considering doing project 333 – a clothing simplicity project that you only use 33 pieces of clothing and accessories for a season of 3 months.  I’m intrigued and I think it will really match my needs and encourage me to buy a few pieces that I really love.

Thanks for stopping by my friends.  Have a wonderful day and share a little bit of magic with us here. xoxo


Magical Weekend 4/19 ~ 4/20/14

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

My parents and niece came last night and my brother and sister-in-love (love that term, thanks Sunshine! ) are coming today so I have a lot of family magic.  My first piece of magic is that I was able to surprise my Mom with something special yesterday ~ something I’ve kept for a secret for almost a year. When my grandparents died  a few years ago they left me their piano. At the time I had no means to ship the piano from Pennsylvania to Connecticut and with 2 small kids, my motivation to make it happen wasn’t really there, so my cousin took it to Chicago. I’ve never been one to have regrets in my life, but over the last couple of years, I really regretted not bringing the piano home. Not only would I have loved to play the piano again (I took many years of lessons as a kid), I would have loved to have a piece of my Grandparents in my house. I let the regret fester until I worked up the courage to ask my cousin about it last Spring. He was so gracious about it, and knowing that our Grandparents had left it to me he offered to look into shipping companies for me, so I could bring it home to Connecticut. It took so many months to work out the details, work out communication with the moving company, wait for the shipping cost to come down and find a a driver for the truck. Finally, in late January the piano was delivered to our house….in a snowstorm…at night.  The big truck couldn’t make it up our road so the movers pushed the piano uphill…for a quarter of a mile…in a snowstorm…at night. Guess you had to be there.

Anyway, I wanted to see the look on my Mom’s face when she saw her parents piano (because her look of surprised delight is camera-worthy) so I refrained from mentioning any of this to her on the phone or even here on MEM. (Do you know how HARD it was to leave out the fact that we’ve had a piano in our lives the last 3 months?!) This weekend was the first my parents could come see us and we’ve all been so excited to surprise her! And it was exactly like I pictured ~ they walked in the house, Finn started playing it so she could hear it, my Mom walked in to see our new piano and then realized it was the piano she learned to play on growing up. I got 2 pictures of her surprised delight, which I wish I could share here but they are too blurry, so it doesn’t do it justice. But yes, I got teary-eyed watching her. It was worth the wait.

Other Magic

* My niece playing with my boys non-stop…even if it is super-loud.

* My mom brought dinner with her so we didn’t have to cook last night. Awesomeness.

* Hearing my Dad’s stories and watching him laugh.

* Having to laugh at myself right now because writing out my magic amongst chaos and many interruptions always makes me want to scream. I just warned my kids that if they don’t let me be grateful here on MEM right now, I was going to start yelling. This is typical.  The good news is, they left and I didn’t have to yell.

* Thomas the Tank Engine has come to our town this weekend, so we’re all going to go chase him down at the RR crossings as a family later. My husband is really good at chasing Thomas and we do it every year.

* We have 7 pounds of bacon here (well, 6 pounds now) and I’m thinking that should be just be enough for our bacon-loving family.

* I have to stop now so I don’t start yelling at my 2 year old to let me finish this! ;)

What’s making you smile this weekend? I love you. ♥


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