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Magical Monday & Tuesday 3/30 – 31 /15


The last magic of March

Feeling calmer, clearer and better in myself and my ability to act with self love alongside compassion for others today.
Finding my way to the balance of self love and compassion, what a ride!
So HAPPY it is Monday and a fresh week.
Going running bright and early with my neighbour, love starting the day this way.
Having amazing friends near and far who are there for me when I am in dark places, thanking them from my heart for holding me up this weekend.
My abundant hubby being gifted money from wonderful and unexpected places.
The sun is SHINING so thankful for the bright light after a grey, windy wet weekend.
Finding peace and closure in some areas of my life that have been unsettling since 2012.
Loving who I am and where I am going even though I don’t know where that is!
This weekend was a huge energetic clear out for me and today I am relaxing in the calm after the storm.
Knowing all is always well.

I love you all and feel blessed to have this wonderful MEM community in my life, looking forward to your magic.


Weekend Magic 3/28 ~ 3/29/2015

sparkle fairy

sparkle fairy

It’s the last weekend of March 2015 ~ that feels like a big deal for some reason. A momentous ENDING. It’s just a feeling… I’m gonna go with it.

After a whole winter of relaxed, unscheduled time, my boys days (and mine by default) will become busier with activities ~ all-day wilderness school for my oldest boy and engineering classes for my two oldest boys. I’m excited again about my direction with horses, my aerial practice feels like it is about to begin again, and I’m looking forward to making more music. It feels like a blossoming is happening. I look forward to where it leads.

My Magic

* It’s snowing again today, so I know there is more time to rest and renew before the blossoming.

* Loving the horse book I’m reading: “On the Wings of Horses.” It’s the first time I’ve actually DONE exercises that a book suggests and I’m learning a lot about myself.

* I started playing around with my physical strength the last couple of days and have been surprised and delighted that after 6 months off from a regular practice I was able to hold my “strong position” on the silks the longest, strongest and easiest I ever have AND today I did the longest, strongest and easiest hand-stand ever! Some inner magic definitely happening there! A beautiful, confidence-building validation that I’ve been doing exactly what I’ve needed to do ~ taking time off to listen, honor, and LOVE my body. THAT is where true strength comes from ~ I’ve always suspected it and it’s sooooooo self-satisfying to actually SEE it in action now. Seriously amazing.

* Bacon and orange slices for breakfast.

* Leftover tacos for dinner last night ~ they tasted just as good as the night before.

* Feeling INTERESTED in life again ~ even if it’s just in small bursts. It’s so welcome.

* Deciding to love EVERYTHING, especially all imperfections, with a VENGEANCE!

* Waking my body up with some sun salutations, stretching, and the a-forementioned AMAZING hand-stand this morning.

* My amazing family ~ my two youngest often tout us as “the BEST family in the whole world!” Love this.

* Pizza for dinner tonight.

I hope your weekend is filled with graceful endings and exciting beginnings. I love you. ♥


Thurs-Fri Magic! March 26-27

Hello Friends!

It’s Spring!  I (know it’s bee spring since last week, but I’ve finally caught up now!)

I love Spring!  I love the way it feels, I love the lengthening of daylight hours, I love the warmer sun, I love the new-ness of Spring…it’s just so delightful!

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

* My boys!  (do you ever get tired of me gushing over them?)  I adore them and we’ve been having so many laughs, so much fun and enjoying time cuddling as we watch Dr Who!  They are fabulously fun humans!

* My beloved – and along with him as magic comes laughter, cuddles, kissing and love!  <3

* Our cute little Peter Rabbit!  He is so much smarter than us!

* Reading!  I have just been enjoying the art of storytelling and soaking it all in

* Knitting – knitting with my favorite needles is even more magical

* Our daily workouts!  We have so much fun going and it feels good to move our bodies

* Sunshine

* Funny, creative ideas coming to me effortlessly

* Connecting with all kinds of people

* The spark of a possible fun work opportunity – whether it aligns or not is irrelevant

* Living and Loving with all my being

I hope you have a spectacular couple of days, filled with magic and wonder, love and laughter!  Please take a moment to share some magic with us — I’m sure it multiplies every time we do!  <3


Wednesday Magic!


Happy Wednesday folks <3 this is a crazy busy week for me which I love, but it calls for some simple magic. What's beautiful about your day today?

My Magic;
~ fashion show on Friday!
~ dance show on Saturday!
~ practice every night which is draining but totally worth it
~ my friends are coming to visit and support my performances :)
~ new LUSH organic beauty products
~ acceptance of self
~ positivity

I hope you have a lovely and lively day!


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