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Grounding Magic Wednesday 12/17/14



Grounding Magic Wednesday 

*Envisioning, and feeling the solid earth beneath my feet, feeling rooted and grounded

*Feeling open, absorbing and receiving positive energy in all interactions

*Feeling relief, as conscious effort toward releasing has finally gained some momentum, and feels real, happening now without much effort. Letting go of many things in my life, but mostly emotional attachments. Many deep breaths. Feeling easier.

*The amazing support I have felt this past year. Thankful for all the ripples that have returned my way.

*I feel things building, like I’ve laid a foundation, and now, I am starting to get the pillars and upward framework going. Forming partnerships one by one, and calling on the connections of support that have been created over recent years.

*I’ve gifted myself with many readings, oracles, and creative reflections this year; Just had an astrology reading with our Star Fairy yesterday morning.

*Music and painting. Music has been a lifeline for me.

*A happy and fruitful Craft Fair this weekend. Another one down! Success. Even the weather was fabulous.

*Listening to “The Laugh List” on Spotify.

Love you all, remember to smile, ’cause it’s FREE! 


Tuesday Magic 12/16/2014


My Magic

* A smooth and quick visit to the vet today for our kitties ~ the last one until next year.

* Stopping to pick up sandwiches on the way home for lunch.

* We’ve made a regular habit of watching funny videos while eating our lunch together. I love laughing with my family.

* I spontaneously got some work done on Love From Baby today after reading a beautiful email about a Spirit Baby dream. It’s magical how sometimes the questions I get asked give me messages as well.

* I didn’t sleep much last night and we’re taking it easy today. After days of many energy I need some rest today. Glad I have the freedom to take it and my boys are adaptable and wonderful.

* My boys keep counting down the days until Christmas on their homemade calendars.

* Hubby’s cheddar/ale/potato soup was even better last night ~ and once we stirred in some garlic/cheese croutons it was like tasting Heave on Earth!

* We’ve seen some awesome, imaginative cars this week. Yesterday we saw one with a plaid paint-job ~ it was awesome! Today we saw a pick-up truck with 50 different kinds of rubber duckies glued to the hood. I LOVE seeing imagination in cars ~ signs of the New Earth! And now my sparkly, flower-covered car doesn’t feel so lonely.

* Rereading another book I loved when I was young, “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton.

How’s your Tuesday treating you? I love you!


Magical Monday 12/15/14

My Everyday Magic

I love Mondays, the world is quiet and ours to explore.

Being able to homeschool my kids.

Visiting a Winter Wonderland display at the garden center today with friends.

Crying, resting and processing yesterday.IMG_3238

Listening to a great Matt Kahn video (thanks Sparkle).

Soul sisters.

Loving myself.

Feeling hopeful we will find ds2s special hat in lost property today.

MEM, love this place.

Sending out love to everyone today and looking forward to hearing your magic, I will be back to comment today. <3


Weekend Magic 12/13 ~ 12/14/2014


My Magic

* So happy that 12/12 is OVER! It was a painful portal for many of us. We came to the conclusion that “portals suck!” and just may get it typed up on t-shirts. ;)

* I was EVIL yesterday. So happy to feel that lift last night. Whew!

* My boys loving me through my evilness and knowing to give me space.

* Tackling the Rubiks Cube ~ I got it 1/3 solved!

* Planning on watching “The Grinch” today ~ both the cartoon and the movie.

* Thinking I may make some fresh orange/clementine juice this morning.

* An after-bedtime-date with my hubby last night.

* Frasier ~ we’re still watching it and still laughing.

* My oldest got into the spirit of giving yesterday ~ he gave his younger brother money so he could buy some legos, and then gave his friend $10 “because it’s close to Christmas and it makes me feel good.”

* My two older boys creating legos for my 3 year old, who loves them so but can’t quite make what he wants yet.

* My neck is almost all better.

* Did I mention I’m feeling better today?

How’s your weekend? I love you! ♥



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