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Halloween Magic! 10.31.14

Hello Friends!

I’ve never really liked Halloween…in fact, I’m a bit of a Halloween “Scrooge”!  This year, I feel even less inclined to get all “Halloween’ed” out.  More than ever I want to take OFF my masks and disguises.  I am ready to be real, to be me, no more hiding behind a mask or facade.  Today feels like a good day for me to embrace that and perhaps my ‘costume’ this year is just going to be the Real Me!

I hope all those who love the scare, love the disguise and love the treats will enjoy this day made for you.  As for me – I’m finding life to be scary enough at times I don’t need to add any more to my day!

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

*  Connecting with my soul sisters as we navigate through this part of our journey

*  Watching my boys have fun with their costumes and trick-or-treating

* Going to re-connect with someone I haven’t seen in years later this morning. It is CLEAR I’m supposed to be there today and re-connect

* Hot baths that feel wonderful for my body and spirit

*  A delicious new fish recipe that is fast and easy and everyone loved it

*  Reading a novel that I’m getting lost in and enjoying fully

*  Music

*  A new project

* Watching my son teach himself how to do magic – and loving his enthusiasm

* My older son working on several projects that are delighting him

*  Knowing without knowing, seeing without seeing, understanding without understanding

*  Living and Loving with all my Being!

Happy Halloween!  Happy Friday!  Happy end of October!  May you find today especially magical and share a little with us too!  


Reaching for the Magic 10/30/14

There is no way around it I am reaching for the magic today. Focusing on that warm, bubbly place inside me that still smiles, still loves to live and even though it is so small it seems to have a very loud voice or maybe my ears are attuned to listen to what really matters.

My Everyday Magic

Even though I crave peace my home is full of happy, joyful, loving children.

Even though I wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep I am awakened and immediately surrounded by my family, one day I will look back and miss this.

All the noise is giving me practice in finding my peace within.IMG_3238

The sun is starting to shine, the sun is starting to shine. Oh this makes me so happy, now I could dance wild and free in my joy like my kids.

Friends who get me and my journey, so blessed.

Excited chatter of my boys planning a visit to Australia after watching an early morning documentary on the Great Barrier Reef.

MEM, I love being here with you all.

Hearing about Rainbow Faerys wonderful Luna Festival.

A day at home to rest.

Please stop by and share some magic, maybe you will have to reach like me today or maybe it is overflowing out of you. Love you all.


My Everyday Magic 10/29/14

Shell Pixie


My Everyday Magic

*Ahhhhhhhh……….. Luna Festival, a complete success beyond my expectations (thanks for those vibes Kate!), and everyone had an amazing time. The creativity was endless, sooooo many talented people on this tiny little island. And we made the front page of the newspaper! And it’s DONE. :) AND I’m already planning for next year’s event!! I have soooo many cool ideas right now, so going to take the opportunity to “catch” them and put a little action toward them.

*Taking time to just sit and soak up all the completion energy of now. All the positive feedback from everyone who had great things to say about the event and all the things I’ve been working toward this year. Feels good to receive that energy.

*Still in action mode, in fact, I feel all revved up, wanting to just go at the projects that have been patiently waiting for my attention. Piece by piece, taking care of things.

*Still coughing, BUT I know it’s on its way out, AND my son went back to school yesterday (he was out ALL last week), so I got a little extra room to breathe and get some errands done.

*Gearing up to start on my next ginormous painting, as part of contract that I had bid on and won. Excited and nervous about this one! Mostly because there is a deadline, but I’m not worried. I feel good about my timeline.

*Enjoying the henna art on my arm, a piece of the Luna Festival that will last a couple weeks. :)

Love you all, wishing you peace.

~Rainbow Faery


Tuesday Magic

The Spicy Fairy!

The Spicy Fairy!

Hello everyone, just wanted to apologize for being MIA this month… I’ve been going through a very powerful transition recently and although it’s been extremely difficult and painful, I know it’s for the best. It’s been easy for me to slip into extended periods of negativity, so I’m working my way back to optimism by finding the good things inside and out.

My Magic;

~ my mama is waking up on the beach in Cancun today with her boo. I’m so grateful for everything she does and I’m really happy she gets to escape for a few days!

~ practicing breathing & learning to think patiently

~ Halloween, which I’m utterly unprepared for but still looking forward to

~ wanting sleep but doing adult-things instead.

~ I walked in my second fashion show this weekend! I was in my element and it was a rejuvenating experience. I felt awake again after hearing the positive feedback around me, and my confidence that has been so shaken lately was reaffirmed. Its a work in progress but it was a baby step forward!

~ getting placed in 2 scenes at last nights CCSU fashion show practice.. this makes me excited!

Spicy model ;)

Spicy model ;)

Sending love <3


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