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Let the BEST Magic BEGIN! 6/12/2015

Oh, how interesting to be celebrating my 44th birthday while writing the last My Everyday Magic post. Even though it’s a bittersweet ending, it feels like a GIFT. A graduation of sorts.

I’ve been writing a daily gratitude journal for 8 years now, beginning in my own journal before starting MEM in 2009. It’s more than just a habit, it’s daily sustenance. Thinking of all the things I’ll share with you on my Magic List is just something I do ALL THE TIME. So you know what? I’m going to continue doing it. Just telepathically from now on. ;)  I WILL still look for and share my magic and I’ll send it through time and space to all of your hearts. And I know I’ll hear yours too.

It’s scary letting such daily sustenance go, but instead of looking at it like a void that’s being created I’m choosing to believe that the magic in my immediate environment will increase exponentially. And yours too. There really is a New World all around us and we just have tune into a different frequency for it to find us.

A few things I’ve learned from MEM over the years:

1.) Gratitude REALLY IS life-changing.

2.) Finding gratitude on a crappy day is VERY powerful.

3.) True confessions are just all sorts of naughty fun.

4.) Vulnerability makes people irresistible and even more lovable and it’s also an incredible strength.

5.) Faires are REAL!

Thank you to all the fairies past and present, especially to Ocean Fairy and Sunshine Fairy. You’ve been the constants to MEM over the years and helped when we’ve needed fill-ins ~ MEM is just as much yours as it is mine. I love you both so much. And all our other beautiful Fairies through the years who’ve left their glitter behind  ~ Our Spicy Sister, Rainbow Faery, Star Fairy, Flirty Fairy, Glow Fairy, The Inspirational Fairies (Andrea and Tim), Glow Fairy, Song Fairy, Bliss Fairy, Fire Fairy, and Flower Fairy. A special shout-out to our honorary Fairy, Laurie. You’ve been VERY special to MEM throughout the years. Some LOVE for my friend, Michelle, who designed the latest look for MEM. And last but not least, my very own Popsidoodles, The Grandpa Fairy. Knowing that you read MEM 3 times a day has been magical. MEM has been a conversation with you in my head. Thanks to you and Mamakins for believing in magic and in me. I love you!


Okay, enough of the goodbyes. Let’s get to some magic and PLEASE indulge me with the birthday/farewell gift of sharing your magic today too. And seriously…get ready for some BIG magic because the fairies in your homes, gardens and lives are ready to PLAY! Be on the lookout!

My Magic

* Going to visit my Main Man, Jacques today on my birthday! I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks and I can’t wait to give that horse a hug!

* Took my boys to Ray of Light Farm yesterday where we got to see a 3 day old foal named Zoomer! Soooo adorable!

* The Fairies in my garden speaking loud and clear!

* Riggio’s Garden Store with my oldest yesterday ~ we had a great time. I LOVE one-on-one time with my boys SO MUCH!

* Our pond and fountain give me such pleasure and peace!

* Made a new deck pond with a galvanized tub yesterday ~ all ready for some new tadpoles.

* Making Red Clover Lemonade with the clover in our yard. My 7 year old helped me pick all the blooms.

* It’s going to be a banner year in the gardens this summer!

* This sacred time right now…writing to all of you for the last time. I’m honored and humbled.

So, MEM Family, let’s look at this ending as a new beginning. A chance to truly spread our wings and discover new worlds. Perhaps we’ll see each other in our dreams. Perhaps we’ll run into each other again in a new way. And perhaps whenever you see a flutter of wings out of the corner of your eye, or some glitter in your path, or something truly delightful happens…you’ll give thanks to the fairies and then share your blessings, knowing the MAGIC will only continue to grow… EVERY DAY. ♥


fAbUlOuS FaErie fArEweLL – June 11, 2015

Hello Friends!

What a journey we have been on together here!

I looked back at my first comment – beloved and I were newly dating, my boys were transitioning out of the family bed and I was grateful for my friends.  Now I have two teenagers, we’ve moved back to the city where I actually see my friends regularly, and beloved and I will be married in 2 months!

I have loved this place since the beginning — Kate’s energy has always been infectious – how could I not accept when she put out the call for some faerie friends?!? I have loved writing magic every week and being able to share a little magic with all of you over all these years!

I have grown to love everyone here and you have touched my life in more ways than you can imagine!  We’ve shared so many milestones 11-11-11, pregnancies and newborn babies, challenging times,  my Super BS posts, and celebrations to name a few!  We have shared our family love and triumphs and held one another in moments of pain!  This place has truly become everyday, real LIFE….MAGIC!!!!!

Thank you all for your authenticity, your love, support, laughter and excitement over the years.  Thank you for bringing more of that Magic into my Everyday!  I hold it…and all of you dearly.

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

* My boys (of course I had to start with them).  They are such beautiful beings – so full of wonder and humanity, love and curiosity, forgiveness and fun!  They are the best magic in my life!!!

* My beloved!  I love how we continue to learn and grow and have a lot of fun moving into another new adventure in our relationship!

* Getting to post my last official magic on an 11 day!  You know how much I love numbers and symbolism and 11 is super important to me!

* Wedding planning – – it really has been a lot of fun!  Today I’m going dress shopping with my friend — I cannot wait and tonight I will be talking to someone to likely confirm our date!!!

* Throwing the ball with my son in the park

* Watching my older son thrive as he works on some movie editing

* Working together to make fun little videos to send beloved while he’s away

* Going out the mountains soon to scout out locations

* Looking at rings to get ideas to design my custom wedding band

* Going to the best Farmer’s Market this weekend

* Fresh fruit that tastes so delicious right now

* Crushing it at the gym this week!

* Living and Loving With All My Being!!!

You are loved beyond all measure.  I hope that everyone here will carry our Everyday Magic with them and spread it out into your lives!  That’s always what this place was meant to inspire!  I love you all.  Thank you for the best magic of all….YOU!


Dream Chasing Magic; Wednesday’s Finale


Today is a happy but bittersweet Wednesday for Spicy over here; as most of you know, this is the last week of MEM and for many of us, its been a long time. I was lucky enough to be a part of this fairy family for nearly 5 years, and the mindset it has helped me develop is such a blessing. If I hadn’t bumped into Kate at a beach cleanup  event we might have never got to talking, swapping info, babysitting and eventually blogging. Directly but unintentionally Kate has given me so much insight not only on life but myself as well. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience.

My Everyday Magic has been there for me during my highest highs and lowest lows. It has been truly beautiful opening up and connecting with the beaming souls that visit this page. I hope it has given some if not all a brighter perspective and sense of confidence in their intuition. When we detach from ideals and norms, remain true to ourselves, and simply appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, anything is possible. All dreams are achievable with the right mindset, so I want to thank MEM and our dazzling Sparkle Fairy for creating this opportunity for so many of us to do this. <3

My Magic;
~ currently en route to Florida! Can't wait to enjoy the sunshine ☀
~ promotion possibilities in July :)💰
~ new friends and kindred spirits
~ looking forward to my senior year at CCSU!
~ life. <3

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We love you <3


June 8th & 9th Magic 2015

It is with sadness and excitement that I write my last magical intro as a MEM Fairy. I have so many fond memories from our MEM years from sparkle missions to radical gratitude and all the life events we have shared together. I can’t express how grateful I am to our dear sister Kate Sparkle for creating the most wonderful place on the web. I have laughed, cried and grown so much over the years here and each and everyone of you holds a special place in my heart. I am excited for this new phase in all of our lives, stepping forward with the beautiful foundation of gratitude and unconditional love that we have weaved together here.

i am

My Everyday Magic

The beauty of a gratitude practice that will stay with me always.
Wonderful, brave, loving, inspiring women.
Feeling sad and happy all at once, the paradox of a human life.
Sunshine and blue skies.
Time to read, relax and be.
Laughing, sharing and enjoying time with friends and family.
Fully breathing in all of life.
Fully breathing out all of life.
Walking to the local store to buy delicious things for lunch with hubby and our youngest boy.
Moving my body.
Music, listening to India Arie and enjoying my boys piano playing.
Parenting a teenage boy, so much fun.
Island breeze rustling the trees and blowing through my hair.
Beautiful wild flowers.
Stirrings of possibilities, feeling the pull…

Sending out an ocean full of love to everyone today and looking forward to sharing in your magic. Please remember even without MEM we are all connected in spirit.


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