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~Magical Tuesdays~

The Spicy Fairy

Spicy :)

Good morning world! Lately I’ve felt this great push forward and it seems like there’s this undeniably-positive glow around nearly every day. This is why I love summer! There is so much happiness to be shared! A lot of exciting things are happening and my curiosity brews as I wait for the chips to fall.

My Magic;

~ I LOVE coming to my internship every week! There’s so much going on here that I didn’t even mind leaving Florida to get back to work. [Well, not too much. ;) ]

~ a wonderful weekend seeing family and relaxing by the beach!
~ back to clean eating after vacation..

~ going to a friend’s zumba class tonight then meeting with my trainer. I need this push!

~ my mom is glowing knowing she retires from her 9-5 job in 8 work days! It’s so exciting :)
~ I just can’t WAIT to move in! It’s crazy that these big life events are both on the same day but I’m ready!

~ learning something new every day

~ hanging out with friends

~ lyrics you can connect with

~ painted nails

~ writing :)

Wishing you a bright Tuesday! <3


Moving Magic; 7/21/14

Good morning!

Fire Fairy blowing bubbles

Fire Fairy blowing bubbles

I apologize for missing last week.  I am deep in packing and working with clients and have felt a need to withdraw in many areas.  I completely forgot.  I’m finding that staying focused only on a few things has really helped my sanity.

Our apartment is full of boxes, some piled up to the ceiling.  The POD arrives on Saturday and then we are nomads for a few weeks.

I’m feeling peaceful and excited.  My little one is excited to stay at her Mimi’s house for a while and my boys are excited to start their next adventure.  I am grateful that we are all ready for the next stage in our life adventure.


cool comfortable weather. We don’t have a.c. and I feel like this month has been totally doable.  supremely grateful.

The kids and I have had a mono-like illness for about 9 days.  It is still going for us (very bad timing), but everything is continuing to get done.  My husband worked hard yesterday getting 1/2 of our basement stuff moved up to our main living area so that when we move in a few days it will be much easier.  I am so grateful that one of us doesn’t need to take frequent couch breaks.

After months of being worried our credit scores would be average, we saw the number on our mortgage info and they are about as high as they can be! I have been in shock, but I’m very thrilled.

I’m having so much fun working with a client.  He has felt so physically bad, and could eat very few foods without pain.  He has gotten so many foods back and has mental clarity and physical strength again.  Only after 3 weeks!  This stuff still astounds me.

Kids helping with packing boxes and labeling them with fun scribbles, silly drawings and childish writing.  One of my favorite reasons for moving with kids.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a magical day xoxo


Weekend Magic! 7/19 ~ 7/20/14

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

I’m writing this Friday evening to give myself a break from rushing around to morning magic on Saturday ~ a gift to myself. I’m sitting here with a migraine after last night’s intense energetic exchange between me and 3 other Goddesses (hopefully it’s gone by the time you read this!) and even though it’s so painful, it was so worth it! Words can do nothing to convey the power of this gathering so I won’t even try. I just KNOW that something NEW and BEAUTIFUL has taken place and I’m so, so, so grateful.


My Magic

* My doggie and kitties took part in the energy exchange last night and we all noticed what key roles they were all playing. It was so beautiful how they all felt compelled to be in my office (my “Magic Room”) with us. When we would focus on one person all the pets would all follow. It was so incredible and so magical! My pets are energy workers! Well…aren’t all pets and animals.  ;)

* After two days of not having a lot of physical energy for my aerial practice, I’m looking forward to getting back on them and ROCKING them!

* We’re going to a super-fun thing called “Cirque du Shiny” Saturday night! Looking forward to it!

* My boys are having a friend spend the night after the Cirque ~ and it’s his first overnight away from his home. So honored to be a part of it!

* Finding HOME in so many new and beautiful places…..ahhhhh…….

How’s your weekend going? ♥

Very Special Pets...

Very Special Pets…


mAgIc! 07.18.14

Hello Friends!

How are you?  I miss you all.  I feel starved to know what’s happening in everyone’s lives…how your summer is going…what fun adventures you’ve been on or how quiet reflection has been your friend lately.  Whatever you are doing — I hope you are enjoying the moment, feeling a summer breeze or a summertime thunderstorm- eating some decadent summer fruit or getting lost in a book on the beach.

As for me..we’ll, we are loving our new house.  It really is wonderful to be living here.  We’ve already found so many things we love.  This week, we sat like kings on our back patio, drinking a late morning coffee, enjoying the birds, the breeze and the summer warmth.  We all agreed it felt like a vacation…right in our own backyard!

My son’s baseball has kept us running…and driving….and running…and…driving.   It’s been a wonderful year playing with this team, but it has been exhausting this past little while and the travel has been excessive.  We have a  little more than a week to go and when we are done, I know we will miss it.

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

*  Finding that wherever I go — there I am and I love that!

*  The most delightful French Vanilla Coconut Milk for my coffee!

*  My favorite store is the organic marketplace!  What a delight it is to shop there as much as I can.

*  A cooler night making sleep so much easier.

*  The fun boys that play baseball with my son and what a delight it’s been for me to be the manager and sit on the bench.  They are all really great kids and I enjoy and feel honored to connect with them the way I have this season.

*  Gramma arrives today to hang out with the boys this weekend

*  Using the extreme’s I’ve been feeling to just slowly ease into more balance — as opposed to the pendulum

*  Finding new and wonderful things everyday

*  Admiring all the flowers around and planning in my head where I’ll start in my new yard next year

*  My boys

*  My beloved

*  A beautiful and very meaningful moment this past week.

*  Feeling so very blessed

*  My sister coming soon.

*  Loving with all my being!

I’m sending some extra faerie magic your way today.  Be on the lookout for it — because I have a feeling you’re going to notice one especially magical moment and you’ll smile and know it’s because you are YOU!


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