My Everyday Magic



My Everyday Magic 10/20/14

Keeping it simple. Loving all of me. Loving all of you.


My Magic

Taking time to nourish all of me.

Loving myself through the grumpiness.



Feeling the wind on my body.

Enjoying food.


Walking in nature.

Finding headache and stress relief with my newly made MagOil.

Loving myself.

Listening to my body and the messages these aches and illness’s hold for me.

Hubby at home fixing our leaking bathroom.

Sending out love to all and looking forward to sharing in your magic.


Weekend Magic 10/18 ~ 10/19/2014

Sparkle Fairy hanging out...

Sparkle Fairy hanging out…

My Magic

* Hubby wasn’t feeling well yesterday for his birthday, but our little celebration cheered him right up.

* Continuing his celebration today and going to a war movie with him (not my thing). We haven’t been to the movies together in almost 10 years! The last movie we saw together was Million Dollar Baby and I was VERY pregnant with our first son.

* Burger Bar for dinner last night and the very special nachos they make just for me (they’re not on the menu).

* Really, really loving pinterest for Aerial Inspiration. I’ve never had so many people repin my pictures ~ it feels like a whole unknown community of Silk Sisters.

* Getting our kitties fixed next week ~ they’re getting a little out of control!

* I do an AWESOME job of keeping our house neat and tidy. I have to clean up messes about 25 times a day, but it’s worth it.

* Sleep has been SO GOOD for me lately! I’m sleeping 10 hours a night and having dreams that are better than reality ~ I”m trusting that they’re showing me what is to come!

* Cake, cookies, and candy! I can’t eat them lately as I’ve totally lost my sweet tooth, but I still enjoy having them around and soaking up the sweet vibe.

* The foliage is SO PRETTY right now.

* I have a super fun idea for my first aerial act and I’m beyond giddy!

* Leveling up.

What’s going on in your weekend? I love you! ♥


faerie friday 10.17.14

Hello Friends!

Boy, this week has been a doozy!  I’ve had a wide range of emotions and experiences, but, similar to what Ocean wrote yesterday, I feel like I’m coming out the other side and feeling a little better.  I am noticing my awareness of self and even though it sometimes feels like I’m swimming upstream, I do know what I need to do most is just acknowledge, accept, be honest and love myself through whatever I am feeling or experiencing at any given moment.  I cannot tell you how much comfort this brings me and how it just feels like the best thing I can do right now.  I am really loving the idea that focusing on anything outside of me just keeps me further from the peace and love I want to feel.  For years, I have felt this to be true, but I seem to be experiencing a new level of this right now and it makes a whole lot of sense for me.  I love it.

sunshine at sunshine

sunshine at sunshine

My Magic:

*  Our team, the SF Giants, going to the World Series again!!!

*  My beloved bringing me flowers…just because

*  Both of us really making the effort to connect and share love after struggling earlier in the week

* Watching baseball with my boys – we really have so much fun together

*  Knitting a beautiful blanket and loving how it’s big enough now to keep me warm as I knit it

* Loving the warm, sunny days

*  Continuing to be delighted with my fun new little car!

*  Getting things I need with very little effort

*  A day-off tomorrow.

* Reading and writing again

*  My computer finally coming back home

*  Living and loving with all my being

I hope you find a lot of magic in your day today.  It’s out there and when we look for it – we are bound to see it somewhere!  Extra love and magic to everyone who has had experienced some struggle this week.  We are all in this together!  Much love to you!  <3


Flowing Magic 10/16/14

Breathing in everything with love, breathing out everything with love. Feeling like life is starting to flow and feel lighter again.


My Everyday Magic

A walk in the sunshine early this morning.

Clearing out my bathroom ready for the new shower and toilet.

Feeling inspired to declutter and organise the crafts and creations storage in our kitchen.

Feeling the relief from making decisions.

A sunny warm day matching my mood after the stormy grey and rainy days that I so enjoyed earlier in the week.

My adorable, amazing kids.

Great friends near and far.

I hope you are all feeling some relief from the intensity I know we have all been feeling, if you are or not I am sending you love and looking forward to sharing in your magic. <3


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