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Weekend Magic! 1/31 ~ 2/1/2015


Wow, did January go by in a flash or what?

My Magic

* Writing this on Friday night so I can have a more relaxed Saturday morning. I love giving gifts to my future self.

* Still marinating in horsey-goodness. Along with my Jacques lovin’ I got to interact with some lovely, lovely mares.

* My hubby surprising me by saying he’d be willing to come with me to clean stalls! I’d LOVE to get my whole family on board with this. There is just SOMETHING so soothing about being in a horse barn.

Jacques and Sparkle

Jacques and Sparkle

* Exploring ways to expand my aerial play.

* I *just* about got my pull-up back this week. That’s a relief! (I’ll try again after this post and see how I do.)

* My cuddly kitties.

* My sweet doggie.

* A date with my hubby in our taproom tonight since we can’t find a babysitter!  It wasn’t as relaxing (or long!) as our usual dates but it was dinner by ourselves and that’s SOMETHING.

* Someone mistaking me for a college student today. I laughed out loud and loved every minute of it.

* Reading to my 3 year old ~ truck books, train books and more truck books.

* Looking at the Kids National Geographic Magazine with my 2 older boys ~ a gift from my parents and my boys really love it.

* Listening to my hubby play with our boys in the next room ~ he’s the best part of their day and that’s just awesome.

Let’s ROCK this weekend, shall we? I love you!


fRiDaY FaERie – 01.30.15

Hello Friends!

I’ve got nothing…let’s jump in!

Sunshine in The Mountains

Sunshine In the Mountains

My Magic:

* My beloved and I having the ability to laugh at ourselves

* Late night conversations and early morning loving

* Fun watching as many Dr Who episodes as we can before they disappear off Netflix

* Spontaneous fun with my boys

* My oldest feeling more optimistic and confident than he has in a long time

* My youngest being such a positive and fun person

* Fun with our bunny – especially when he thinks he can outsmart us!

* Cuddling – with everyone/anyone in our little family

* Yummy homemade nachos!

* Living and loving with all my being!

I’m sending you a little extra faerie love and magic today!  I hope you enjoy every moment!


Thursday Magic 1/29/15

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week sitting in the space between, not clinging back or projecting forward but resting in that powerful space between breaths in the seat of creation, in discovery of all that I am.


My Magic

Breathing my mind into my heart.

Loving how great it still feels to type 2015.

Chocolate for breakfast.

Beautiful cold frosty morning.

My 8year old calling me softly to join him at the window and watch and listen as the little Robin sang.

Early morning meditations.

Deeply connecting with my hubby, falling in love all over again.

Brewing up and drinking tea, one of life’s great simple pleasures.

Soulful songful boys.

Listening to hubby play guitar and my little boy picking up his.

Walking in nature and feeling so alive here.

Sending out love and looking forward to sharing in your magic.


Wednesday Magic 1/28/2015

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

Quickie Magic (’cause I just ain’t in the mood):

* This blog post I wrote for Love From Baby. It’s really good, if I do say so myself.

* Practicing the song I’m creating on my guitar. It’s making me really happy. And hubby commented on how well he thinks I’m doing with my guitar so far ~ and that was such lovely encouragement.

* Sledding with my boys in our yard. The best part of the last two days.

* Microwave burritos ~ I don’t know what my family would do without them.

* Watching another movie in front of the fire this morning with my boys.

* Last night I alternated between stretching and strengthening my body with playing my guitar. I really enjoyed the combination of activities.

* Some quiet time to myself right now. I really need it.

Hope this Wednesday is peaceful for you. ♥


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