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Wednesday Bliss Magic 7/30/2014

Bliss Fairy faring blustering rain breezes

Bliss Fairy faring blustering rain breezes

Wednesday Bliss Magic

Urgent bulletin from your favored fairy of Bliss, filling in for Rainbow Faery as she is without power. Guam is currently under Typhoon condition 1 anticipating heavy winds and rains. Rain or shine we Fairies of the GU isle are sharing with you some storm inspired gratitude.

puzzles without power

soup- split pea and minestrone

grey in all it’s cozy cuddly shades

howling winds

the warm comfortingly sweet scent of cinnamon rolls radiating from the oven

the motivation of prep and cleaning before water outages

the energy of a storm


iphone making it possible to share our magic from blustering Guam


Tuesday Magic!

The Spicy Fairy!

The Spicy Fairy!

I’m sooo sorry this is so late! This has been one of my busiest weeks of the summer but I’m totally okay with it because so many exciting things will follow! I’m trying to stay grounded but all these exciting thoughts are keeping me on my toes :) Here’s my quick magic, what will yours be?

My Magic;

~ setting up two successful marketing meetings and coming to progressive conclusions! 

~ P a C k I n G ! I’m pretty much all ready for the move on Friday, I can’t wait to pick up this UHaul truck!

~ driving across the state and witnessing an accident [not fun] to pick up a SWEET dresser with a pretty, cheap price tag [fun!] Craigslist is the best. 
~ going shopping for some house stuff with my bestie after work <3

~ healthy lunches!
~ new music
~ happiness! It’s contagious so SPREAD IT! :) 

Have a beautiful day!


Monday Magic 7/28/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

Our Dearest Fire Fairy is taking a MEM break whilst she and her family are in transition. For a month they will be nomads as they move out of their old place and await the move into their new home. I’m sending her family the energy of ease, grace, and JOY as they move into this new adventure.  My Everyday Magic has been quiet recently as we all transition and up-level our lives. Whether we are physically moving like our Fire Fairy and Sunshine Fairy or we’re just mentally (dimensionally!) relocating it’s a time of flux for all of us. I’m sending us ALL love as we navigate and master this new territory. And my only command is TO MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL. ♥

My Magic

* Seeing the world change around me in so many ways, including witnessing the transitioning lives of all those who post and comment here. I love you all.

* A really beautiful weekend with my parents. I’m so happy they came to keep us company! And I so enjoyed our “Cheers” watching together after the boys went to sleep. Laughing with my parents is one of my favorite things.

* Getting physically stronger and really ENJOYING it!!!

* Knowing that nothing is ever really “wrong” and teaching myself to react in new, empowered ways when things appear to be “wrong.”

* Burger Bar with my kids and parents ~ craft burgers, craft beer. Can it get much better?

* Knowing that my boys and I will get through this week without hubby/Papa swimmingly.

* Sparkling grapefruit soda.

* Fireworks seen from our deck!

* Getting angry with Kai after being patient with him all day ~ and being OKAY with getting angry with him! Wow, that’s interesting.

* Family.

* Texting my hubby. Love him.

How’s your Monday going?


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