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Flirty Fairy, all decked out!

Whew! Your Flirty Fairy has been working like a maniac this week! I have been doing lots of overnights with lots of different families and sweet sweet babes… which means lots of different couches, beds, pillows, comforters, etc that I am sleeping on! And it got me thinking about my Most Magical Moment. I LOVE that moment when you decide it’s time for sleep, turn the light out, put your head on the pillow, pull the covers up, and close your eyes. I love snuggling up with the pillows and blankets on the cool clean sheets (or couch, or mattress…), and in that moment, I feel total peace.

There are tons of other magical moments of course – when my girl hugs my knees and says, “Ahhhhh…” or when my Sweetie gives me a big kiss, but OH THOSE COVERS AND PILLOWS!!! Undo me. What’s YOUR Magical Moment?

My Everyday Magic:

~Leaving for sunny Florida today with my Sweetie! 7 1/2 days of sun, beach, Gulf, sand, Harry Potter World, family (both mine and his)… and RELAXATION!!

~Buying myself treats with all the extra $$ I’m making – I ordered an iPad 2!! And I’m getting a Le Creuset French oven… should I get turquoise or purple??

~Continuing to love my awesome haircut!

~Having the option of throwing my fake hair on (as seen in my pic!)

~Going to a birthday party for possibly the coolest two year old on Earth, BabyLiza, and seeing lots of family and friends!

Have a great week everyone!! I will send you lots of sunshiney vibes!!

9 thoughts on “Magical Moments

  1. that is awesome magic flirty fairy! I have many Magical Moments! Some are that feeling of pride when working out and knowing you’re close to your goal, seeing people’s reactions when you surprise or help them, or listening to a new song over and over again because it just keeps getting better! I must agree with you about the sheets though; ESPECIALLY in the summer! I love white sheets in the hotel resorts when it’s summer time because you go to bed with the warm feeling in your skin against the crisp sheets, and wake up looking tan against the sheets’ paleness. Oh, that’s another moment! Tanning! Feeling the vitamin D while laying on the beach next to friends is DEFINITELY a Magical Moment!

    My Magic;
    ~ this new song my best friend Mary showed me; Coming Up by Lupe Fiasco. We both cannot stop listening!
    ~ Bombshell perfume by Victoria’s Secret. It smells like a sweet blend of grapefruit, clean laundry, and seductress. Perfect! :)
    ~ a driving appointment with Nathan today! We had such great conversations last time, I’m sure they’ll continue today!
    ~ I can’t take a hike today, but that leaves time for homework, going to the bank, and tanning all before dance! :)
    ~ ^ hip hop tonight! We’re getting our costumes and continuing to choreograph our sick recital dance!
    ~ it’s multicultural week! At school, our world languages classes have a little project where we wear colors each day based off of a nationality or region. Today is Canada day <3 I love Canada.
    ~ oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, along with packing a healthy lunch
    ~ seeing Kate and the fam yesterday! It was WAY too long. Love you!
    ~ all of my magic lately…. I LOVE this! :)

    happy monday everyone!

  2. MEM

    -The gift of sleep, snuggling and comfyness as you described! I’m headed there right now. =)
    -My family
    -Did I mention CHOICE???!
    -Magic. Everyday.
    -Outside. Mother nature. Love.
    -Free flowing ME.
    -Chicken Piccata
    -Dark beer
    -LOVE…for ME.
    -Dancing with my 3yo
    -A love letter from my 3yo…scribbles, and he hands it to me saying “here mommy, this is true love” *MELT!!!!!!*
    -Conversations with god.
    -Sleep. Good night to everyone in the other time zones of the world! While you all are waking up, I’m heading into dreamland, so think fun and funky dreamy thoughts for me. I’ll take a flying dream tonight!!!

  3. Love everyone’s Magic!!!

    *Making the bed with new sheets and blankets that match the season and weather! It feels DIVINE to get into bed the last 3 nights!
    *Sleeping well!
    *Chocolate cake and homemade lasagna!
    *Crock pots making my food for me!
    *Sleeping in!
    *My belly casts, one of which I am going to get bronzed at some point like this:
    *Enjoying the next few days which should be relaxing and slow!

  4. Oh, I LOVE that sleepy moment too! LOVE, love, LOVE it! (And definitely get PURPLE!!)

    My Everyday Magic
    * Lex watching our boys yesterday so we could do some much-needed errands ~ and we had a DIVINE lunch! Thank you, Alexa!!!

    * Our upstairs bedroom is FINALLY coming together!!! I’m so excited!!!

    * An easy day of flow and getting the house in order.

    * Belly-dancing tonight!!!

  5. Magical moments: snuggling with my boy, especially as he is falling asleep.

    when either of my kitties settles in for a nap on my lap.

    dh is home after being away working for almost a week!

    He scored a huge peace sign tie-dye, some black light fabric hangings (and lights to go with them) AND a 27″ lava lamp!!!

    My boy being Mr. Cooperative today for reading lesson and for cleaning his room and for bedtime, too! Wow.

    The oh so pink flowers on my potted azalea, and the flowers on my orchids… they brighten the winter for me every year!

  6. Beautiful magic today, Flirty!

    One of my magical moments is this time of year. In my corner of the world, the earth is waking up out of the winter. The sun…oh, my glorious sun feels so much warmer than she has for months. It’s like the sun is my friend, returning after an extended absence and sharing all her warmth with me. On cooler days, the sun is still warm enought to melt a little and on warmer days like today…it’s transforming the snow into streams of running water…forming intricate patterns as it makes it waythrough the ice and snow to find lower ground. I love the way it feels to play outside in lighter jackets and vests. Being able to shed our winter gear feels like a weight lifted off our shoulders. We can be outside for hours a day…no risk of frost bite, no bugs, no sunburn, just warmth…and how that warmth nourishes me like a thirsty person finding water. And everyone comes out of hibernation. We are wanting to be out more, we want to go places, we want to visit. The daylight hours are longer and it frees us to do more and extend our activities. It is the promise of spring coming around the corner, it is a re-awakening, it is pure magic, indeed.

  7. I am so ready for some of that bed magic! You made it sound so enticing, I’m going to post and hit it!


    * starting off the weekend with some bad news, I was glad to have so much going on that I couldn’t dwell too much on it.

    * getting a spontaneous dinner out with just my honey — so lovely, I need to start making this happen more regularly

    * feeling a little sad at how quickly my little fairy threw a night at home with mommy and daddy and no big bro under the bus for a sleepover at her cousin’s house

    * secretly feeling better when I got a call at 9:30 with a tiny, brittle voice on the other end telling me she missed me and could I come get her? my big girl still needs me!

    * doing things at theater rehearsal that are so far outside my box I think they’re in another country. but doing them anyway.

    * dealing with a difficult situation, and trying to keep in mind a saying a friend in high school used frequently: “The fire that burns the straw tempers the steel.” I’m trying very hard to be steel, not straw and to come out stronger and better for this on the other side.

    * feeling my intuition is growing stronger and trying to honor that and act accordingly more often.

    * SPRING is here, baby, I don’t CARE what the calendar says! And it’s soooo lovely! We’re planting seeds tomorrow finally, and I can’t WAIT! Tomatoes, I can already taste you!

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