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My Everyday Nature Magic 7/5/11


The Rainbow Faery

My Everyday Nature Magic!

Mother Nature is just rockin’ my socks these days. I’m loving the awesome balance we’ve had recently of cozy rainy grey days and bright sunny beach days. I’m in heaven on earth!

Moon note: Waxing crescent (beginnings, fresh starts, taking action on new ideas, brainstorming)

Some of the best magic fresh on my mind right now:

*I am officially merging my two businesses and am now: Creative Indeed!

*Spontaneously going to the beach early this morning with my boys, and taking up R’s suggestion of just swimming in my clothes since I didn’t bring a suit. Best decision ever.

*My long tank top turning into a bathing suit dress of sorts and me getting an idea for homemade bathing suits that are flattering and comfortable.

*Feeling the water all over me, stretching and allowing all tension to leave my body. Felt SO good. I felt like a mermaid!

*Going home to shower and eat breakfast, feeling SO refreshed. I think I’m going to try to go for an early morning swim in the ocean WAY more often from now on. I think this is another “secret morning adventure” routine in the works. ;-)

*Enjoying a tomato veggie soup with fresh baked bread right now. Heaven!

*Relaxed and worry-free about my “money issues” and back to trusting again.

*The super cozy rainy grey cloudy days we had this past weekend. I just love it when it rains. It even rained while we were at the beach this morning, which was super magical because it was sunny. There HAD to be a rainbow somewhere!

*Lots and lots of movement with my art (see my new artwork for sale here!)and finally hosting my first ever Creative Intensive workshop this Saturday. SO excited!!! An busy!

Overall, I’m feeling really good right now. A nice change from the Blahs and Worries that were trying to overcome me this past weekend. What is makin’ your magic today?

6 thoughts on “My Everyday Nature Magic 7/5/11

  1. I too have been enjoying the weather. I love it! Orchids blooming, mock orange and ginger fill the morning breeze….couldn’t ask for much more.
    Rain, sun, rain, and more sun!

  2. My Magic;

    ~ coming home yesterday from yet another trip on the boat, to watch hill this time. we had a lot of fun!
    ~ seeing my girls last night! we didn’t do the usual fireworks deal; instead we went to mcdonalds, played in the playscape, and hung out in my room for a while. :)
    ~ music!
    ~ gym today with Makayla!
    ~ possibly going surfing with her today!
    ~ awesome summer single-ness ;)

  3. Spending time with my MIL
    A fun party at the weekend
    Picnic in the park
    Run in the rain, great to cool down after a hot day
    Dh and I getting closer
    My body
    The delicious roasted veggies I’m about to eat
    Wearing lots of pretty dresses over the last week and feeling beautiful and floaty
    Baby cuddles
    Great friendships

  4. The heat… it’s summery, plenty hot, and just… July.

    My husband will come home some time this evening, after his biggest gig of the year. He left here Friday morning, and as I was typing this, her called to say he is on his way home!

    Getting a package from a friend with some beaded jewelry she made for me, and a few surprises! So much fun, unpacking the box bit by bit!

    Walking in the woods with my boy and our dog… wildflowers! ferns! the quiet places where the path is covered in pine needles

    All the birds I saw on my first very early walk with the dog

    Getting my kitchen neat and clean while my boy slept in. (It’s less neat now, of course, but so it goes)

    Fresh veggies from our CSA

    kefir smoothie for breakfast… yum!

  5. Lovin’ all the summer fun magic everyone is grooving in!

  6. Rainbow Faery ~ Look how busy you’ve been! I’m so proud and inspired!!!! And I’m just LOVIN’ your vibe!

    Nature Magic

    * Lemon Balm! I can’t get enough!
    * Tasting my friend Rachel’s homemade Lavender Lemonade yesterday! It was absolutely DIVINE!!!
    * Borage!
    * Dreaming of Bachelor Buttons all night and then putting their pink, purple, and blue blossoms in my smoothie this morning.
    * Planning on drying my first herbs (for some reason this is making me nervous!)
    * Echinecea ~ I have cone flowers in pink, purple, and orange and they’re so beautiful!
    * My gardens!
    * Eating our first zucchini for dinner last night!
    * Ripening cherry tomatoes and blueberries!!!

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