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Moments of Bliss: All you need is LOVE! 7/17/2011


Bliss Fairy giving a Little Hug

Moments of Bliss: All you need is LOVE! 

This last Friday on the Aquarius Full Moon I set out on a sparkle mission to offer up FREE HUGS in my community. Some of you may recall an older post of mine where I made my first go at giving out free hugs. The big difference between that last adventure and this one was that this time I wasn’t alone.

Using the magic of the social network I sent out an invite to all my facebook friends to meet me at a local tourist hot spot on our island. Although I had another motive in choosing this area… to gift some hugs to the majority of  Guam’s Japanese tourist and with that I was looking to especially show my support to Japan post Earthquake and Tsunami disaster. The support we gave wasn’t of anything monetary but rather the simple gesture of hugging a stranger for no other reason than just because. I am continually surprised by how this little act of love can bring so much light and joy to a person’s heart, how in letting go to the moment the soul is filled with so much hope and promise. My face still hurts from all the smiling and laughing that went on that night. Watching all the happy faces was intoxicating! I had this event planned to last an hour but we were having so much fun that we all decided to keep pushing on for another 2 hours.

Before the event, the day had been really stormy as there was a tropical depression passing over our tiny island but I kept telling myself It didn’t matter I would find a way to still give out hugs as it just felt so appropriate to give them out on this day, and you know what…. Not a drop fell on us during the time we were offering up hugs to people. It did however sprinkle across the street from us but the rain just passed us by and after we were done a big down pour set in. I would like to believe that for three hours the magic of the Aquarian full moon that night kept the skies clear  just for us to be able to spread joy in our community, brightening up the world for even just a little while.

At some point in our adventure we decided to all walk through DFS a high end department store in the heart of  Guam’s tourism district. Going through the store we weren’t sure if we would have a warm welcome as this place is known for it’s atmosphere of propriety. Instead this place turned out to have the best huggers of the night especially from the store clerks who would crane their necks to see what the comotion was all about. Then at some point the store manger came out to ask if he could take a group picture of us and also requested we keep moving about the store and was told to ” keep spreading the love”.

I would have to say that this sparkle mission was most definitely accomplished!!! But for me the moment of bliss in all this was seeing my 4 year old being so eager to share the joy! (((HUGS))) is all you need!


Please enjoy the video and photo album composed by a friend and her husband I met through this event when I posted it on FB.


FREE HUGS by the light of the moon: PHOTO ALBULM   photography by: Nahono Tsuruga

~~~~~~~~ My Everyday Magic ~~~~~~~~


Allowing the now, NOW!

Feeling it real.

Stepping on Gum and not having it stick to my shoe.

Chai tea with a splash of expresso.


Big packages in the mail.


Divine timing, trusting during feelings of uncertainty, seeing the opportunity, trust some more.

Pandan chicken dinner cook over with a dear friend before she leaves to go back stateside.

Hayao Miyazaki!

My moon on the full moon ;)

Calamansi juice.

Unplugging getting things done.

Those have been my moments of bliss and magic. What events and little happenings have been making your magic today? Please share them in the comments below and remember  that “All you need is love”!

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16 thoughts on “Moments of Bliss: All you need is LOVE! 7/17/2011

  1. Inspiring! I could feel the love that you spread just reading your post!
    -Beautiful Morning outside
    -Our friend Jim’s feeling a bit better last night after a painful surgery
    -Driving by a statue of Mother Mary yesterday and watching a beautiful green energy move over her! I was in awe
    -Bless all of the Fairies who spread their love.

  2. I’m in tears again! This video (and the photos) will NEVER get old, I can watch it over and over! I so wish I was there, but I just wasn’t able to pull it off with everything else going on. I was so there in spirit though! Thanks for just being you Bliss Faery, and oh my gosh little E, she is the heart of the whole video, I love how in the beginning the Japanese women are running to embrace her squealing “Kawaii!!” (“cute”).

    My Magic:

    Today’s MEM post. Just warming my heart all over again.
    Today was my little Kenny’s 4th birthday, he is so grown up and SO cute.
    Even though my birthday boy cut the back of his head yesterday, we still made sure he had a wonderful birthday weekend.
    Allowing what is.
    Joyfully anticipating what’s to come, even if I don’t know what that is. =)
    Having some deep realizations today.
    Accepting me, deeply and completely.
    Allowing and honoring my emotions, and not brushing them off for anyone.
    Making progress on the new website.
    Gracefully handling difficult situations.
    Painted two pieces this weekend!

  3. The effects were contagious. The spirit of the entire area full of hundreds of people rose and rose that night. You could feel and see it plainly.

    My Magic:

    A special friend with kindred brokenness.
    Ocean mother.
    A new friend.

  4. OHHHHHH!!!!! Your post had me teary, then the video had me teary ~ I had to assure my little boys that these were happy tears!!!! How fabulous, beautiful, fantastic!!!!! I agree that the day I gave out free hugs with my friends was one of the most magical in my life ~ I’m inspired to do it again soon, maybe this time with a little baby girl in a sling (and wings!).
    I can’t come up with enough adjectives to describe how much this has moved me!
    Bliss Fairy ~ you are such a kindred soul and I love, love, LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My Everyday Magic
    * The Bliss Fairy and her group of Free Huggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You changed the world a little bit that night!)

    * A LOVELY evening with friends whilst dear hubby was away ~ enjoying raw foods, the view of a beautiful garden, children playing, and hugs from friends. JUST what we all needed. Thank you, Sabrina!

    * My garden, my GARDEN, MY GARDEN!!!!!

    * So enjoying the morning dew on my barefeet every morning whilst I pick my greens for my smoothie.

    * A friend called and left me a message about a dream she had about my baby girl ~ and she described her just as I’ve seen her in my dreams. What a LOVELY way to end my day!

    * Sending beloved hubby love and magic while he races in his first Xterra (an off-road triathalon). I envision him finishing his race right about….NOW! :)

    * Looking forward to him coming home later today and enjoying tacos as a family!!

    * Just feeling DAMN GOOD!!!

    * And one more time….FREE HUGS ON GUAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. awwww! That story & video were just precious! And very inspiring!

    My Magic;
    ~ a late night work out last night!
    ~ SHOPPING TODAY! I’m going out with my bestie Sarah and we’re getting adventurous with our wardrobes ;)
    ~ my mom and I planned 6 college visits last night! :D
    ~ baking a surprise treat for my girlfriend that’s at camp all week; she’ll be so surprised when she gets a letter & dessert in the mail!
    ~ smoothies with mama!
    ~ just being excited about everything!


    (typing through tears)….Just when I think you couldn’t possibly get more beautiful and magical, my dearest Amanda…you DO!

    I love you! Thank you. You and this event are MY magic for the day!

  7. wow I’m teary w/o having watched the video.
    I don’t think I can handle the video lol!

    * smiles!
    * bestie support <3
    * a not-so-hot sunshiny day!
    * Guam LOVE :D

  8. Bliss Fairy… The video post made me cry… happy tears… then I hugged my girls… We are always looking for people to talk to the girls at Island Girl Power.. Positive people that have a new perspective on life. I would be honored if you and your huggers can come in to share your experience with us. No long term commitment, just one visit 15-30 minutes…. lots of hug and pictures expected…

    Next time you do this please include us in the schedule, we would love to share in the experience. 688-4752 or

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