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“Even though” Weekend Magic 10/15 ~ 10/16/2011


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“Even though” Magic

*sigh* Oh, how I wish I had JUBILANT magic to share, but honestly I’m just not feeling all that magical…again. I read somewhere that the year 2011 has been a paradox ~ and I couldn’t agree more, as we’ve been experiencing an abundant supply of blessings and hardships (most oftenly mixed all together). And all without a breath in between. My beloved and I have been having to take a lot of deep breaths lately when what we REALLY want is ONE BIG breath of relief. Can you relate? Here’s my “even though” magic:

* Even though we didn’t get a chance to really celebrate our 11th anniversary (and it was a really hard day) my sweet hubby said at the end of the day that he’d marry me all over again ~ which is all I needed to hear.

* Even though I’m not feeling the peace, relaxation, and bliss I sooooo crave….I’m hopeful that I will someday very soon.

* Even though I had a HORRIBLE night’s sleep (coupled with black, ugly thoughts) I’m so grateful my hubby helped with the baby this morning so I could nap for an hour all by myself.

* Even though it was a challenging and disturbing night I’m thinking the day might be turning around…

More Magic

* A fun playdate for my 6 year old yesterday which ended in happy hour for the adults when we went to pick him up. :)

* My hubby and I having an hour to ourselves last night after the boys fell asleep.

* My hubby made everyone pancakes this morning.

* Secretariat is on TV right now. :)

* I got The Black Stallion in the mail today (this movie launched my love of horses back when I was 9 years old). :)

* Looking forward to the hot-tub and Oktoberfest later today.

Post your magic today t00 ~ even if you don’t feel like it. ;) I love you.

12 thoughts on ““Even though” Weekend Magic 10/15 ~ 10/16/2011

  1. Aww, Graeme is so sweet, and you deserve a man like that Kate. I’m glad Secretariat is on now, that’s your favorite! Go enjoy yourself and take a breath :)

    My Magic;

    ~ I just bought tickets to a concert that Mary and I are DYING to go to!
    ~ boys ;)
    ~ gym last night! It was nice to be back :)
    ~ I got a gps for my birthday! thank you mama <3
    ~ buying uggs yesterday; they're from the new season, and they're a little bling-ed out ~ like me ;)
    ~ good feedback from my revised college essay!
    ~ hearing that people have faith that I'll get accepted to UConn!
    ~ being excited :)

  2. Oh Kate, I love you!
    Tough week here too, I won’t go into it but………………………………………….
    -When it is Kate’s turn to share, I have to respond and I feel happy inside
    -The “Old House” closed yesterday and I’m now the sole owner, (from this side of the veil)!
    -I’m going to spend 24 hours with my best girl El, Sunday through Monday
    -I know this is ascension work and if we are feeling this poorly it is because we are the way-showers, clearing the path for those to come after!
    -My husband and I hitting new spiritual heights of understanding in our relationship after nearly hitting bottom together

  3. I, too, have been experiencing ups and downs lately. It seems like when I am having a really good day, something negative happens out of the blue. I have felt that the past year has been such a year of tremendous changes for me, some good, some difficult, that I don’t feel like I can relax fully.

    *The beautiful weather today
    *Getting housework done!
    *Getting roof estimates. I cannot wait to get a new roof!!
    *Going outside now with the dogs to sit in the sun and read!
    *Cleaning out stuff and making money on Ebay–double blessing!
    *Staying positive even though the paradox of experiencing highs and lows is very tiring!!!!

  4. ~ Even though our getaway was cut short by a sick kid and a Gramma that needed to get home…we had a wonderful time together
    ~ Conversations that were so important and healing
    ~ Having the opportunity to be a little more spontaneous than usual and enjoying it
    ~ Even though we had other plans for today and tonight, it was lovely to be welcomed home by my beautiful boys and spend time on the couch with my little cuddle bug
    ~ The beautiful new notebook my boys asked Gramma to buy for me
    ~ Leftover cheesecake
    ~ Love

  5. Even though I was really tired and didn’t want to go out… it was lovely walking the dog at sunrise!

    Even though my son made a huge loud whiny fuss when we didn’t win the raffle for the basket of Lego Star Wars toys we entered, and I was angry and embarrassed… we did win tickets to go see a theater production of the Wizard of Oz, and we are both looking forward to going!

    Even though I am still sniffling and coughing and feeling low energy (for over 3 weeks!)… I kept moving and enjoyed the day.

    feeling I have the help I need to deal with a complex situation

    apple cider!

    a wonderful day of sunshine, then dark clouds and a little rain, then sunshine, then dark clouds and more rain, then sunshine…

    watching my boy and his best friend totally throw themselves into a race through a big inflated obstacle course

    samosas! and other goodies from our favorite Indian restaurant

    listening to an inspiring interview, and, well, getting inspired.

    and even though I am feeling inspired, I am going to sleep now because it is late. :-)

  6. Oh Kate, I hate hearing about how tough things are for you, but I’m glad you share! (((((HUGS))))) I wish I could just come wave a magic wand and make it all better.

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