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faBulOus FaeRie fRidaY 10/21/11


Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

faBulOus FaeRie fRidaY

I hope you’ve had a fabulous week!  What magical things are dancing into your life today?  I’ve been feeling very inspired and excited lately and it seems like anything and everything is possible!  I suggest we all make a wish or two or three and let the faeries energy help create some magic in our every day lives!!!

Some wishes:

~  The perfect house coming along and everything falling into place perfectly

~  My van selling quickly and easily and for the exact price I want

~  Something extra fun – a real treat — I’ll let the Universe decide the details of that

~  A date with my beloved

My Magic:

~  Printing some of the beautiful pictures I’ve taken of my boys and loving my camera

~  A new camera case that should work very well with our hiking and camping

~  A surprise brunch with my beloved

~  A call from a friend I’ve been missing

~  Finding some stones that I just had to get

~  Starting to plan a very special celebration

~  Dancing in the dining room with the boys in the morning

~  Time to relax this evening and enjoy time with the kids

~  Finishing the book I’ve been reading

~  My mom being so generous

~  Loving…with all my being

Remember to make a wish or two and see what kinds of magical things happen.  Please share some of your magic in the comments below! 

10 thoughts on “faBulOus FaeRie fRidaY 10/21/11

  1. Ooooh, we haven’t done fairy wishes in awhile! Thank you Sunshine Faerie!!! :)

    My wish: My husband has the confidence, joy, and wild abundance he deserves EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Thank you!


    * My 6 year old storyboarding a video game of his own creation called “Gumdrop Saves the Day.” :)

    * My baby smiling ALL DAY LONG yesterday, even when he thought no one was looking. :)

    * Playing “Go Fish” with my 3 year old. :)

    * I made a YUMMY, YUMMY Potato-Cheddar-Ale soup in the crock pot yesterday ~ and hubby devoured it!!! It was so nice to cook for him for a change and have him really enjoy it and then go back for seconds! (El, thank you for inspiring me with the recipe!!) :)

    * Feeling a peacefulness this week! :)

  2. My wishes:
    for a minor surgery I am going to have in Nov or Dec to be quick, easy and painless!
    I want to find a part time job that’s close to home (or at home) that pays lots of money!

    *My Alice in Wonderland bridal shower coming together for Sunday
    *Buying a crinoline for my 1950’s type dress to wear to the shower along with my fascinator (a la Kate Middleton)
    *Going back to part time next week at work!!
    *Having a wonderful and loving (and sexy!) husband
    *Buying really cute black, sparkly high heels for my bridesmaid dress

  3. wish! – We all have a wonderful peaceful time with family visiting for baby girl’s birthday celebration (birthday not really until Wed)

    I love the way you wrote your magic today Kate , mmm that soup sounds divine and so do baby smiles

    I am exactly where i need to be — that’s the affirmation I intuited last night for my flower essences , and it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I keep on thinking of it and thinking about Kate’s post last week about acceptance. I am here for a reason, growing for a reason.

    My mom came and cleaned some more for me. What. a. blessing. Baby girl is a perfect tornado of socks, shoes, books, apple pieces, crumbs, cars, books and baby dolls. I just can’t keep up. It’s a good thing we think she’s so charming.

    I am so entirely grateful for an excellent chiro/craniopath. Twice this week he has helped me problem solve my boys’ health issues. My oldest actually popped a couple of ribs out of alignment from bouncing in a bounce house. It seemed like an asthma attack. In 5 minutes, my big boy was feeling so much better.

    a peaceful nap with baby girl this afternoon – a rare but thoroughly enjoyed treat

    kale chips!

  4. More Magic:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new camera bag! It’s going to be perfect for hiking and camping! I loved it earlier but when I actually put it on and got it all figured out…I loved it even more!!! I’m so excited and feel so blessed!!!

    I also love the new pictures I have of my boys and putting them all in frames!!!

  5. Wishes:
    I wish to wake up feeling energetic, healthy, and ready to enjoy a productive day!

    A beautiful, sunny, fall day!

    My dog feeling better and better! We’re getting to the point of trying to keep him from running and jumping. He still has a slight limp, and is supposed to rest for a full week.

    My son, who got Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on CD in the mail today and has listened to the first 4 discs already, and fell asleep listening to the 5th (there are 8. and we have read the book previously, so he knows the story).

    Picking up a video for my boy at the library while he was at a class… he’ll be so surprised to see it in the morning! he’s been waiting for a few weeks for this one.

    The smell of wood smoke… a neighbor has fired up their stove, apparently. I just love that scent!

    I am completely caught up with dishes for the first time since the dishwasher became unusable!

  6. I love that smell too!!!

    So glad to hear your pup’s doing better!

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