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“Receiving Abundance” Saturday Magic! 1/14/2012


ANNOUNCEMENT: One of THIS WEEKEND’S posters will win $50. Post today, tomorrow, or both to increase your chances! ;)

Sparkle Fairy giving flowers to doggies!

I’ve recently realized that in order to attract boat-loads of abundance it’s important to get into a RECEIVING mode. My word of the year is REAP and that’s all about receiving. The current affirmation I’ve been using lately to REALLY get into a receiving mode is: “I now allow others to fully love and support me.” How do you feel when you read that sentence? When I first read it I very palpably bristled thinking Why in HELL would I EVER say that? My ego was clearly afraid of that affirmation because it implied I would be dependent on others and I’d also be giving up control. But that’s NOT what the sentence means, it means WE don’t have to force, control, manipulate or just plain EFFORT things into happening anymore. If we put ourselves in a RECEIVING vibration (which also indicates we’re in the flow) then things naturally, magically take care of themselves. At least that’s what I’m finding! I’ve been saying this affirmation daily  MANY time a day for almost a month and it really works for me. Try it yourself and see what magic you start receiving! ;)

My Magic

* Allowing others (including the Universe and Angels!) to fully love and support me!

* Finding that when I don’t resist, flow is inevitable!

* This quote from a favorite Mama of mine: “Just do what you end up doing!” Right?! (Her blog is REALLY worth the read!)

* Sleeping pretty well the last two nights!

* Playing games on my iphone! (I truly NEVER thought I’d say that!) My boys are loving it too!

* The pretty sparkly cases I bought for my iphone ~ I couldn’t choose between two so I bought them both and switch them depending on my mood! (This makes me feel abundant too!)

* Going on a VERY SPECIAL trip today!!! Can anyone guess who we’re going to meet? C’mon GUESS! ;) (There’s a hint somewhere on this page!)

* Guessing games!

* Laughter, giggles, and baby Kai’s joyful screeching!

* Receiving and REAPING the AWESOMENESS!!!

What magic are YOU receiving today? I love you!


LATER MAGIC! (4:30pm) YES! Ya’ll guessed it!!! We picked up our DOGGIE today!!!! She’s FABULOUS and she feels like HOME!!! She’s a mix of Great Pyr, Golden Retriever, and Saint Bernard, so I call her my “Great Golden Saint.” ;) We’ve waited so long for her and we’re soooo happy she is finally HERE! Meet….DeLilah aka Lilah (Lilah, for those of you who don’t remember, was the name we were going to call Kai when we thought he was a girl. How MAGICAL that our perfect dog came with that name!) P.S. If you’re looking for a rescue dog, I HIGHLY recommend Big Fluffy Dog Rescue~ they sincerely ROCK! 


37 thoughts on ““Receiving Abundance” Saturday Magic! 1/14/2012

  1. I’m game, your going to meet your next member of your family? A new dog!

    -having a day of almost rest!
    -baking my husband’s favorite pie (mince) for his birthday
    -feeling grateful to God
    -reading Lauren’t last post again and getting so much out of it!

  2. I am going to try to replay that quote in my head because I also have a difficult time relinquishing control and just allowing–thanks Kate!

    *organic iced tea and eggs and toast for breakfast!
    *Absolutely loving the windy, cold weather yesterday
    *Having all day to get my stuff done
    *Waking up this morning and watching “I Love Lucy” episodes. That show just makes me laugh!

    That’s all for now, but it’s still early!

    • I have been working with weather spirits a lot lately. It delights me to hear you are appreciating weather that others often dislike. Everything has its beauty!

  3. ~We got a new (to us) car :) I’m so happy, ended up finding it really close by and everything fell into place so perfectly and exactly how I’d asked. Thank you universe!
    ~Funny friends
    ~My sweet ds2 being quite well within himself today and praying it continues tonight
    ~Beautiful sunny, cold and frosty winter day
    ~ Kate I find it hard to allow others to help, to recieve, I’m getting so much better though and it feels GREAT
    ~Starting to work with the Healing Code

  4. My magic:
    ~ I’ve been feeling the *need* to create & paint. Yesterday I went to the craft store & found several art kits on super clearance. Because of the $50 I won from you last week, I was able to purchase 2 of them! My girls are very excited to paint with mama this afternoon. :)
    ~ Husband & I are planning to go out on a date tonight. It’s been *forever* since we’ve gotten to go out by ourselves. This is also getting paid for with the $50 from MEM. :)
    ~ 2 nights in a row of good sleep.
    ~ Watching the snow dance lazily past the livingroom window as I drink my morning coffee.

    • Thanks for sharing how you used the $50 MEM abundance!!! I think it would be fun to have people post what they would do with it if they won. Get people in the dreaming, receiving vibration!!!!!!!!

    • Rachel! I, too, LOVED hearing how you spent your MEM $50! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing and I hope you had a FABULOUS date! :)

  5. The gratitude this weekend is that my mom is here!!!!

    There’s all sorts of goodness that stems from that, from a clean house (she just pitches in wherever) to amazing meals (YUM! for homecooked meals from my childhood) to having help with the kids (as a single mom, this is priceless!)

    I am also grateful for my phone being turned off and the ability to completely unplug at will.

  6. I also guess that you are meeting your dog today! <3
    and I love your affirmation, Kate! Just last night in bed dh and I were lying back to back and I leaned into him and appreciated all the ways i can depend on him, and it felt really good! Extending that feeling will be good, too, I'm sure!

    A beautiful sunny day!

    Driving our dog to his favorite park where we haven't been in over a month. I opened the back of the new car and he jumped right in! There were plenty of dogs to play with and the trails weren't too icy, so we had a great time. And then, miraculously, he stayed in the back on the way home and didn't get any mud on the seats!

    The driver's seat in our car has this little thing you push different ways to adjust it in several different ways, and I have it set so it is super comfy! And it heats up really fast, too! I appreciate these luxuries!

    Spiking the tea I just had with brunch!

    Enjoying catching up on dishes and cleaning my kitchen. Really!

    I just feel SO GOOD today!

    Coming here and reading all your magic makes me feel even better!

  7. dog, Dog, DOG!!!!!!!

    I love your “receiving” magic. I too have been reaping what I have put out for years now and it’s WONDERFUL! Great reminder to stay in the receiving mode all day…Thank you, Sparkle!!!

    My Magic:
    *A beautiful, clean house – somehow it was just *easy* to get it in order today! I love starting out the weekend with a clean-ish home.
    *Dinner at a friend’s house last night – beef stew, bread, spring rolls, raw chocolate pudding and sake!!!
    *Talking sacred geometry with 3 friends!
    *Feeling the energy of triangles lately. It’s pretty fun to experience shapes in a new way!
    *Really good sex! lol
    *Coloring in a cool coloring book my friend gave me! Mindless, exploration of color!
    *Today we’re hosting an impromptu “craft day” at our house with all our friends! Everyone is bringing their own projects and we’ll just sit around creating things together!
    *My 6yo son drawing a house and he accidentally made one of the lines stick out far beyond the house. Then he declared, “There’s a pond over there. That’s why there’s a diving board”, pointing to the accidental line. He put a person on the diving board, and an arrow pointing down (where the person was diving). I love his creativity!
    *Talking to my mom and my aunt – great conversations with both of them!

  8. My Magic;

    ~ baby Kai! I haven’t stopped beaming since his snuggly, smiley self brightened my day this afternoon. I feel so blessed that a beautiful baby acknowledged me! I know that might sound really lame, but it was just soooo precious. <3
    ~ seeing Kate, the fam, and a new family member! I can't wait to see Delilah again :)
    ~ going to pick up my special ring that Mary and I are exchanging!
    ~ workers party for CT Farm Fresh Express!
    ~ gym tonight :)
    ~ a nice, low key weekend
    ~ looking forward to making new choreography tomorrow!
    ~ team sleep over tomorrow! :D
    ~ life. :) <3

  9. Hey all you Magical Posters ~ check out today’s magic post again for an update!!!! ;)

    • Kate!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

      • Oh, Kate, she is beautiful!!! Is she a puppy? How old is she? What a wonderful mix of breeds! Sounds like she’ll be a really big dog! (I adore big dogs!) I eagerly await hearing lots more about her! Also look forward to the day she and Jedi meet! <3

      • Thank you for the Doggie-Cheers! Zanna ~ she’s 18 months old. Right now she’s about 70 pounds (and I, too, ADORE Big Fluffy Doggies!). She’s an absolute ANGEL!!!!

    • Delilah is adorable and i love her name :) Very excited to hear about your new doggie member of the family, you are all going to have so many magical times together.

  10. “I now allow others to fully love and support me.” I love that. It’s definitely a good one for me to remember too. I have a real tendency to want to control *everything*. Being open and letting go is such a lesson for me.

    Congrat on the doggie Kate!!!!

    *it snowed today!

    *made bird feeders out of milk cartons with the kids

    *no tv days

    *reading with the kids.

    *hot cocoa

    *been listening to my old 45s with the kids. there are some fun stories and fun songs in that little box of records.

    *audiobooks–they are so much fun. we LOVE The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Search for Wondla the best so far.

  11. Lilah is beautiful Kate!! Enjoy her and have fun with her and the kids this weekend!!

  12. Dear Sparkle Fairy,
    I bet next picture we see, she will have her wings on!

  13. Finding this quote from you today!!

    Allowing others (including the Universe and Angels!) to fully love and support me!

    This is life-changing for me and makes me feel all comfy-cozy inside. Yes, I must allow this… Thank you Sparkle!!

    Sleeping late while my grandson sat quietly nearby playing so I could catch up on some very needed winks!

    Following a friend on Twitter who makes me laugh each day! Seriously, it’s like reading a very humorous and irreverent book!

    Making banana & blueberry bread today.

    My friend Sharon coming over with the most delicious strawberries and making my house smell like summer!

    Cleaning the house and it stayed clean – yippee!

    Munching on roasted pecans and almonds tonight while catching up on tv shows with my hubby.

  14. Are you going to meet a doggie???

    My magic:
    ~A relaxing weekend with my sweetie after a LOOOONG week of work
    ~A looooong week of work, but I love my job!! Sweet sweet babies and a great family – who LOVES me!
    ~The abundance that is flowing to me!
    ~Seeing good friends and eating at our favorite place and seeing our favorite band.
    ~Our new ice cream maker!!

  15. I’m grateful:
    -I went back to re-read my Facebook page and found this link, I needed to come here today.
    -for mental turmoil, because great things will come of it
    -for beautiful weather
    -for an industrious husband (wow, he’s cranking on getting the chores done!)
    -that my pollen allergies have died down a bit and I’m able to get stuff done

    and whoops, my son is waking up, so I need to cut off the list now

  16. doggies!!!!!!
    great potluck and friends last night!!!
    looking forward to kniting as much as possible today by the woodstove!!!!!
    happy kids!!!!!

  17. I love your new dog! Getting our two rescue dogs has been a wonderful thing for our whole family.

    I also love the idea of being in a receiving mood. I know I spend a good amount of my mentality this time of year thinking about our lack. I will take today’s magic to heart and focus on opening myself to receive.

    MEM –

    *sleeping in

    *warm fuzzy PJs

    *leftover pizza for lunch

    *the sun is shining even if it is cold out….I do so enjoy the sunlight

  18. oh my gooodness, i love your new doggie!!!!! she is lovely!!! just as you are :) xo

  19. Your post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, and your mantra as well. I have long struggled with the the balance of “letting things happen” vs. “making things happen” to help manifest my magic/abundance and haven’t quite left much room for allowing others to help support this whole process! (control issues anyone?) So, after much challenge I have now been visited with an “opportunity” and true invitation to shift these patterns in the form of … adrenal disorder (a physiological shut down of the adrenals from stress overload!!!!) Apparently mind over matter hasn’t quite worked out as well as I thought it could, because on some level, I have convinced myself that it was all up to ME to make it happen. Boy, have I been wrong. So, with your mantra in effect, I now allow myself the opportunity to rest more, let go of my lofty ideals and to laugh more despite it all. Gratitude has been teh nubmer one thing that I am certain has carried me along this far, and gratitude with a good dose of fairy magic will help heal all :) (and all involved, I think… as i know that by trusting in the flow, my family will surely feel the good vibrations that comes in with it)…… Thanks to you, Kate, and all the fairies for their words of inspiration. Reading these posts regularly has been a real life-saver. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    soo… my magic today:
    Laying in bed with our whole family this morning (including our kitten) before everyone awoke, and just being happy we are all together on this journey and watching the light change in the room.
    Having time before going to work at the shop to play a little with the girls and read them a new children’s book of haiku, a gift from a great friend.
    A good-by kiss and hug from my partner before I left. It has been a very very long time since we’ve broken through a deep and difficult silence with physical affection.
    A quiet day at the shop, allowing me the chance to connect and laugh with my coworkers.
    An awesome phone call conversation on my bike ride home with a friend of 30 years.
    Being able to ride my bike home and living in a warm climate.
    Taavi running to the door to greet me when I came home.
    Watching my girls play with playdough and being content while I am able to write this post without distraction.
    No cooking tonight since my honey ordered Chinese.
    Finding a shell in my jeans pocket while at the store, the symbol of the pilgrim, and not remembering how it got there, feeling a sense of spirit watching over and guiding me.
    Feeling loved, and not being as tired as I usually am at this time of day, and being able to say YES to play.

    Thank you for letting me share! Hope all you magical people are feeling loved today too. Time to go make some playdough shapes : )))))) xo

    • Oh Cricket ~ how I so enjoy your posts and all you share! I could have written your first paragraph myself just substitute adrenal disorder with lyme disease, migraines, and a host of other ailments. I think all these illness are a way of doing exactly what we’re talking about ~ allowing others to love and support us. And I do believe once we align with this and integrate it…we will experience Divine Health! I’m starting to feel HEALTHIER than I ever have been, and as you said, my family is also reflecting this HEALTH. Don’t you worry sister ~ we’re doing it!!! Much love, love, LOVE to you!!!!!!

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