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Wednesday Magic! 03.07.12



Simple seems to be a common theme and I’m sticking with it! On a personal level, I’m trying to take things one step at a time while feeling things out so I don’t overwhelm myself.

* a resolution to a confusing problem – so far it’s working.
* I have an interview today for a 2nd job – I hope it works out. I need more income.
* pinterest
* a movie day with my Love after work yesterday – it was perfect because I was oddly tired.
* finishing a book – now I get to look for another :)
* happy thoughts of the past few days :)

Hope your Wednesday is magical! Please share below!

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Magic! 03.07.12

  1. -Another beautiful day
    -James Redfield’s Prayer and Meditation last night
    -my Animals
    -my Angels
    -Thank-you Mother/Father God

  2. Best of luck with your interview, Glow!

  3. I’m up for simple magic too. Glow, how wonderful to hear you found a solution for a confusing problem ~ I’m in the midst of trying to find those solutions too.

    * Spreading my wings…even if it’s uncomfortable (for everybody) at first.

    * Growing pains…they suck, but they lead to better things.

    * A difficult conversation but an honest one.

    * Plans to go to a new playground today, far away, and trusting my family is up for it.

    * Nap time.

    * Bed time.

    * SLEEP!

  4. My Magic is simply about a campaign that everyone should invest in. Watch this video and you’ll feel so empowered, you might not be able to control your urge to help. Stop at nothing, come together with the world and work to stop this horrible human. Everyone deserves the chance to live a worry-free and peaceful life, so let’s work together to give that opportunity to Ugandan children. Please <3

  5. ~ Working out early this morning, such a great start to the day
    ~ My sweet boys helping to tidy up this morning
    ~ Kindness
    ~ A complete change of plans this afternoon that was lots of fun for everyone
    ~ My kids have the most awesome friends, we are really blessed
    ~ Feeling much more comfortable with change
    ~ A change deep within myself that I LOVE
    ~ Feeling content and happy more often than not regardless of what is happening around me

  6. *book club tonight

    *my 4 yo’s first soccer practice this afternoon (he is soooooo excited his smile is contagious)

    *free carmel machiatto

  7. Being really spacey about a lot of things (i.e. what day is it? what time is my appointment? where am I driving to?) and it all working out OK.

    A generous offer of 3 complimentary bodywork sessions with the woman who is doing my son so much good!

    Visiting friends this afternoon. While the boys played, and my friend did whatever around her house, I took both our dogs for a good long walk in the snowy woods. We took different paths, climbed up a hill, and I was a little uncertain where we were, but then we found the perfect path back to the house.

    My very tired boy going to sleep so fast and early! He fell asleep listening to a radio production of The Hobbit, which he’s been wanting to hear over and over again lately… We just started our 4th time through! Glad it’s a story I really love.

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