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~*We need More Wishes*~ 06.13.12


I seem to always wish for things, but I like doing it here b/c I think the communal sending each other extra vibes does some wonder. AND it’s the 13th…my favorite number!

* that the event I’m Co-Throwing goes off without a hitch! That guests have a ton of fun! & that we, at least, break even.
* that I find a better job for me.
* to get a hair cut & massage SOON.
* for a romantic vacation :)
* for a trip to Disneyland!
* and an outdoor adventure this summer!

Wishes coming ture (MEM):
* open communication (it helps!)
* accepting my emotions (what a nutso week it’s been for me)
* laughs with my Love
* SUNHSINE – it’s so hot here already!
* having change revealed to me after seeing 555 more often – it was a new pattern for me, I was so confused!

What do you wish for? What wishes do you already see coming true! Share what’s making your day so wonderful!

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30 thoughts on “~*We need More Wishes*~ 06.13.12

  1. I’ll take more wishes! :) I hope you share the success of your event with us very soon!!! (that was wish #1) Oh yes, 555 means “put on your seatbelt as you go through radical, positive, swift-moving change!” I’ve been seeing that number A LOT for the past year. ;)

    My Magic
    * A lovely birthday celebration last night with the BEST chocolate cake made by hubby, tacos (yum!), 2 dozen roses, beautiful cards and a GIGANTIC chocolate bar.
    * My garden shed is being built TODAY even though it’s raining!
    * A profound dream experience this morning that has left me feeling relief, freedom, clarity, and lightness. And it came with a catch phrase: “Make it beautiful.” Sounds like good advice!
    * Seeing shimmering sparkles out of the corner of my eye and realizing it’s ME!
    * All the wonderful birthday wishes and gestures yesterday from friends and family near and far. And a lovely surprise of chocolate covered strawberries and apples from my friend Michelle. (I LOVE surprises!)
    * A graceful night of mothering.
    * That profound dream that is going to stay with me all day.

    * FREEDOM and JOY for my whole family, as each of us embraces our MAGNIFICENCE! ♥

  2. My wish is for FREEDOM too, for everyone to feel safe and provided for so they may blossom in their truth


    ~ Gorgeous blue sky and scrumptious sunshine
    ~ Laying out on a blanket chatting to my friend while our kids played
    ~ Ds1 getting to spend the afternoon at his friends having fun with their latest lego project
    ~ Delicious mushroom omlette
    ~ Cute, colourful summer clothes

  3. I missed it yesterday so….HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!!! I love you and I love the heartstrings that connect us both!!!!! (and I’m going to see you in less than a week! Wahoo!!!)

    My wishes:
    -Easy, joyous travel for everyone who is coming to our wedding!
    -For everything to go smoothly and everyone have a great time!
    -that I get done with everything that I need without stress!
    -the kids getting along with each other and being helpful while I’m on my own again for a few days!
    -Fairy Congress is fun, with a far-reaching, deep impact on the whole planet. Everyone leaves with their heart full of love!

    Wishes already come true:
    -More people are able to come than I had hoped!
    -Tim’s mom and the kids had a good time together!
    -I learned to sew shirts last night and didn’t mess up the sleeves!
    -We’re feeling better!

  4. My wish if for everyone here to check out this post which features our little county on a site for childcare professionals worldwide:
    The video I helped produce, “A Day without Child Care” is getting serious feedback from around the globe, and we are THRILLED! In the short video, the reporter is played by my Dh, and I play the teacher he interviews (while he’s holding the bunny). Dd plays the young woman home from the restaurant. Ds is on camera :D

    * getting to work with my family!!

    * embarking on the next project!!

    * feeling support from the Universe

    * loving what is

    * being here now

    * you

  5. damn, but i’m having a shitty couple days. i decided it’s better for me to come here and try and think about positive stuff than it is to just be in a shitty mood. i will not dwell on the stuff that’s bumming me out.

    *donuts at the office


    *the kids making me laugh, even when i’m grouchy or angry

    *the public library

    *good friends

    *finding out my electricity bill is only $200 and not $350

    *enjoying running

    *school is out on friday!

    *going camping next week and seeing friends!

    • HUGS, Leah. It’s been a challenging couple of days here too. It’s an intense time right before this powerful Solstice (which I’ll be sharing with you!!!) but it’s all good and we’re gonna be all great! ;)

      • thanks kate, can’t wait to see all of you!!!!! it’s my bright spot in this shitstorm over here. i’m trying so hard to trust that getting through to the other side of it, things will be even better than before.

    • Hugs to you! That is some mighty fine magic, even on a tough day. Have a great trip next week!

  6. My wish is to travel to CA for a wedding… and for the financial issues that make it necessary to wish for this rather than say that I’m all set to go, be resolved.

    Right now, the sun poking out as it is setting after a rainy day

    My neighbor taking his son and mine off to buy Magic cards

    A good time with ds last night

    The first garlic scapes of the season!

    The healer who works with my son: she is so kind and patient and creative with him! And her work is so beneficial!

    Believing in magic!

  7. My Wishes:
    that my business continues to grow and I feel peaceful about the jumps and lurches. I love doing what I’m doing and I want to do be doing it more!
    a house. a house of my own. with a yard.
    improved finances. I so badly want to contribute to our finances – wish fairies, see the above. <3
    My boys are going a way for a week (woop! woop! – oh my did I just woop about my children being gone for a week?) starting this Saturday, and I really want that time to get our little place more visually peaceful. I so much want to be able to get things done, with little girl by my side, without much help from our dear friends the Backyardigans.

    First day back from our beach vacation. There were so many wonderful things. I am feeling a bit more restored and more grounded.
    I had some really wild experiences while working with yarrow yesterday. I'm still in awe and am looking forward to using it when the tincture is ready.
    It's my 14th year wedding anniversary today and my children are all finally asleep so I'm going to spend some time with my love starting NOW!

  8. I’m late to the party, but better late than never!

    *Being able to still feel good when there are lots of un-feel-good-ish type stuff around me
    *Ignoring mean people when I don’t have the energy to feel compassion
    *getting a LOT done in my business
    *SUPER DUPER excited to go to Fairy Congress next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My wishes:
    *peaceful resolutions
    *healing hearts
    *ease and effortlessness all around

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