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Looks like we need a little Marvelous Monday Magic!


No wings in this one, but still lots of magic :)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The winner of this weekend’s $50 giveaway is….Oceanbreeze/Carrie! Congrats, Dear Sister!!! ~ Sparkle Fairy


Hi Faerie friends!! Flirty Fairy here.

Our Inspiration Faeries’ wedding pics are going to be a tough act to follow, but I’ll try my best!

~The heat wave has finally broken and it is LOVELY out!

~I got a dishwasher and stove that actually has a clock on it! And a window in the door!

~My garden is growing spectacularly

~My sweetie and I have been having some fantastic communication lately. I love it!

~My kitties are fabulous as always – so snuggly! And they keep going in the bathtub to cool off on the porcelain, so that’s always a funny surprise.

~Even though I am spending more time on my tan than my marketing, I know lots of awesome clients are right around the corner!

~Having friends over for dinner tonight – I’m going to make sweet potato fries from scratch, fish in foil packets on the grill, and maybe yummy ribs :)


What’s making YOU feel magical today?

11 thoughts on “Looks like we need a little Marvelous Monday Magic!

  1. Thank you, Flirty-Sister, for being a fill-in Fairy, ESPECIALLY with that gorgeous baby!! Your magic is Divine and spending time on your tan rather than marketing seems like the PERFECT thing to be doing right now. ♥

    My Magic
    * Finding things to be grateful for while in the ebb:

    * Being determined to find an awesome babysitter by Friday! (Flirty Fairy, I could definitely use some vibes from you!)

    * A nice conversation with my parents yesterday.

    * Exploring possibilities with hubby about how and where we’d like to live.

    * My hubby. ♥

    • Love this magic!! I will be vibing you right up – call me if you need advice/a pep talk!! What time Friday? I can always take a ride up ;)

      Are you guys moving?? Consider NJ… it’s lovely down here, and I know lots of great babysitters :)

  2. OH! And the WINNER of this weekends $50 is…..CARRIE!!!!! Congrats, Oceanbreeze-Mermaid-Magical-Sister!!!!!

  3. Oh WOW I won :) thank you so much dear Sparkle so timely too I have been working on my abundance vibe woo hoo. Throwing out some babysitter vibes for you


    ~ Winning $50!
    ~ Flirty Fairys gorgeous pic
    ~ Resting lots, listening to my body and slowing down
    ~ Lots of great time at home with my boys
    ~ First up and over an hour to myself this morning
    ~ LEAPS of understanding
    ~ Wonderful friends irl and online

  4. Love your magic Flirty Fairy, along with the cute cute baby pic!

    My magic;

    *quiet day at the office slowly but surely checking stuff off the list.

    *feeling rested this morning

    *almost finished with another good book!

    *yummy leftover quinoa salad with hummus in it

    *looking forward to making iced chai when i get home from work

    *finding a few heart-shaped rocks at the beach yesterday, along with a really pretty round rock the color of a robin’s egg

    *the kids slept through the transfer from the car to the bed. they brushed their teeth in the car on the way home, and i’m sure they are feeling rested today!

    *i love summer!

    *adding music to my itunes. i can’t believe i didn’t think of this until recently, to upload my actual cd’s into my itunes. duh. haha.

    *pretty after the iced chai, i’ll have to be having some cold wine.

    • Do you have a good quinoa salad recipe to share? I had a dream about quinoa last night….odd I know, then I see it here in your magic and I now think I’m gonna haveta make some!

      • Yes! I can share! It’s sorta just made up, based on one a friend made once. Quinoa, once cooled after cooking, tossed with chopped green onions, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, black beans, snap peas or snow peas, lemon juice, salt and pepper, olive oil, and some hummus too if you like. Mix and further season to taste :) Yum!

  5. I think FL would be a good home for Sparkle Fairy…. wink wink…


    *spinach salad and homemade biscuits

    *watching a crazy thunderstorm from the porch with my 4 yo and counting between lightening and thunder with him

    *a new cilantro plant…..grow little plant grow, I want more salsa!

    *my dogs…I do love their total acceptance and love

  6. oh my look at that beautiful baby. mmmmm.

    such a beautiful day hiking with my kids and friends. I am so insanely blessed to have these friends in my life right now. I know people come and go in life, and right now I’m just holding on and enjoying the ride.
    As we hiked 5 9-12 year old boys just talked and talked and talked, creating a superhero adventure. oh my. I have never heard this boy age group talk so much. Although I wouldn’t have minded some quiet or appreciation of what we were doing, I adored hearing their creativity, their attention to each other and their encouragement of each other.
    I harvested my 4 garlic plants today. They are big and plump and very quite. I’m crazy proud. Next year, more garlic!
    flowers from ‘my’ farm – some are starting to droop but the purple and orange-y yellow still look so gorgeous together.

  7. That is such a beautiful picture! thank you SO much for covering for me yesterday.. I guess I had too much fun with my girls on Sunday to focus! Sorry, and thanks!

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