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But-less magic ; ) ; 7/10/12


There has been so much growth recently in the Fire Fairy household.   I have a tendency to worry, to poke and prod a problem, to create a solution and tackle it, well . . . and just not let things be. I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but it is who I am. (ok. I know it’s not a greatthing)

Fire Fairy

I tend to frame my children by how I need to help them, either through health stuff, or behavior stuff, or love stuff.  I’m trying to change my frame of reference to celebrating all of the amazingness I see going on in my home, in my children and in me.  I’m seeing more and more how I describe my kids is exactly who they are, or how they become.  I have always described them as awesome, because in fact they are.  I have always described them as loving, because they are.  funny, silly, plus so much more, but . . . there is always a ‘but’ .  I always seem to tag on a ‘but’ and what if as I add this tag, this helps create who they are as much as my celebration of their awesomeness encourage the awesome? The same can go for me and my personal ‘but’s, and possibly in how you describe ‘you’.  What if my beliefs and worries create my reality? What if your ‘but’s do the same for you?

Clearly I am still digesting the great video by Louise Hay I posted last week.

So here is my revamped brief description of my amazing children. What is below is all 100% true, with no ‘but’s included (even if my brain is screaming them out, and even though those ‘but’s are filled with self-blame)- I’m sending out the good energy and inviting all of the wonderful possibilities that will happen.

*My children are so amazingly healthy.  When they become ill, they recover quickly and in the 9 years I have had these darlings, I have only had to have MD help a handful of times for acute issues. – that shows an amazing constitution.

*My children can eat a wonderful variety of foods.  The foods change by the season. It is cooked with love and skill.  They adore what they eat.

*My children are being raised in a beautiful home rich in love, interesting exploration, comfortable space, and close to nature.

*My children are filled with joy, love, compassion, patience.

*My children are able to communicate clearly.

*My children sleep through the night!  (so hard not to add a ‘but’ here. lol)

* I am gentle with myself as I continue on my journey. <3

This has been very emotional for me to write, so don’t feel like you need to write your but-less list (each time I write that I have a middle school giggle), but maybe think about it as you go through  your day.  I welcome and embrace each one of you whether you share your list or keep it to yourself.


I’m still riding high from yesterday’s hike, where I saw my middle son, usually so slow and tired and overwhelmed during a hike – walk courageously on and only require some extra help once in a while.

Another gorgeous day today.  It still feels like summer.  It is still hot enough for swimming, but no insane heat.

I am loving the work I’ve been doing on my business using a program called ‘Mama Bootcamp’.  It’s been great for me.

Swim, watermelon and juicy tea – I love summer with my family.

Have a beautiful, sunny, but-less day my dears. ; )

Author: Fire Fairy

Amy Hendrickson (Amilita) Fairy Name: The Fire Fairy Fairy House Residence: Massachusetts Favorite Color: Blue & Green & Orange Favorite Fairy Food: raspberries (by the handfuls off the vine) Fairy Philosophy: "sing to joy and gladness now. . . " My name is Amy Hendrickson, but I love the beautiful sound and look of Amilita. My fire can be found deep within me, giving me strength, grace and lots of stubbornness to move mountains. My demeanor might belie my fire, but my red hair gives me away. My fire is a gentle, warm, soothing orange – full of healing energy, and it spreads and touches those who cross my path. I found my life turning around when I stopped spinning and just surviving and started focusing on the magic of everyday, be it in the beauty of the sun filtering through a leaf - creating a green luminous glow, the sound of a crawling baby’s starfish-like hands slapping across the floor, or the unexpected kindness of another human taking a moment to make a connection. I am blessed with three sweet children and one amazing husband, who after 19 years together still makes my heartbeat fast. What a breathtaking ride it has been sharing this life with all four of them. I am deeply in love with energy medicine: homeopathy, flower essences, cell salts and reiki. Flowers speak to my soul. They make my heart sing, talk to me, and bring tears to my eyes. I am a healer. I am a flower essence practitioner. Find me on FB at Grateful Heart Healing Energy.

17 thoughts on “But-less magic ; ) ; 7/10/12

  1. SO poignant. Thank you for illuminating something I tend to grapple with more often than not. my BUT is so big (lol) that i holler out: who shrunk my undies?!!! despite the humor, it NAGS, truly conflicting with my ability to be here now and celebrate all that there IS without the BUT.

    the sun is shining, my girls are playing without squawking at each other in the other room, allowing me time to write (and even wrote a real handwritten letter before this!), a client just got back in touch with me to finish up some work and my 9 month old cat went outside yesterday for the first time since our move and is behaving so much more kindly (not jumping and scratching the girls as if they were birds). this is my butless magic. (yes, i am laughing too in that schoolgirl way).

    you are awesome firefly. i love you. xo

    • hugs. hugs. hugs. This topic is still tearing me up. Clearly I am working on something that I need to be.
      your magic is full of peace and gentleness. thank you for sharing.
      you regularly inspire me, too. xo

  2. Fire Fairy! I LOVE this journey you are on! And I LOVE that you are sharing it with us! So often, it rings quite true for me as well. Last week I decided I was going to try the Orange Rhino challenge of not yelling at my kids and was going to challenge myself to 3 days. I think I made it, until yesterday. I yelled at my son when he threw raspberries all over the livingroom rug, which I then proceeded to step on and squish into the rug. He hid in the kitchen. And I felt like shit. We both did. So, starting over again today. I think your but-less list is the perfect antidote.

    My kids are very sweet, empathetic, and loving
    My kids love to be goofy and have a hard time stopping once they are on a roll and are giggling–last night ds put both legs in his pj pants and hopped around the house saying “I’m a mermaid, I’m a mermaid!”
    My kids are curious about everything and full of questions and love to learn
    My kids love to eat all sorts of food
    My kids are so healthy, they feel great most all of the time
    My kids love books and always enjoy being read to
    My kids are not afraid to ask for what they want
    My kids are always figuring out how to have fun
    My kids love to sleep late in the morning
    My kids are innocent and full of heart
    My kids love all sorts of animals
    My kids love to hug and kiss and get as close as they can to me
    My kids always wake up to a fresh start

    Phew! That felt good!

    My magic;
    *popcorn with parmesan and nutritional yeast, yummy!
    *watched A League of Their Own last night with the kids. brought tears to my eyes. they loved it too.
    *almost done with a really good book and rode the bus today, so got to read in the morning!
    *didn’t get the job at reel grrls, but i know something better must be just about to come through for me.
    *planning a girls sleepover for dd
    *feeling relieved about ds’s dental surgery tomorrow. i know it will go well.

    • I love your children’s joy and fun. My kids are not as giggly, so I enjoy hearing about yours.
      Beautiful magic. I will be thinking of you and your son tomorrow. The surgery WILL go well.

  3. What a great, beautiful, and oh-so-right-on post today, Dear Sister. I can relate to MUCH of what you write. Absolutely. And I will, thanks to you, be working on my but’s. ;)

    I’m having an emotional day. Truly, I’ve had a tough time since we returned from our vacation. So just some simple magic for me.

    * My dear friend, El, who listened and offered so much loving support as I tearfully processed EVERYTHING this morning. Thank you, Dear Sister.

    * My former neighbor, Katrina, who I am just so grateful for.

    * Cedar Lake with our homeschool group today ~ most of whom showed up! It was so wonderful being around awesome Mamas and kiddos today.

    * Some quiet time right now as sun-kissed baby sleeps peacefully on my chest. ♥

    • Oh Sparkle Fairy,
      We seem to be sharing a lot of tears together again! Reading Divine Harmony (astrology) , it seems as things will be really shaken up next week and maybe just maybe we will know more of what we are dealing with after things settle down! I love you and miss you Kate! I drove by Cedar Lake today, almost stopped into the little store. I would have loved to run into you!

    • ((((HUGS)))) Anything I can do? Call me whenever :) Love you so much!!

    • Dear Kate. I am so glad you had El by your side supporting you. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. hugs.

    • Love you, Sister. (((hugs))) Sending you so much love and compassion. :-)

    • Lots of love and support coming to you from across the ocean my friend. I love you x

  4. ~What an awesome day, we had friends over for waffles and ice cream before walking up to watch the Olympic Torch relay
    ~ Shared lunch and play time
    ~ Fun relay for the kids to do with homemade torches and they got to meet Sir Steve Redgrave
    ~ A roll of abundance, winning mem yesterday and a gift from my dad today
    ~ Loving life, appreciating all the amazing people I share it with

    • What fun to see the Olympic Torch relay. I got to see it many years ago and it felt so special.
      have a beautiful evening

      • I was in such a rush yesterday I am only just reading you opening magic post, AWESOME I love the but-less thank you so much for sharing your wisdom

  5. Thank-you Fire Fairy for sharing what you did. Your a Peach in my book. Now that the kids are grown and off on there own it leaves me only my husband and myself to pick on. I’m trying hard to go easier on both. Having a hard time focusing on any topic lately, hope I make some kind of sense. I have been having a very sad, teary time since the death of my step-mother. Her funeral was Monday and I wouldn’t exactly call the attendees kindred souls. But I will say that we are all children of God and I’m very glad I was there. I needed to say my goodbyes. Dot was my third step-mother and we didn’t find our love for each other until several years into my Dad’s and Dot’s marriage, but I knew that she loved me and I loved her. She use to hold my face in her hands and give me a soft kiss, it felt like a Mother’s Love. I will miss you Dot and can’t wait to see you again. I feel like such a little girl with each passing. I hate when people leave.
    -new septic system is all in place for the new owners of our home (may the highest and the best people who want to buy our home be send our way)
    -joining a prayer vigil tonight online to Pray for Financial Freedom for our country and all
    that entails
    -having a husband who can just hold me when I cry
    -fresh lettuce and tomatos for dinner that I grew
    -knowing more will be revealed very soon
    -seeing beautiful energy (blue and greens) more and more
    -being open to what the future holds
    -Mother/Father God, Please Bless us all!

    • I am very sorry for your loss, and your pain. She is looking down, watching and loving you. Hold onto that beautiful memory of her gently holding your face. I have a similar one of my grandmother and it keeps me going sometimes.
      how wonderful that you have your dear husband to help you through this pain. What a blessing.
      I am not able to see energy as you describe it. It fascinates me.
      you have such tender beautiful magic tonight.

    • So much LOVE to you, Dear Sister. You are simply wonderful and beautiful and a bright, shining soul. ♥

  6. Hahahaha… you said butt.

    What a magical day I had today!! I fully credit MEM for this.

    ~Got a text from my friend this morning inviting me to THE BOOK OF MORMON next week. For FREE. She got the tix for another friend who can’t go, and invited me and Tim. I have been dying to go to this show for AGES, but you can’t get tickets in the next 8 month for less than an arm and a leg (after Feb 2013, you’ll just pay an arm). Out of the fricking blue, except that I put “bring delightful surprises” on the Universe’s side of my Placemat. Just sayin.

    ~Hmm. I stopped typing because dinner was ready, and now it’s morning, LOL! I guess that’s good enough magic from yesterday :)

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