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Magic from the Mountains 07/13/12


Hello friends!

I love being in the mountains!  We’ve had a very busy spring and summer already and I have been really looking forward to some time to head out to my mountains,  breathe in some fresh mountain air, hike, learn more about all the incredible things found in nature and just enjoy the simplicity of life in the campground!  I love all the beautiful gifts nature has to offer,  I love being outside and being able to see, hear, smell, taste and touch it all!!!  Do you have a place that just feels like home?  A place where you just feel re-juvenated and re-newed?  Whether you can go there physically — or just dream about your next visit there — I hope you’ll take a moment and soak in some of the magic that your favorite place holds for you!!

Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie

My Magic:

* Time to re-energize and re-connect with myself and my family

*  Sunshine, warm weather and summertime fun

*  Watching my son and his teammates play hard at their games then having fun with a ‘water’ practice this week

*  Hiking, sleeping in our new tent and evenings by the fire

*  Good friends that I can rely on and that rely on me

*  Sending healing vibes to my grandfather who is healing right now — and being in awe of the long, healthy life he’s been living

* My boys — I am just always so proud to be their mom and I love spending time with them

*  My beloved being on ‘holidays’ and having so much fun with him

*  Loving — with all of my being

I hope you have a super-great weekend!  I wish you all much love and joy on this beautiful Friday!!!  Much love and magic coming your way!!!  :) 

15 thoughts on “Magic from the Mountains 07/13/12

  1. Your mountains sounds wonderful, I look forward to experiencing them with you one day :)

    My haven is anywhere in nature, I love the ocean and the mountains but we don’t live close so the quiet woodland paths and lush green pastures are my places of renewal :)

    Healing vibes for your granfather and I will second the magic of friends to rely on and who also rely on me, perfect circle

    ~ Experiencing all my emotions, feeling vulnerable, crying and all the while knowing all is well
    ~ Finding what works for my family, learning to say no
    ~ Seeing that everything I experience is a gift and loving the growth
    ~ Feeling more supported than ever
    ~ Learning more and more to flow and not force

    • More Magic :)

      ~ Gardening and all the delights it brings, soul nourishing
      ~ My amazing boys
      ~ Watching my 10year old hula hoop out front with my pink and purple hoop, he is really good but what I love most is how sure he is of himself and how happy and confident he is to do what pleases him. I love that I am learning from my kids
      ~ Sweet ds2 needing to cry, to be hugged, to go off alone and build himself into a tiny den made of pillows and being able to help him know that all of this is ok
      ~ Delicious sweet raspberries and blueberries form our garden
      ~ The boys getting the old table football out of the shed and having fun

    • I can relate to SO MUCH of this magic, Carrie. So, so much. I’m really in awe of how much our lives resemble each others. ♥

  2. All I can say at this point is wish I was with you!

  3. I just love your magic, Sunshine Faerie and the whole vibe that goes with it! ♥

  4. My Magic is…I woke up this morning feelings some of the heaviness of the last couple of weeks lifting. I went to bed last night telling myself I was “taking off the amour” and willing to be joyfully in the flow. I woke up and put a (fake-at-first) smile on, picked up the teddy bear to play with my boys, and just relished being in the moment. That set the tone for the day!

    The morning has gone by with me emptying the dishwasher with no feelings attached to it (those that know me know that this is my least favorite chore), I folded laundry because I WANTED to (those that know me know I NEVER fold laundry) and spontaneously read 3 books to my 2 littlest boys just because that’s what the moment called for (I haven’t read a book to my boys in longer than I care to admit!).

    After all this I put my 2 littlest boys in the jogging stroller and my 7 year old ran/walk beside me for our first official stroller walk with all 3 boys. Having my 7 year old push the stroller up our hill with me at the end of our walk was a HUGE and WELCOME help!

    It has been a lovely, LOVELY morning!

    More Magic

    * sharing our homemade zucchini bread with baby for breakfast this morning.

    * Hubby and I both had the same idea for dinner out at the Red House last night and it was sooooo yummy.

    * Hubby is taking all 3 boys swimming today for Field Trip day and I get some MUCH NEEDED time alone! I’m going to go buy the rest of the blue daisies at Riggio’s because my garden is SCREAMING for blue daisies!!! :)

    * Feeling the RELIEF that comes with the lifting of heaviness. ♥

  5. Your mountain adventure sounds magical!! My retreat is the beach…love the sand, ocean, and wide open spaces!!

    My magic::
    ~after our call w the sleep coach yesterday, my friend said she’s actually feeling hopeful! She was thinking her dd sleeping was a lost cause. I love helping clients and friends out of pits of despair :)
    ~Looking forward to my “broadway/diner/wings night” as the Sparkle Fairy called it!
    ~getting paid!! Abundance :)
    ~Love and more love!

  6. Knowing that sooner or later the three currently cranky children will go to sleep and so will I.
    Thinking of cool mountain breezes… though here it is quite hot. At least it’s not super humid!
    Have a wonderful vacation, Sunshine!

  7. Back to MEM with more to share. The ocean and the woods are both favorite
    places for me. I love nature and I feel she loves me back
    -getting back to starting my day outside and barefoot in the grass, grounding and
    connecting with Mother Earth as the sun climbs over the trees and shines on me.
    When I start my day like this it follows me through the day.
    -having a situation with our house that seemed impossible and heavy
    last night, turn around today when I was able to face my fears and make
    a phone call to one of our lenders
    -napping after each emotional upheaval lately and being able to get up
    and get going
    -pushing myself to walk again this morning with my friend, I know
    I’m feeling the benefits all over.
    -lLove to my Fairy Friends, God Bless us all!

  8. what a wonderful, wonderful day.
    My boys are off on their next adventure with Grandma and Grandpa. They are going to Niagara Falls and then come cave exploring. They won’t be back until Tuesday and I’m really loving the one on one time I get with my toddler.
    She was so, so, so sad not to be included in the car trip, so I immediately got us in our car and we went to our local swimming place. She played so well with me and on her own. I even got to spend some time on my own in my manifestation journal. heaven!
    We then had a quiet afternoon and a lovely evening with my hubby
    We just finished watching The Secret. I’m really glad I waited to watch it until now. I don’t think I would have been ready before. It was really powerful and I’m so excited about the synchronicity of it all.
    The night air is cool and I’m looking forward to the weekend.

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