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Community Magic 7/15/2012


The concept of Community has come up in beautiful and dramatic ways for us lately, especially at our wedding and Fairy Congress.  It is an amazing sight to watch a stranger becoming family over time.  Tim and I recognized how our sense of “family” has grown so much over the years.  It includes many different people who make up our community, our family.  Some are actual family members, others we’ve known forever.  Some we know from online.  Some are new friends, but feel like they’ve always been there.  Some we just met.  From many different backgrounds we all came together, unified as one Community.  The energy was palpable.  Love seemed to be pouring out from  all of our hearts.  I’m still in awe about how the last couple weeks have been.  I can’t quite even put it into words.

What stood out though was Community.  And it made me realize how many “communities” we belong to as humans.  Different hobbies, friendship circles, professions, children.  It’s all family.  A deep sense of gratitude wells up in me about having that around us.  Even in those times when we feel like we’re all alone, we are intimately connected in spirit with millions of others, who are good people, trying to do right in the world.

I invite you all to share your gratitude for your own community.  It could be for individual people, or those you haven’t even met, but know that they’re connected to you in some way.  Or maybe it’s a group of people in your life.  Who are you grateful for?

Some of the women in our community, decked out in their Fairy Finest!  (tee hee hee)

Community Magic:

*I am grateful for Laurence Cole.  His singing has transformed every one who has ever truly sang with him.  He is the Divine in song.

*I am grateful for all my wonderful friends, who came from far and wide to be at our wedding.  (and for all my friends who were there in spirit too!)

*I am grateful for my parents.  Their love support has be unwavering over the years.  As I get older, I see more of them in myself.

*I am grateful for the wonderful people of Fairy Congress.  They are doing tangible, good things in the world.  I wish there were more of this everywhere!

*I am grateful for song, which unites a community in harmony.

*I am grateful for my family, and the way we grow and morph together over time.


Other Magic:

*As you’re reading this, we’re camping in the Olympic National Park and the coast for a few days!  Last minute we chose a relaxing vacation in nature rather than an artistic and eclectic festival.

*Banana splits!

*Our gorgeous altar, containing lots of things from our wedding, and sacred gifts from friends!

*Feeling a sense of ease and expansiveness!


If you’d like, share your gratitude for your own “community” in the comments below.  Who makes up your “family” (chosen or given), and what do you love about them?  Have a blessed day!  

2 thoughts on “Community Magic 7/15/2012

  1. Beautiful Magic, Mariposa! And I love how you traded in one fun thing to do with another funner thing to do! That is MAGICAL! ♥

    My Magic
    * Returning just now from a 3 hour mid-day date with my hubby with children and baby perfectly HAPPY!! Baby Kai is a ROCKSTAR for letting us do this!

    * Seeing our Spicy Fairy again!!!! Oh, how I’ve missed you!!! It was so wonderful hugging you and hearing about your summer and just basking in your presence!!! Thank you for taking care of our 3 boys!!!!!

    * The guacamole and tortilla chips at the River Tavern!

    * Loving my hubby more than ANYTHING!!!!!

    * Feeling DOWNRIGHT AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome post, friends are the family we choose for ourselves and I am truly blessed with my irl and online family. Having that sense of community and support near and far is magical

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