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abundance magic; 7/24/12


Today I’m celebrating and calling out for more abundance.

Fire Fairy

I want to acknowledge all that I’ve been given recently and ask for more!

-A week ago, I affirmed that we will have money in our checking account by the end of the month. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen.  In the past two days, I have sold a bouncy seat for $100, and received two clients.  Further abundance: I will sell two more big ticket baby items and receive 3 more clients.

– My family heals.  When we went camping, my middle child had a very large, raw, oozy sore below his belly button, causing him to scream and shudder in pain. Yep, I am sure our neighboring campers appreciated that wake-up.  I am crazy amazed by how quickly it healed (spoiler alert – by evening he was fine).  Within hours I could see a difference.  If you want to know more gory and cool details about how homeopathy and flower essences totally rocked, check it out.   Further abundance: my entire family will beat this bizarre, mild virus that is causing headaches, tummy stuff, and tiredness.

-An Abundance of time. Getting away from it all while camping was sublime.  It was great to just be together.  We hung out together all day today at home, and I’m feeling really refreshed and ready for the week.  Further abundance: We continue to connect as a family while finding time for our own personal projects.

-I kick my business up a notch.  It is happening.  I’m really excited about some ideas I have, including some promotional work I’m starting next week.  It feels really right and has great energy.  Be on the lookout for more talk about Nurturing the Dyad Dance.         More abundance:    My newsletter list grows by leaps and bounds.

– More connection with the Hubs.  He’s such a great guy.  I am so proud of the internal work he is currently doing. I am one lucky woman.   More abundance: We continue to find time together in the evenings and early mornings, when no children are awake.

So that’s it for my celebrating and requesting.  I am seeing lot of abundance now that I am removing my but’s ; )   and I am expecting more to come rolling in.
Here’s to a day of lots of wonderful love and and everything you have been asking for.


The sleepies haven’t left my eyes yet, and water is just beginning to boil for tea.  I will come back by mid-morning and add some lovely MEM.



what a lovely day it has been so far.

My little girl slept through the night and I was hopeful that it was a sign of happier, less clingy behavior and ta-da!  she is doing well today.  phew.  It was an intense 5 days for me.

I took my girl my two boys and three other boys and we went to a local playground.  We played for two hours and no one was ready to separate, so now I have an apartment full of boys.  It is making me smile.

It is hot out, but there is a lovely breeze coming through my home.  I’m wondering if we will be getting the thunderstorm or if it will go past us.

I am so thankful that my 9 year old has two of his friends here to play games with.  We are board game geeks, but I don’t have the time or mental energy to play often.  I’m grateful he has others to share his game love.


Author: Fire Fairy

Amy Hendrickson (Amilita) Fairy Name: The Fire Fairy Fairy House Residence: Massachusetts Favorite Color: Blue & Green & Orange Favorite Fairy Food: raspberries (by the handfuls off the vine) Fairy Philosophy: "sing to joy and gladness now. . . " My name is Amy Hendrickson, but I love the beautiful sound and look of Amilita. My fire can be found deep within me, giving me strength, grace and lots of stubbornness to move mountains. My demeanor might belie my fire, but my red hair gives me away. My fire is a gentle, warm, soothing orange – full of healing energy, and it spreads and touches those who cross my path. I found my life turning around when I stopped spinning and just surviving and started focusing on the magic of everyday, be it in the beauty of the sun filtering through a leaf - creating a green luminous glow, the sound of a crawling baby’s starfish-like hands slapping across the floor, or the unexpected kindness of another human taking a moment to make a connection. I am blessed with three sweet children and one amazing husband, who after 19 years together still makes my heartbeat fast. What a breathtaking ride it has been sharing this life with all four of them. I am deeply in love with energy medicine: homeopathy, flower essences, cell salts and reiki. Flowers speak to my soul. They make my heart sing, talk to me, and bring tears to my eyes. I am a healer. I am a flower essence practitioner. Find me on FB at Grateful Heart Healing Energy.

15 thoughts on “abundance magic; 7/24/12

  1. I love reading your posts Fire Fairy, I really identify with you and feel so much more connected to the Higher Side of Life. I’m happy to say that this morning I feel like I’m moving forward, very good feeling after the last few days. You give me courage to manifest more that we need. I was taught by a very wise woman, my Naturopathic Doc to say “We have more than enough to meet our needs everyday”! I need to say that more, good self-reminder. I do wish we lived closer, but I’m so very glad to know you and all of the Fairies through MEM!

    -Deepak Chorpra 21 day meditation. I could be on day 9 right now but I got a bit stuck on 6
    so after a lot of inner work I will move unto 7!
    -Feeling freed up after a lot of inside work
    -Out for fun last night with my good friend, we laughed, talked and shared a few appetizers!
    -Connection with my Hubby, again we bring it to another level of love and understanding
    -God Bless Us All/ and I know this is so!

    • I read your post as soon as you posted this morning, but didn’t have a chance to respond. You put a smile on my face all morning. Yes, I feel blessed to have met everyone here. I continue to grow and be the person I want to be partially because of MEM.

      I really love your magic. I love your meditation work, your connecting with your husband and the inner work you are doing.

      Have a lovely day.

  2. An abundant life, beautiful

    ~ I am affirming that we always have more than enough
    ~ I am joyfully spending and receiving and just loving the joyful circulation of money
    ~ The abundance of items we need coming to us
    ~ An abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in my fridge, fruit bowl and growing in my garden
    ~ Day 5 of my Juice Cleanse and I AM LIGHT, FREE & BLISSFULL
    ~ Laying in my garden on a blanket making a mini vision poster and listening to Paulo Coelhos Aleph
    ~ Revelling in the time I have had to be alone today and yesterday
    ~ Joyfully paying a bill that had been bothering me after a friend unwittingly made me realise how lucky I am
    ~ Affirming that all is well and seeing the beautiful truth of this
    ~ Wonderful vibrant health
    ~ Clear blue skys which look especially beatiful when viewed from between the branches of our cherry trees
    ~ Soaking up everything
    ~ Walking, movement brings me pure JOY
    ~ A quote from Aleph ‘The present moment IS Eternity’

    • hmmm. nice insight about the bill. I have one that is getting to me and I should just send it and let it go.
      Thanks for mentioning Aleph. I’m interested.
      enjoy your day, Ocean

  3. I love all this abundance energy! Your magic is so uplifting today, Fire and I love reading the other replies too!!! Magical, indeed!!!

    I wrote an overdue letter yesterday to someone who owes me money and now I feel completely open to receive all the abundance the Universe has to offer. I am amazed at how writing that letter relieved and released me from that energy!!! And I’m feeling extremely abundant right now!!!

    My Magic:
    ~ Finding the most delightful little snack — Keebler’s Chocolately Mint Wafers — a piece of heaven in my mouth I tell ya!!!
    ~ Sending healing vibes out to my cousin’s little girl who’s been in the hospital
    ~ Sending healing or transitioning vibes to my grandfather — whatever his best for his highest good and the highest good of all
    ~ Cuddling with my kids and finishing the movie we started on the weekend
    ~ Reading a great, feel-good story
    ~ Getting my haircut today
    ~ Photography and loving my newest photos
    ~ Loving, with all my being!!!

    • sending out some love to the little girl while I work today, LJ.
      love to you and your family as your grandfather works through this stage of life.

      enjoy your lovely day

  4. I loved reading Kate’s article yesterday about the really difficult time she had last year. She is such a strong spirit and I feel so blessed to have the chance to learn from her experiences and wisdom as a mother while I am on my way to becoming a new mother myself!

    *calm after some chaos yesterday
    *The roof getting done starting on Friday! I can’t believe I am so excited about shingles!
    *Having a power struggle with my husband for a week and I think it finally broke last night
    *Ghiradelli dark chocolate brownies

    • Yay for brownies, shingles, calm and reconnecting with your hubs.
      I haven’t had a chance to read Kate’s article. thank you for the reminder. <3

  5. Fire Fairy, You just rock, Sister. And YES, I’m ready for more abundance of all things WONDERFUL.

    My Magic
    * Mary Jo’s comments here and on ctworkingmoms about my post. Thank you, Dear Sister. Thank you.

    * The lemon balm lemonade I made yesterday which everyone loved SO MUCH that I quickly brewed up another double batch.

    * Being at Cedar Lake today with El and her kiddos. Even though I felt tired and quiet it’s so nice being in her presence.

    * Naptime, right now.

  6. I love all the abundance! And love that story of healing. :)

    My magic;

    *a good night’s sleep

    *finished the first round of a big project

    *angry birds rio

    *nice night with the kids last night

    *found a babysitter already for one of the meetings i’m going to when hubby is at work

    *planning on doing some crafts tonight with the kids. not sure what yet, but looking forward to it anyway!

    *green smoothies!

    *the public library. it always has what we’d like to learn more about! and the librarians are awesome!

    *our car goldie, that drove us there and back to our camping trip, with no problems at all, even though she’s 30 years old!


    • yay for crafts! I don’t do nearly enough. Maybe just maybe I’ll get organized enough to do some tomorrow. thanks for the inspiration.

      30 year old car. I love it. I love that it is still working.

      yay for libraries! My hubs has a library science degree so I have a passion for libraries.

      have a lovely night

  7. KISS, this keeps coming up in my life lately, its something that my college prof. used to say to us when I was getting my Masters for family therapy, he used it in reference for writing papers, and case notes, it stood for Keep It Short & Simple, its a philosophy that i have always followed but now so more than ever esp. when im having a tired and tough/blaa day. keeping things short and simple in my life right now is just what i need, i feel im a simple person who uses simple words but who has an abundance of everything, love, fire, freedom, family, friends and so on,
    dinners–im keeping short and simple, tonight, loretta made pizza for us, w/ already made doough, jar sauce, and shreded cheese, so so yummmy!! & glackin cut up cucumbers from our garden, yummmy!!
    quality time w/ my kids—huggging them up and kissing them up, thats all they really need!!!!
    play time w/ friends—going to the lake!!!!! eazy and fun!!!!
    cleaning house w/out limits–this is so much easier i used to feel i had to do everything in one day, no so, a little here a little there and play time in between

    going to watch another movie w/ my hubby right now, just got back from a massage feeling good, ready for chocolate and beer, another way of keeping things short and simple–a nice date night for me and hubby!! :) :)

    • hope you are having a lovely time watching your movie

      I’m going to keep KISS in mind for my day to day stuff.

      beautiful night

  8. My eyes are closing but I had to share my magic…

    ~I sent my first EMAIL TO MY LIST!!! And I had a 50% open rate!!! My list is only like 120 people, but STILL. You never know!!
    ~Sweetie and I went to the pool. I love love love the pool. And I dove off the diving board, which I hadn’t been brave enough to do yet, in case I messed up and looked stupid, which I DID, the second time, but it didn’t matter :)
    ~Getting excited for my BIRTHDAY on Thursday!!
    ~Cool work stuff happening!
    ~Love and abundance!!
    ~My tomatoes, pepper, and cucumber are FINALLY fruiting copiously… now grow little ‘maters, GROW!

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