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“Speaking Your Truth” Saturday!


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Recently, I’ve had this THING that I feel compelled to do at all times, no matter what~ and that is SPEAK MY TRUTH.  If I’m going to be authentic and truly transparent, then my TRUTH must be heard. For example, for YEARS I’ve been complaining about Carter’s baby clothes. Carter’s is one of the only places around here to get affordable baby clothes but nearly 90% of them say really stupid things on them like “Hunk in training” or “My Mama’s a Fox” or something else equally annoying. Every time I’m in there, I’m rolling my eyes in disgust and then I go complain about it to my friends. The last time I was in there I saw “My Mommy’s Hotter than Your Mommy” on a baby onesie, and that was IT. When I went to pay I told the cashier, “Look I don’t want to be a bitch but I’ve been complaining about something for years and it’s time for me to say something….”

Truly I didn’t think she would be able to do anything about it personally but to my surprise she said “We actually have a staff meeting this week and I’ll bring it up.” YAY!!! I’m sure Carter’s won’t stop putting annoying things on their clothes just to appease me, but at least I felt I DID something about it. I spoke my TRUTH.

This morning I woke up with the urge to somehow speak my TRUTH about the state of affairs of restaurants here on the CT Shoreline (but to be honest about ALL of New England). Since my family returned from the Pacific Northwest we have been VERY unsatisfied with our restaurant experiences here at home. In Seattle and the other towns we toured in Washington EVERY MEAL was epic. Whether we were in a family restaurant, a diner, a pizza joint or a burger joint EVERY restaurant we ate in seemed to take PRIDE in their food ~ with local, fresh ingredients, and food prepared to order instead of popping something out of the freezer. There were SO MANY meals we ate where “Mmmmmmm!!!” came out of our mouth after every bite. Since returning home, we are VERY UNSATISFIED with the level of mediocrity we are served…and the cost of it. While we were in Washington someone said to us “I know many people who have moved out here from the West Coast” and I can absolutely see why. The food is only one part of it…but it’s also a symbolic part.

Instead of up and relocating our whole family to the Pacific Northwest (which is VERY tempting by the way) I feel determined to somehow RENEW my home area. I don’t know how and goodness knows one Sparkle Fairy can’t do it on her own…but I’m going to actively put some energy in this direction. I don’t know what it will involve but I do know it will involve SPEAKING MY TRUTH and I’m not afraid of that anymore….

What about you? Is there something that’s been bugging you and you’ve been keeping it in or complaining to the wrong people? What would change if you spoke YOUR Truth?

Okay! Onto some Magic!

* Waking up inspired even if I don’t know what direction it will take!

* New MUSIC! (I’m LOVING the “Inspiration Mix” my friend Michelle made me!) ♥

* My gorgeous gardens!

* Going to the movies by myself yesterday! I enjoyed absolutely every minute of it!

* Spending time outside as a family in the evenings ~ playing basketball, using sidewalk chalk, making waterfalls with the hose, and riding bikes.

* It’s cloudy today which is nice because it’s HOT!

What’s so great about your Saturday? Speak the TRUTH and spread the magic! I love you!

6 thoughts on ““Speaking Your Truth” Saturday!

  1. Hello lovely Sparkle
    It is so empowering to speak your truth, and yes, it can help get things moving.

    My truth
    What I love and what I love to do can sometimes be uncomfortable for others. I’m a bit too out there and woo-woo. I’ve tried to accomodate them a bit and haven’t always spoken about the amazingness of energetic healing, the power of affirmations, the beauty of gratitude. Wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable? The thing is, it makes me uncomfortable then, as if I am of less value and what I do is of less value. I am learning to speak up more with pride and without questioning the power of healing and living the way I do. I am learning the power of no apologies.

    I went to the farm today. It was too hot to really work, but little girl and I picked some extras we needed and got 12 cucumbers! I see lots of juicing happening. lol.

    I put her in the husk cherry area while I picked a bag of basil. She was so busy taking a husk cherry, taking the papery skin off, and popping them in her mouth. She would come find me to ask for me. Needless to say, I suspect we ate more than was our allowance this week. Thankfully the farmer has said in the past what the kids eat in the fields doesn’t count towards what you are allowed. ; )

    I joined a month long Joy – Up program, and it is beautiful, soul-full and is making me feel so tender. It has been great for me to see another way of feeling joy. Many of my mentors in the recent past are loud and proud and a bit brash and full of joy. I don’t imagine that as me. This woman, Hannah Marcotti, is mentoring joy but in a softer, inner way. So much more like me. It is so lovely.

    She asked me to make a special Joy – Up blend for the group. It is lovely and a bit cheaper than the custom blends. It is opening up a new avenue of product – premade blends and I am seeing many people excited about it. If you are interested in getting the Joy Up blend and want the discount code, pm me (am I pm’able here) and I’ll give it to anyone. I dont’ want to post it because I feel like it should mostly be for this Joy Up group. I promise there will be an open discount coming up in the future.

    ok off to make a bag of basil and purslane into ‘pesto’ and freeze for the winter.

    • Let’s never dim our lights to make anyone more comfortable, right Fire Fairy?!! Your Joy-Up program sounds absolutely wonderful (and I looked into per the link you sent, so THANK YOU!). I’m so glad it is resonating with you and I look forward to hearing more! ♥

  2. I’m loving that speak your truth magic! Awesome!! And, maybe you guys *should* move out here! How awesome would that be!!!!!

    Our magic;

    *a hot hot weekend finally

    *wading pool and playing catch and playing teeball all afternoon as a family

    *heading off to a water park in just a bit!

    *maybe the drive in movies tonight!

    *lazy morning, picking up the house and organizing. feels good!

    *rummage sale first thing this morning. got another rain barrel for only $40. and found an awesome shelf for making the altar i’ve been wanting to make for so long!

    *still loving on the treme. the music is fantastic. i just wanna listen to music from new orleans all day and night

    *we are really ready for that used laptop to come our way. i know there is going to be one for sale tomorrow on the yahoo group for local moms. i just know it. it’s going to be perfect.

  3. I SO hear you on the restaurant situation!!!!! There are VERY few places to eat around here. And the few that are great are hard to get into…….far away….and break the bank expensive that we can’t go as often as we would like to. We have a huge list of places that we will never go back to. I know i should write each and everyone of those places a letter……but i’m still not going to trust them. WHY OH WHY do people open restaurants and then serve frozen-in-the-box/package food!!!!!!! If you don’t enjoy cooking and food DON”T OPEN A RESTAURANT!!!! It can’t be for the money……you work like a slave!! I was in the restaurant business for 11 years. Over 20 if being a bartender counts. What stopped me from opening my own was the amount of work!! I knew that to do it right i would never get to do anything else. There is no sense in serving crappy food. Can you tell i’m right with ya on this rant!!! The west coast is THE BEST for food!!! I would be there now if it weren’t for earthquakes!!! Last night we ate at The Pattaconk…in Chester. HORRIBLE!!!! And what really killed me was that i knew a few doors down at The River Tavern…..folks were eating amazing things! We are not always prepared with a reservation!! We are making grilled pizza’s tonight here at home….for the first time. Wish us luck!! And thanks for the space to rant. It feels slightly better knowing that the sparkle fairy is with us on GOOD FOOD!!!! And have you seen the stuff Misha has been making up in Maine!!!!

    • OH THANK YOU for this rant, Rachel!!!!! Every single word!!! I’ve been thinking of writing letters too ~ or an editorial to a paper. SOMETHING! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS MEDIOCRACY!!!!!!! Let’s do it, Sister!!!!! ♥

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