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Simple Sunday Magic 8/5/2012


Inspiration Fairies!

Simple Magic is the perfect antidote to a crazy day (week, month, life…).  When I stop to reflect on the little things that I appreciate about my life, it brings me into the present.  In the moment, recognizing the beauty that is life.  All the chaos of the day, all the stress seem to take a back seat to recognizing the miracles and moments each and every day.  I start to look for the good in everything.  And sometimes, that stress just seems to disappear, solutions are found, things manifest.

Here’s our Simple Magic:

*Watching the Blue Angels today – the boys loved it!!!

*Joyfully going with the flow when plans changed again and again!

*Fun conversations on the bus!

*Finding my inner child and being more playful!

*The most perfect avocado ever!


*Sleeping in!


What’s your Simple Magic?  Remember, magic is everywhere!  What’s making you sparkle today?

5 thoughts on “Simple Sunday Magic 8/5/2012

  1. ♥ your simple magic, Mariposa! And that avocado sounds DIVINE!♥

    *Morning doggie walks with my boys, even when they complain I still enjoy our daily ritual.

    * Sharing eggs and toast with my baby this morning.

    * A pretty good night’s sleep.

    * Some time to talk with my hubby last night.

    * Going in the direction I want…even if, as usual, everything takes longer than I want! ;)

  2. Hooray for simple magic and “recognizing the beauty that is life.” Yes!

    Plans keep changing here, too. All I have to say on that is that Mercury turns direct Tuesday night, which will likely feel good, especially to those of us with significant Gemini or Virgo in our charts.


    Watching Dr. Who as a family… and then more for the adults after the boy was asleep. Something of a dalek festival. :-)

    A good night’s sleep… ahhhh!

    Reading to my boy in bed in the morning, and dh listening, too, after he got back from walking the dog. We all love Lord of the Rings!

    The yummy smoothie I made for brunch with kale, kefir, fruit and seeds.

    The way my dog enjoys the whole smoothie ritual, too. He eats the kale stems, and licks whatever kefir and smoothie he is offered.

    The spider who spun a lovely web inside my car! I admired it and apologized before catching spider in a kid’s bucket and setting her outside. I hope she has found a more suitable spot for a new web!

    Feeling good in my body and glad to be alive!

  3. Me!
    You! (I love you and miss you)!
    My beautiful, incredible, inspiring children!
    My community!
    My life!!!

  4. ~Camping, I love it :) back today from a wonderful camping trip with friends full of simple delicious foods and great outdoor fun
    ~ Beautiful coastal walks
    ~ Ice Cream
    ~ Cooking and eating together
    ~ Dancing, laughing

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