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The Spicy Fairy

The Spicy Fairy

Hello and happy Tuesday from Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England! I am so excited to be here [regardless of the fact that I’ve had a terrible 48 hour stomach bug] because an exciting, new adventure is about to unfold! I’ve been here since Saturday and I have plans to see some of London this weekend as I’ve been busy with orientation and other International Student activities. Soon I’ll have a regular rhythm of my lectures, seminars, and work outs so I’ll be flying high! :)

My Magic;

~ ENGLAND! Although I have a lot of traveling and touring to do, I’m loving my school and I’m excited to feel like I own this place. ;)

~ The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Chopra is officially my bible. This short book puts to words what I wasn’t sure how to explain to myself, and I reread chapters daily to try and instill the laws in my mind. The laws remind me of characteristics that both Kate and my Mom have, two very influential women in my life. Like them I aspire to fulfill these laws, and I highly suggest reading it!

~ yesterday I was officially registered as a student at the University of Hertfordshire and I accessed my courses pages ~ they’re all amazing. I cannot WAIT to start attending lectures and seminars!

~ our first night we went to the on campus club [that’s right! ON CAMPUS!] and danced the night away! Literally, until 3 am. It was AWESOME!

~ we’ve been meeting people and making new friends everyday!

~ boys. boys with accents. boys with accents that actually approach girls with proper mannerisms. This is going to be one helluva trip. ;)

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Magic!

  1. Welcome to England, so happy you are here and having fun and hope you are back to full health again soon. I hope we get time to meet up while you are here, London is easy for me on the train. Deepak Chopras little book is a beauty.

    My Magic

    ~ Deeper connections with dh.
    ~ Finding my Message within the Mess.
    ~ Poetry.
    ~ Wordless connections.
    ~ Wonderful friends working together to keep our collective energies flowing.
    ~ Writing.
    ~ Playing dress up and hide n seek with my 7yr old.
    ~ Harry Potter reading time.
    ~ My family.
    ~ Open heart.

  2. Spicy you are going to have so much fun! I remember being 20 and spending a semester at the Univ of Liverpool and it was the absolute best time of my life!! And I loved boys with accents too!

  3. I love your magic, Spicy! I can feel the energy and excitement! What a great adventure for you!!!

    * Being present
    * Having fun as a family
    * My beloved
    * Loving with all my being!

  4. Spicy, that all sounds delightful! Enjoy it all, including the boys who sound like they are gentlemen. :-)

    ~snow in the forecast!
    ~ my son doing well with his swim lesson. He swims way better than I do!
    ~ hearing about a non-competitive kids’ triathalon that happens at that pool in the spring, and my boy being interested in doing it!
    ~ my azalea (like in my picture0 with so many joyful blooms!
    ~ jasmine, a couple orchids and the cyclamen are blooming, too I love my winter flowers!
    ~ feeling a lovely quiet after a weekend of people and dogs visiting
    ~ moving past fear and beginning to trust all will work out beautifully

    • I wish your son luck! One of the laws in the book I mentioned includes letting go and trusting that everything will go well, I’m trying to do that too! Great magic :)

  5. Oh, I’m SO HAPPY that you’ll be reporting to us from your semester away! Now we have TWO fairies in England…and that’s incredibly magical. Thank you so much for your compliment, Dear Sister, in reference to your book ~ that made my heart smile. And hearing about the English boys with proper manners REALLY made me smile! Love you, Dear Sister.

    My Magic
    * A chill snow day with my family.
    * Hubby’s not motivated to work, so he’s been hanging out with me.
    * Made us guacamole for lunch. So yummy.
    * The big fat flakes outside with the fireplace on inside.
    * Looking forward to burgers and fries for lunch.

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