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Light Magic 8/28/13

Rainbow Journey

My Everyday Magic

*Love this photo, because it captures a time when I am in bliss… driving, into the light, listening to awesome music and seeing the beauty of nature around me… edited a bit for dramatic contrasts, which give more to what I was feeling at the time.

*Morning rituals… I’ve been waking up and taking a few minutes to just be with myself, reflect a bit, then I slowly make my way outside, and I just sit…breathe in the day… have lovely conversations with myself, and admire and commune with the natural world around me. Sometimes I walk barefoot to soak up the morning sun rays and the dew on the grass, say hello to the garden, other times, I just sit on the step and relax… Sometimes I bring out a cup of coffee or a snack, or my journal.

*Been feeling like I am being tested in my patience, choice of thoughts & self dialogue, clarity in what I want, relationship stuff, and carrying myself. It has been really uncomfortable, but as I look back on the days I’ve made it through intense emotions and thoughts, I do feel stronger and clearer, thank goodness.

*Had a GREAT symposium, got great feedback from the participants that they loved my workshop. AND they made great collaborative art. Photos are on the BLOG.

*Music. Been loving this station on Pandora:

*Enjoying wine this week.

*Been eating more, and doing T-tapp, trying to balance a healthy, energizing weight gain. while toning and building muscle. Going through a lot of body image stuff, but overall loving how I look and feel. I feel healthy, alive, strong, and sexy.

*Thinking of trying something new. Ballet, or tricking. Lol, 2 very different practices.

*Career opportunities… trusting… patience… flow… allowing… attracting… living… quality connections

*Meaningful relationships, I feel like I am getting better and better at cultivating truly blessed connections with people. =) Especially as I drop layers and let my truth speak, graciously, passionately and with a smile.

*Painted a very “illuminated” wave this afternoon. =) 

Breathe in…

the love and peace…

and magic

around you…


Slowly, Slowly They Return 8/21/13



My Everyday Magic

I have been waking up full of joy and appreciation, flirting with life, enjoying the beauty in everything & indulging in simple pleasures.

*Reading, writing, time, space, relaxation, reflection, breathing

*Enjoying good food and drink, feeling well nourished

*Painting nautical scenes

*Communicating with the life around me and the life I am creating

*Building meaningful relationships

*Enjoying the unfolding of my beautiful business

I found myself singing this song that was written based on a poem by Wendell Berry called “Slowly, slowly, they return.” The song was composed by Malcolm Dalglish for choirs, and he titled it “Great Trees.”

The first time I heard anything of it, was at last year’s Fairy Congress. A woman was singing another song, a little riff “The tree of wisdom grows where, the river of life falls into eternity” and then Aimee Ringle added in her own rendition of Great Trees. It was a beautiful and inspiring combination of words, song, nature, reverence, beauty.

Here is the original poem, dedicated to the love of trees we share, especially to Fire Fairy, who is healing a sense of loss:

Slowly, slowly, they return
To the small woodland let alone
Great trees outspreading and upright
Apostles of the living light

Patient as stars, building in air
Tier after tier, the timbered choir
Stout beams upholding weightless grace
Of song, a blessing on this place

They stand in waiting all around
Uprisings of their native ground
Downcomings of distant light
They are the advent they await

Receiving sun and giving shade
Their life’s a benefaction made
And is a benediction said
Over the living and the dead

In fall their brightened leaves released
Fly down the wind, and we are pleased
To walk on radiance, amazed
O light come down to earth, be praised!

May your day be filled with magic, simple & beautiful. Love you!


My Everyday Magic Journal 8/7/13

So I actually had a really hard day today, interspersed with lots of good. By the end of the day I was totally overwhelmed. It has actually been quite awhile since I’ve felt overwhelmed, so THAT is magic, lol. What I love to do when I am having a not-so-magical-feeling day, is to flip back through My Everyday Magic Journal and read all the magic that I’ve experienced. It really helps to lift my spirit, reliving the feelings that those magical moments held.

I even wrote a letter to my childhood self, from my 28 year old self. I love reading it, because it speaks to ME (imagine that?! lol). And it feels true. It is amazing when you write something to yourself as if you are someone else whom you love very much, and then go back and read it as it was written for YOU.

Here are recent pages from My Everyday Magic journal, including the note to my childhood self:

DSC06508 DSC06510 DSC06511 DSC06512 DSC06513 DSC06514


Creative Island Magic 7/10/13

DSC03957Hello Everyone!

It feels good to be here, it’s like coming home after a busy week. =)

*Feeling back in my creative groove and loving island living.

*Not worrying at all about money, even though I have none right now. I feel free and it’s amazing.

*My exhibit at Pika’s Cafe is over. Bittersweet. I painted this as a token of my appreciation for the whole experience. They loved it. =)

*I am offering up a few painting spots during this Mercury retrograde.

*Yummy foods this week… smoothies, fresh fish, brown rice, avocado salad (its near the end of the season), chili, chips, sushi, mango, a ton of peanut butter, dark chocolate almond covered ice cream bars (oh. my. god.), Thai curry, mmm.

*Gave my friends free destiny card readings because they are fun and I’m feeling super generous this week for some reason.

*Living on Guam.

*Yesterday we had a spontaneous trip to the beach with my dad and some friends, let the boys try their hand at pole fishing, ride in the canoe, and just play around.

*Took a break from painting today and took my boys to surf, I got video footage and then they helped me to make/edit this movie and upload it to youtube. The boys picked the song too, and I’m glad because it is a GREAT song, one of my all time favorites!

Have a beautiful day, and may heaps of magic find you.


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