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My Everyday Magic 03/27/14

Its amazing how different I feel from this time last week, a good reminder to remember that everything passes and nothing can be clung to. Appreciating where I am right now without trying to hold onto to it makes the high even better.

My Magic

Seeing clearly what we desire for our family, opening to solutions and releasing from outcome.

Releasing physical things from our home, clutter on our electronic devices and patterns of relating and thinking that no longer serve us.

Making dh a breakfast smoothies full of greens, seeds and yummy berrie to take with him to work each day.Ocean Fairy

Finding freedom in ways I had not imagined.

Feeling excited for the Aries New Moon this sunday and Treasure Mapping, I love creating vision boards and TM time has a special and magical place in my life.

A slow, calm start to the day.

Still feeling the freedom from my new haircut, so much stuck energy went with all that hair being chopped.

Falling in love over and over again with dh.

Some friends and I are doing an Obstacle course run through beautiful woodlands at the weekend.

What is magical in your world today?




“New Things” Weekend Magic 11/9 ~ 11/10/13

Sparkle's Throne!

Sparkle’s Throne!

Sunshine Faerie and many of our MEM Fairies and commenters have been talking recently about the decision to LIVE, really LIVE. And I can relate to that. I’m finding that one of the best ways for me to feel like I’m truly LIVING is to try new things. Last night my family tried two new things and it was such a fabulous evening for ALL of us. NEW experiences are really want I want, maybe that’s what we all want. NEW ways of expressing our authentic selves. NEW ways of living that reflect our magnificence. NEW ways of being truly us. ♥

My Magic

* My aerial studio was having an open stage night and I REALLY wanted to take my hubby there on a date. But after asking 3 babysitters, no one was available to watch my kids. And now I’m SO GLAD! We ended up bringing our boys on our date and it was SO MUCH FUN!

* The new (to us) Mexican Restaurant we went to last night. Friends had been telling us to go there for years, but it looks like such a dump on the outside and hubby and I are very keen on good atmosphere, so we hadn’t gone. Last night we went just for a NEW experience and the food was FANTASTIC! (Jalapeno Heaven in Branford in case the locals want to know.) Everyone enjoyed their food so much ~ DEFINITELY the best Mexican food in the area, hubby said he had the best Margarita ever, and the service was lovely too. (It’s also much prettier on the inside than the out.)  So happy to have a new, yummy restaurant to go to!

* The open stage night was a PERFECT experience for our boys (and me, who was moved to tears). Even though we thought we were chancing it because it’s later than we usually have our boys out, all of them were awesome! (Free drinks and free candy kept them happy too.) The performance was just under an hour and I LOVED being able to share with my family where I take my aerial classes and the whole atmosphere of circus performance! My baby loved the whole thing, my 8 year old loved the juggling and my 5 year loved the candy. lol.

* As I was watching the belly-dancing, aerial performances, hula-hooping, and juggling….I felt perfectly AT HOME. Exactly where I was supposed to be. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

* I did my hair in a new way last night and I just loved it.

* I’ve been wearing my pink combat boots a lot lately and I just love them! (Fairies wear boots, you know.) ;)

* Even though last night turned out AWESOME, my boys were NOT keen on going in the first place. So I gave them exactly 2 minutes to whine and complain and get it all out. They thought it was fun, and funny, and it worked.

* Being honest and telling them that yes, we might NOT have fun. The food might be horrible, they might be bored, the baby might be a nightmare and Papa might lose his shit, but we were doing it to have NEW experiences. THAT was fun too, giving space for our experience to be crappy.

* Smiling the whole way home last night after a wonderful, lovely evening of NEW experiences.

* Tonight I have another new experience ~ a Girl’s Night Out (with many girls I don’t know) to see a parody of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I’m finding me and my whole family are getting more and more comfortable with my leaving more frequently…and THAT is awesome.

* The GPS in my minivan, which has made me MUCH more adventurous!

* The world is opening up…and so am I!

* I can’t say it’s been an easy week, but today, right now, I’m happy.

What’s making you smile this weekend? I love you! ♥

My Fairy Boots

My Fairy Boots


My Everyday Magic Journal 8/7/13

So I actually had a really hard day today, interspersed with lots of good. By the end of the day I was totally overwhelmed. It has actually been quite awhile since I’ve felt overwhelmed, so THAT is magic, lol. What I love to do when I am having a not-so-magical-feeling day, is to flip back through My Everyday Magic Journal and read all the magic that I’ve experienced. It really helps to lift my spirit, reliving the feelings that those magical moments held.

I even wrote a letter to my childhood self, from my 28 year old self. I love reading it, because it speaks to ME (imagine that?! lol). And it feels true. It is amazing when you write something to yourself as if you are someone else whom you love very much, and then go back and read it as it was written for YOU.

Here are recent pages from My Everyday Magic journal, including the note to my childhood self:

DSC06508 DSC06510 DSC06511 DSC06512 DSC06513 DSC06514


My Everyday Magic 6/12/13











My Everyday Magic

*Hiking on Monday. Cave awesomeness.

*Lots of blog magic lately, been enjoying friends’ new blogs. Love love love.

*Feedback from my eZine subscribers!

*Enjoying the Unschooling Summit

*Feeling some personal healing breakthroughs in ALL relationships

*Being true to myself, honoring my personal boundaries

*Going with the flow

*Feeling open, choices

*Move through some dark stuff in the last couple days. It’s feels so strange sometimes when it is mixed in with beautiful awesome light feeling stuff.

*Feeling some career stuff moving along!

*Got stuff done yesterday: Bought canvas, art supplies came in, paid car payment, sorted out some bank account stuff, got my Guam Product Seal certificate!

*A crazy Latte Stone project idea that I am embarking on. 100 in 1 year!

*Been really starting to feel the effects of T-Tapp, I am feeling my muscles through my body, like my cells are lighting up, feeling thorough breaths.

*Went surfing today!

*Maybe it was the coffee, or the overall vibe in the air has shifted, but I feel ALIVE today!

Love you all! I’d love to hear about what magic you’ve experienced today or recently.


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