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Spring Weekend Magic 5/31 ~ 6/1/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

It’s the last day of May ~ YAY!!! Last Friday hubby and I had a long wonderful talk about taking steps out of our current comfort zone, even if we have to force ourselves, just so we can start feeling better NOW. We agreed we wanted to come out of the week differently than how we came in. That talk along with Jenny’s insightful magic about “finding fulfillment through transition” gave me the courage and inspiration to take small, but big, steps to start living life a little fuller. I know it’ll take constant effort and discipline, and I know there will continue to be ups and downs, but I’m stepping into a life that’s on a new level…because I deserve it and I’m worth it. Damn right!

Here’s my fun Spring Magic on this last day of May:

* Sprite, our little green striped frog is back after a couple of days away! And Froaky continues to be as sociable as ever. We love our frogs!

Our friend Froaky

Our friend Froaky


* I started using regular visualization as part of my aerial practice and that is the only reason I can attribute to EASILY getting a move that I have NOT been able to do for weeks and weeks yesterday on my first try…and my second try. LOVE my new tool!

* Feeling deliciously sore after all my intense workouts this week. I know it’s time to fully inhabit my body and moving it and challenging it is proving to be lots of fun right now.

* Hubby and I made awesome love four times this week. :)

* I’ve been wanting my nose ring changed for months now. I got it pierced 11 months ago and have not had the courage or stomach to change the original piercing, which I never did like that much. Last Saturday I went to the place where I got my nose pierced and had them change it for me. It was BRUTAL, hurting and bleeding even worse than the original piercing, but after a day it felt better and now I’m SO HAPPY with my new nose ring. Finally! I’ve been wanting to do this forever!

* Planting more beautiful flowers in my pots yesterday!

Dahlia's ~ one of my favorites

Dahlia’s ~ one of my favorites


* And enjoying our little fairy gardens!

Fairy fun!

Fairy fun!

* I’m so enjoying foraging again! I took the year off last year ~ and though I so missed that part of myself I couldn’t force it even remotely. I didn’t know if that part of me would come back, but it HAS and I’m so excited. I’ve been making smoothies with our violet leaves, dandelion greens, clover, cinquefoil, lemon balm, mint and pansies. My hubby, my baby, and I love our smoothies made from our own yard.

* The gorgeous flowers from our garden that are gracing our counters and tables! I’m so in love with my blue iris and pink peonie bouquet!


Iris and Peonie Magic!

* Our Earth Table ~ it’s in the center of our house and I change it every season. Yesterday I finally took down the Easter decorations from it and put on a Spring theme with dahlias from our garden, our favorite crystals and some birdhouses.

Our Spring Earth Table

Our Spring Earth Table

* Hubby and I have an early date today. I’m really looking forward to having some extra alone time with him!

* Chocolate milk.

* Hubby is outside right now clearing out some small invading trees, reclaiming more of our play and garden areas.

* Tomorrow is June! June has always had a special feel to it for me, as my birthday is June 12. This month I came up with a wish list on Amazon with things I LOVE but wouldnt’ necessarily buy myself. This year I’ve decided to share it with everyone, because WHY NOT?! I have no idea how wish lists even truly work, but here are MY WISHES!

Katinka ~ My Garden Fairy and Alter Ego

Katinka ~ My Garden Fairy and Alter Ego


Weekend Magic 5/24 ~ 5/25/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

My Magic

* Sleep. Sleep is really good for me right now.

* Family hot tub last night and then the boys went in so hubby and I had some quiet time to ourselves. That was nice.

* Reading. I’m not so excited about my new circus series, but at least it’s a distraction.

* Talking to hubby is always nice. I’m so glad we are going through this together and understand each other.

* The sun is coming out now after 2 days of rain.

* Ocean Fairy is back from her week away and I’m looking forward to hearing more of her vacation adventures.

* I have my moon right now and my family understands I need more space and quiet time. I have such great boys.

* A massage from my sweet 6 year old Roan. His little hands are very comforting.

* This is the last week of May and I’m glad to see it go. May has not been my favorite month.

What’s making you smile this weekend? ♥


Weekend Edition Magic 5/17 ~ 5/18/2014

Sparkle Fairy!

Sparkle Fairy!

My Magic

* Date night with hubby last night ~ we were both in similar nasty moods and had fun being evil with each other (not TO each other, but WITH each other). Should probably call it a Date with our Dark Sides. ;)

* I’m VERY uncomfortable with my dark side ~ it’s unfamiliar and yucky, but I’m accepting it more and more as part of being human. The easiest thing is not to feel guilty or beat myself up for having a dark side in the first place.

* Yummy, yummy oysters and yummy, yummy mushroom risotto for dinner last night. Some of the BEST risotto I’ve ever had.

* Looking forward to left-over pizza for breakfast.

* I slept like CRAP last night, but the magic in this is that I haven’t slept like crap in many, many weeks. I’m very grateful for the many weeks of deep, uninterrupted sleep I’ve had.

* It rained really hard last night and there was lightening but no thunder. There was something really comforting about that.

* It’s now sunny after all the rain. Hoping to get in my garden after everything dries up.

* I’m washing my sheets right now and I’m looking forward to sleeping on fresh sheets tonight.

* Looking forward to naptime when I’ll finish “When Women Were Warriors.” It’s soooo good!

* I’ll be getting on my silks today after a few days of respite.

* Reminding myself there is no such thing as “limited freedom” ~ only TOTAL FREEDOM.

What’s making you smile today? I love you. ♥

Our Freedom Cake.

Our Freedom Cake.


“Running Away to the Circus” Magic! 5/10 ~ 5/11/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

Yesterday my family went to the circus for the first time ~ and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I now understand where the expression comes from when people say they want to “run away and join the circus.” To me, “running away and joining the circus” means stepping out of the mundane and ordinary, as well as rejecting self-imposed limits. When you join the circus you can defy gravity, make friends with wild animals and do so many other extraordinary things that we don’t experience in normal everyday life. I can’t count how many times I said “that is amazing!” or just simply “WOW!”

I’m thinking I want to enjoy more circus-like amazement in everyday life. Extraordinary should be the new normal!

My Magic

* Even though I loved the animal acts and the amazing talent of all the performers, my favorite act was where 7 motorcyclists spun around in a giant steel globe. It was just so unexpected and death-defying and WOW!

* Sharing this new experience with my beautiful family.

* My boys coming home with new circus toys that they just LOVE!

* Understanding more why I SO LOVE my aerial silks practice ~ it takes me out of the ordinary and gives me the opportunity to WOW myself!

* We skipped nap-time but that meant an early bedtime for my 2 year old last night! Whew!

* After a full day and a big lunch out my family was quite happy to have cinnamon rolls and bacon for dinner. lol.

* Really enjoying the “When Women Were Warriors” series ~ it’s a lovely escape.

* Grateful that on another rainy, dreary Spring day I have lovely books to escape to.

* My boys continue to talk about their favorite parts of the circus this morning.

* Feeling closer to my family than ever after having this first-time experience together.

What’s making you smile this weekend? ♥


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