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Magical Weekend 4/19 ~ 4/20/14

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

My parents and niece came last night and my brother and sister-in-love (love that term, thanks Sunshine! ) are coming today so I have a lot of family magic.  My first piece of magic is that I was able to surprise my Mom with something special yesterday ~ something I’ve kept for a secret for almost a year. When my grandparents died  a few years ago they left me their piano. At the time I had no means to ship the piano from Pennsylvania to Connecticut and with 2 small kids, my motivation to make it happen wasn’t really there, so my cousin took it to Chicago. I’ve never been one to have regrets in my life, but over the last couple of years, I really regretted not bringing the piano home. Not only would I have loved to play the piano again (I took many years of lessons as a kid), I would have loved to have a piece of my Grandparents in my house. I let the regret fester until I worked up the courage to ask my cousin about it last Spring. He was so gracious about it, and knowing that our Grandparents had left it to me he offered to look into shipping companies for me, so I could bring it home to Connecticut. It took so many months to work out the details, work out communication with the moving company, wait for the shipping cost to come down and find a a driver for the truck. Finally, in late January the piano was delivered to our house….in a snowstorm…at night.  The big truck couldn’t make it up our road so the movers pushed the piano uphill…for a quarter of a mile…in a snowstorm…at night. Guess you had to be there.

Anyway, I wanted to see the look on my Mom’s face when she saw her parents piano (because her look of surprised delight is camera-worthy) so I refrained from mentioning any of this to her on the phone or even here on MEM. (Do you know how HARD it was to leave out the fact that we’ve had a piano in our lives the last 3 months?!) This weekend was the first my parents could come see us and we’ve all been so excited to surprise her! And it was exactly like I pictured ~ they walked in the house, Finn started playing it so she could hear it, my Mom walked in to see our new piano and then realized it was the piano she learned to play on growing up. I got 2 pictures of her surprised delight, which I wish I could share here but they are too blurry, so it doesn’t do it justice. But yes, I got teary-eyed watching her. It was worth the wait.

Other Magic

* My niece playing with my boys non-stop…even if it is super-loud.

* My mom brought dinner with her so we didn’t have to cook last night. Awesomeness.

* Hearing my Dad’s stories and watching him laugh.

* Having to laugh at myself right now because writing out my magic amongst chaos and many interruptions always makes me want to scream. I just warned my kids that if they don’t let me be grateful here on MEM right now, I was going to start yelling. This is typical.  The good news is, they left and I didn’t have to yell.

* Thomas the Tank Engine has come to our town this weekend, so we’re all going to go chase him down at the RR crossings as a family later. My husband is really good at chasing Thomas and we do it every year.

* We have 7 pounds of bacon here (well, 6 pounds now) and I’m thinking that should be just be enough for our bacon-loving family.

* I have to stop now so I don’t start yelling at my 2 year old to let me finish this! ;)

What’s making you smile this weekend? I love you. ♥


Reflection Magic ~ Weekend Edition 4/12 ~ 4/13/2014

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

I’m being continually reminded that the outer reflects the inner ~ and the intensities of April are definitely displaying my own inner balancing of light and dark, as the world finds it’s own balance between the two (notice I said “balance” and not “battle”, though it certainly feels like the latter at times!).

I know the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do to change the world, is to change ourselves, so I’m doing whatever I can to honor myself with self-love no matter what I’m feeling or experiencing. This morning I’m feeling chaotic and wanting quiet ~ that won’t happen so I’ll continue to just love and accept where I am. It’s not easy, this balancing act between light and dark, but that’s what we all came here to do ~ and we are Masters.

My Magic

* The baby went to sleep early so I joined him in bed and watched this beautiful documentary. This sums it all up for me.

* Sleeping all through the night.

* Waking up to sun (and sons) ~ it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Hoping the bright weather will also brighten me.

* My Spirit Baby Work ~ so much lovely energy going on around it recently. It lifts me up.

* Hearing my oldest boys is having “the best time ever” at his sleep-over. He so deserves it.

* I love myself, I love myself, I love myself, I love myself ~ using this often to replace useless stinkin’ thoughts.

* Deep breaths.

* Going to take a long, hot shower this morning ~ perhaps it will help reset me.

What are you reflecting this weekend? I love you. And me. ♥


Weekend Magic 3/29 ~ 3/30/14

Sparkle Fairy!

Sparkle Fairy!

My Magic

* Beautiful feedback from my Love From Baby work. I ♥ it so much.

* Smiling thinking about aerial. It is such an expression of my body and soul.

* Bubble baths with music and candle-light. I took two yesterday.

* Hubby’s home-brewed beer. I drank two yesterday.

* “Pitch Perfect” ~ no matter how many times we see it, baby and I are riveted.

* Yummy pizza for dinner last night.

* Nothing planned for today but aerial training ~ I’m dreaming up my own sequence and that makes me so excited.

* Thinking about learning some hula-hoop tricks.

* Donating $14 and then getting $25 back in the same day. LOVE when this happens! (Last month I donated $75 and got $150 back!)

* This is the last weekend in March and I have a feeling April is going to be QUITE something.

* Reading beautiful things.

* Loving myself, no matter how I feel.

* That’s all I got for now.

I love you! And me!



Weekend Magic 3/22 ~ 3/23

Sparkle Fairy

Sparkle Fairy

My Magic

* A date with hubby last night.  Through talking (and a little fighting) he helped me find the gift in my car accident yesterday. Lots of healing all around. ♥

* Hubby and I have always sat on the same side of restaurant booths together since we met so we can easily hug, kiss, and touch. I love that we still do this after 15 years together. 

* Remembering that my family declared our FREEDOM this month! Here’s our FREEDOM cake. :)

Street Family Freedom Cake!

Street Family Freedom Cake!

* Watching the last two episodes of “Drunk History” on Amazon Prime after the boys went to bed last night ~ I love laughing with my hubby.

* Sleeping well many nights in a row.

* Knowing I can cultivate good feelings by continuing to love and honor myself no matter how I feel.

* Finding a rubber frog in our fruit bowl. I love hints of my boys around the house.

Frog in the fruit bowl!

Frog in the fruit bowl!

* Waking up on a Saturday morning and having nothing to do and nothing planned. Being open to whatever.

* Sausage for breakfast!

* I cleaned my boys room and I cleaned my bedroom and both look so nice.

* Clean sheets! It’s been awhile!

* Putting all my new treasures on my alter in my closet. It’s an alter of self-love. ♥

My Alter of Self-Love

My Alter of Self-Love

* My 2 year old has a stutter right now and it is soooooo adorable! And he doesn’t mind when we imitate him, so that’s fun too.

* Maybe I’ll get a little work done my garden today? That would be nice.

* Deep breathing is always, always good.

What’s making you smile this weekend? I love you. And me. ♥




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