My Everyday Magic


Need a HUG?

Has your day been forgettable or a day you’d like to forget?

Well then, grab your favorite beverage, vent your troubles, and then find at least ONE thing to be grateful for.

Post it here and let the Fairies support you with encouragement and VIRTUAL HUGS!

Believe me, we’ve all been there and probably will be again!

And just know that finding the MAGIC in a crappy day is the most POWERFUL magic there is!

20 thoughts on “Need a HUG?

  1. I love this, I’m totally lmbo right now. :D.

    -everyone is sick in my family! But I’m so very thankful it’s not the barfing kind. :)

    -my kids are all home with me, and even though I get overwhelmed sometimes, this is really how I like it. All together. Pretending to homeschool. :)

    -I’m declutttering like crazy. Clearing old energy and stagnant junk in my home to make way for the fresh new energy our life has for us.

    -birthday party Saturday for my princess 4 yr old!

    -an awesome parenting class that is helping me reconnect to my children. :)

    see! So much to be greatful for!

    • Oh, Jenny! Thank YOU for making me laugh on your crappy day!
      “Pretending to homeschool”….yeah, I get that!!

      Anyway, here are some virtual HUGS for you, dear sister!!
      (((((HUGS))))) Sending MAGICAL vibes your way!!!

  2. Off to a great start with my work out regiment and I tore up my knee! The magic??? Sean and Kat has to cater to all my whining. =]

    • Arrrggghhh! Liz, I KNOW how frustrating that is! I’ll ask the fairies to speed up the healing for you! And I’m sooo happy you have loved ones to wait on you (shall I get you a bell?) :)

      Here are some (((((HUGS))))

  3. *totally exhausted after a full day of work, then bringing the kids to a community group meeting (which was in a coffee shop, a tiny one), during which they kinda drove me crazy—–however, i was complimented on how awesome the two of them are and on my parenting. <3 AND we picked 3 artist finalists for a street mural that goes up this summer to beautify our neighborhood!

    i did have two glasses of wine when i got home from that one. :D

    oh, and the barista gave me a free latte!

  4. Rough day yesterday, but in a good way. I guess.

    Feeling like no matter how much I want to change someone else, it’s up to me to change myself instead. Sucks!

    Today, I think I’ll try Opposite George and not send any email and not sit at my desk trying to figure out how to conquer the universe.

    I think I’ll go workout and then play with my kids.

    Can’t have a crappy day that way now can we!


  5. There must be something in the air. I feel pulled, stretched and twisted in several directions and am feeling like I am going in great directions and life should be soaring but I am getting more stressed and depressed. Oooo, a hug would be great and an energy transfusion!!!

  6. Crappiest day EVER magic!

    I’ve totally got ADHD and I can’t Kick it and my family is suffering bad, so am I.


    As I connect with my “disregulated” self I was blessed to volunteer to teach 4 yr olds today. (ugh, right? No!). There was one little girl, the type that always Gets in trouble, is really sensitive, and special and I just fell in love with her. When she couldn’t sit still at story time, I let her sit on my lap. When she was jumping ahead of direction on her craft, I affirmed her inspiration. I don’t know what that must have looked like to the real teacher but it felt right. Then I had the pleasure of telling her mommy how much I LOVED her. Her mama clearly doesn’t hear that very often and I was completley sincere. <3

  7. I’m feeling very sad and hurt by my brothers. I think the only silver lining that I can find right now is that our family vacation is changing and probably for the better. I still am hurt and disappointed that I won’t get to see my brothers again this year and could use a big hug.

  8. thanks i needed thats

  9. I’m getting flattened again Kate- wonder what is up for you? A month of smooth sailing and now gale force winds two out of three days. This one was an even bigger dozer> I see so clearly it is a core lie that keeps strangling me yet it feels like demons knifing my heart in a bottom less pit. I am grateful beyond measure to have so many people who care. I am grateful for the sound of the birds, for my daughter’s love, for abundance and financial freedom, for connection with three fabulous mentors in my life, for someone offering to give me a hug!

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