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Sparkle Missions!

Sparkle Missions

Sparkle Missions are Fairy-inspired missions that anyone and everyone can carry out! Some are fun, some are challenging, all are life-changing! Sparkle Missions spread magic, promote kindness, and quite honestly, help heal the world! Change your life and the life of someone else with the Sparkle Mission that speaks loudest to you!

Sparkle Mission #1: Flowers for Strangers

Sparkle Mission #2: Love the One You’re With

Sparkle Mission #3: Forgiveness

Sparkle Misson #4: Radical Self-Acceptance

Sparkle Mission #5: Little Love Notes

Please share your experiences and inspirations. The ripple effect is larger than we know!

More “Community Magic”:

A Very Fairy Friday! A day of FREE FLOWERS, FREE LEMONADE, and FREE HUGS!        * (This was MY FAVORITE Fairy Day EVER! :) )

All You Need is Love! A day of FREE HUGS in Guam provided by the Bliss Fairy!

Sparkling Essex Day! Loving our town by keep it clean! (Click HERE for pics)

Stay tuned for more! ;)

4 thoughts on “Sparkle Missions!

  1. An elderly woman needed my help today at the grocery store and I was more than delighted to assist her. Just helping her made me feel good.

    I’d already made up my mind to do Sparkle Mission #1 again today when I got to the store. So I paid for my flowers and groceries, went out to the parking lot and searched for who the flowers belonged to.

    Wouldn’t you know I ran into the lovely elderly woman again as she was getting in her car so I walked up to her and said “These are for you!” Her face was so joyful as she said “This is so lovely! Why would you do such a thing?” and I said “Because you deserve it!” As she thanked me a huge warm feeling swelled up inside my body and is with me still. I’m totally hooked!

    I love Sparkle Mission #1!!!!

  2. I Sparkled the girls at work with an assortment of travel size Bath and Body Works lotions/ shower gels. That was very fun!

    One of the ladies I sparkled at work is not a favorite with me but I am glad I offered her a sparkle too because she was one of the most grateful and happy about it. That definitely taught me a lesson because an evil part of me didn’t want to include her.

    My secret sparkles are my most enjoyable, though. Once every week or two I put an anonymous gift card (Dunkin Donuts for example) in someone’s mailbox (I think it’s illegal to open up mailboxes??)

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