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Sparkle Mission #1!


Flowers for Strangers!

Sparkle Mission #1 is in honor of Cheryl ~ the cashier at my local grocery. Last week while checking out, I could tell the energy was a bit off from this usually cheerful soul. I kept perceiving heavy sighs escaping her. I wanted to say something to comfort her, but couldn’t think of the words. So, instead I told her to hold on a minute with my order while I went to get something that I’d forgotten. I came back with a beautiful bouquet of blue irises. She scanned them and then handed them to me and I said “Oh, those are for YOU!”

She was incredulous and I believe her words were “Get outta here!” :) Her whole face lit up and she asked what they were for and I said “Just for being you.” I left the store in the wake of her gracious smile and I felt awesome. The feeling stayed with me all day.

Just 2 days ago, I was checking out with Cheryl again and she thanked me again, telling me she’d been having a bad day and the flowers meant so much. She also informed me that irises are her favorite. Again, I left the store feeling great.

Giving flowers to someone who needs them ~ whether you know them or not ~ is a FABULOUS win-win situation and a perfect way to spread the MAGIC!!!

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to sparkle a stranger or an acquaintance with a bouquet of flowers ~ and with the abundance of spring flowers in bloom, a picked bouquet (for free!) would fit the bill just perfectly! Not only will it make their day, it will make yours as well!

You have 1 week to complete Sparkle Mission #1. Please post your experiences here!!!

16 thoughts on “Sparkle Mission #1!

  1. you so inspire me! flowers to many soon! the giver is always the recipient of the gift!

  2. great minds think alike!!!
    i anonymously gifted a friend returning from travels with
    a porch pot of pansies last week as a welcome home from many things, not the least of all a long winter!! yeah*** jive*** jive*** we fairies and mermaids are in sync once again, as always!!!

  3. fantastic idea! i am thinking of setting up a by-the-sidewalk flower bucket for when our yard has a bunch!

  4. I sparkled my sister with a potted plant I bought today. I was going to sparkle a stranger but I thought it would be a nice thank you gift for letting me use her exercise equipment so I don’t have to join the gym. I left the plant in front of her door with one of Kate’s sparkle cards but did not leave my name. I wanted her to have to guess who gave the plant to her! She called me after she got home from work and said she knew it was me! Very fun.

  5. Our mail carrier, Susan is the most wonderful woman who truly enjoys her job, watches out for us and goes above and beyond for all of her customers. She takes such pride in her mission and I wish there were proper words to describe how all of us feel about her. She is one of a kind.

    She has, on many occasions, driven packages to me, made phone calls when international shipments have gone astray, and left important things with neighbors knowing that I wanted them.

    So, on this special flowers for strangers day, when once again she has shown her true colors, retrieved and delivered an errant package to me on her DAY OFF it was her I had in mind as the perfect recipient. I got some lovely Gerbera daisies in a lovely shade of PINK!!! My daughter was thrilled to give our beloved carrier her gift, and I think it most definitely a welcome suprise. Thank you Susan! We love you!

  6. This is so awesome! I love everyone’s stories!

    I did a half mission. I brought lilacs into the office for my boss and also for the breakroom. :D

  7. Well, I sparkled again today! I bought flowers for a very friendly lady who checks me out at Stop and Shop every Friday morning. She is so nice and makes me smile when I see her every week. The nice thing was that not only did she smile but the other people who saw me give the flowers to her smiled. I think even watching an act of kindness makes people feel good.

  8. Kendra inspired me to leave a bucket of flowers for the picking! I took a bunch of flowers to our park on Main Street and left them there (each had MEM card tied to it with ribbon ;) ).

    It was sooo much fun! They were gone in less than 2 hours and it was so wonderful leaving them behind, knowing they were making people smile!

    It was also a very nice, non-invasive way of offering magic to someone without having to physically be there ~ I think I’m hooked!


  9. This is perfect for me. Last time I was at the PED office there was a bunch of flowers and I commented on them. The lady at the front desk said they were one of the nurses and then lamented that she has never once gotten flowers delivered at work.

    So now I just found out my 5 year old needs a physical in order to start school in august. So you know I’m going to bring a bunch of flowers when we go in and give them to Kimiko at the front desk.

    I hope she’ll like them.

  10. I brought lilacs, bluebells and mint to the co-op school dd will be attending this fall. Dd carried them and when I tried to give them to the lady that met me at the door, ds who is 2 asked to hold them while I was talking with the lady. *lol* I had to ask him to let go of them when it was time to leave, and poor little guy didn’t want to. We picked more flowers when we got home. The lady was surprised though! :D

  11. I’m running a bit late with this, but I WILL execute a super fun sparkling flower mission VERY soon!

  12. We were running late on it too, but did our ‘sparkling’ yesterday.

    Hunter and I did our Sparkle Mission. We approached it ninja style, cuz that’s how he rolls ;) We picked lots of purple and white flowers, me thanking faeries, him insisting there are none *eye roll*. Then we crossed the street to where an elderly man who lives alone. He tip toed ninja style and loved being my helper. :)

  13. I love your sparkle mission! I love to bring treats to the owner of my video store, hug my barista at the coffee shop, give a sincere compliment as much as possible, encourage any one I see struggling my reminding them they are a masterpiece! Love this .

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