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Sparkle Mission #2!

The Sparkle Fairy with her Cycling Fairy

Sparkle Mission #2 : Love The One You’re With!

This Sparkle Mission is inspired by my own experiments (and success!) in bringing my relationship with my beloved hubby back to a most-cherished priority ~ which had taken a SERIOUS back-burner since having our children 5 years ago!

In an effort to truly love my dearest hubby unconditionally, I committed to writing down (at least) 3 things each day that I loved or appreciated about him. I also did little things like brushing my teeth first thing in the morning so I’d be kiss-ready, and thinking loving thoughts about him before bed. I kept my “Honey Love” experiment to myself, hoping that actions would speak louder than words.

It only took 3 days to notice a difference in my hubby and our relationship! He started reciprocating my kindness and we were truly starting to feel like partners again. I kept my secret to myself for 30 days, when he said to me “I’ve been feeling so much better the past month!” That’s when I confessed my secret Love Experiment to him! He was so grateful and asked me to keep doing it ~ and I have, for over 60 days now.

In the 60+ days I’ve been doing this my dearest hubby has become much happier and more optimistic about his work (his “bad days” have decreased by a landslide!), we’re happier parents who are enjoying our children much more, our little boys have been glowing, we’re healthier (seriously, it’s improved our immune systems!) and we’re more in love than ever!

Dear Hubby is taking more time off from work to spend with us AND he gave us a raise, making us feel so much more abundant! LOVE REALLY DOES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER!!!!!


Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to SECRETLY write down at least 3 things you LOVE about your partner for the next week or so ~ and then at the end of the week, give him/her your Love List! Chances are this will be so much fun you’ll want to continue!

* TIP: Some days it’s hard to find the things you love about your partner, that’s when reminiscing comes in handy! Think back to when you first fell in love and the things you loved about him/her back then.

P.S. This experiment had NOTHING to do with sex, though that, of course, has it’s place. ;)

TRUST ME! When you put the things you LOVE about your partner in the forefront of your thougthts, THOSE are the things you’ll see most often! It’s utterly MAGICAL how this works!!!!


Whether or not you want to fully commit this experiment, take this opportunity to comment HERE at least ONE THING a day you LOVE about your sweetie! Just sharing this much with us can really make a difference!!!

Now go forth and LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH! :)

25 thoughts on “Sparkle Mission #2!

  1. What I Love/Appreciate About My Beloved:

    * He’s really turned around the flow of his work week, making Mondays his favorite day of the week and making the difficult days run so much more smoothly!

    * He knows EXACTLY how to support me and love me!!!

    * He’s wearing wings in the picture above! ;)

  2. what a great and wonderous mission!

    Three things I love about my husband:

    His unending support for whatever crazy thing I’m going to do next.

    His mind boggling parenting skills-he’s such an amazing dad!

    His hugs, he really gives the best, most wonderful, enveloping hugs ever with his extra long monkey arms! I love you babe!

  3. I LOVE this Sparkle Mission! Thank you!

    My three things today;

    *my hubby stays home with the kids during the day while i’m at work. he gladly fulfills this role in our family and i love that he is willing to flout stereotypical gender roles and that our kids will benefit from this!

    *my hubby loves to cook dinner. he always cooks dinner during the week. he’s at work on the weekends. but during the week, when i get home from a day at the office, i can come in and relax with the kids, nurse ds and read and chat with dd, while he cooks dinner. i love that.

    *my hubby plays the guitar and sings with the kids. i love that he has a passionate connection with music. i love that he brings that love of music into our family and home.

  4. How funny, last night I was thinking of dedicating today’s magic to dh, cuz he’s been bugging me lately, which is a good sign to remember what I like about him lol

    *he smells yummy and sexy :)
    *knows me so well, what I like, my interests, my humor, all of which make him so fun to spend time with
    *he is so fun to watch with the kids. He plays in a whole different language that I do, so it is just so loud, giggly and funny to watch

  5. Three things I love about my beloved husband:

    When I’m gone he waits to eat until I get home so we can eat together.

    He tells me I’m beautiful several times a day

    He goes out of his way to make us happy.

  6. Oooh! All this LOVE is making me swoooon!!! :)

    * My hubby smells awesome too~ I LOVE his smell!

    * He supported my grumpiness last night, telling me to embrace it….what a wonderful guy.

    * He loves this whole mission and is sharing it with his 1000+ FB friends. :)

  7. OH!! I’m so on board with this one… It’s a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to start. I (we) really need this right now!! And even though we are supposed to keep it a secret (which makes me feel sneaky – but in a good way!!) here are 3 things I love about my hubby:

    — He’s the most fantastic father in the world to his daughters.
    — He takes pride in the work he does around our house… like pronouncing after he’s cut the grass “Now, THAT’S a nice lawn”
    — He makes me laugh – even when I am so angry I want to hurt him – he finds a way to make me laugh.

    Now let’s see… where did I put that beautiful empty journal I bought a while back? I think I’ve just found the perfect use for it ;-)

  8. I’ve tried this before and it definitely worked, although I unfortunately let the effort slip and there is such a difference. I am so excited about this reminder to really appreciate my fiance.

    My list is so long, but I’ll share a few things I love about him:

    *His chest!!
    *How hard he works for me
    *How he adores our dog and how he talks and pets my hamsters even though he isn’t nearly as crazy about them as I am!
    *How easy going he is which is a great foil to my neurotiscism
    *How he cooks for me even after working all day and even when I am NOT working all day!
    *How he calls me every day to see how my day is
    *He makes me delicious cocktails!
    *I love how he lets me have my way 99.9% of the time

    I have to stop! I don’t want to bore anyone, but I am so happy to remind myself of how wonderful he is!

  9. Sorry! I got carried away and forgot we only are listing 3 things!

  10. I’m getting back into this, thanks for the inspiration

    Three things I love about my husband

    He supports me fully in everything I do and want to do, even when they are things he can’t quite understand. Me being passionate about them is enough for him and thats great suport to have :)
    How hard he workes to financially support us
    The effort he is making to improve our relationship

  11. ooo, kate! i was inspired by your love before you posted the mission! and i realized how much of the gratitude in my day was due to my wonderful husband, so i sent him an e-mail saying so! he wrote back that it made him feel all warm and fuzzy. : )

    today i made him a surprise lunch, with a secret stash of chocolate and a love note too. i had to remind him several times to eat it though – the man works hard! usually – he makes a big breakfast that feeds us all lunch, so actually making lunch for him made him smile in and of itself! <3

  12. Interestingly enough, on the day I asked for feedback about this mission, we’re experiencing a minor setback today on our end.

    My dearest hubby has been having trouble with his business for the last 2 days and just this morning I saw that grim expression on his face that I haven’t seen in over 2 months while he warned me that his “rage” is on the verge of returning.

    Time to redouble efforts and give him EXTRA love and positivity today ~ WITHOUT trying to “fix” anything for him (always a challenge). Wish me LUCK!!!!!

  13. I tried. I really tried, Kate. I set out to write 3 things everyday that I love about my beloved. But, I just couldn’t do it.

    Nope, I just couldn’t keep it to 3. I have begun writing daily paragraphs. My goodness!!! I’m on day 29 of doing this and I have typed over 18 pages (with small margins, I might add) while writing everything I love and cherish about my beloved and our relationship!

    These are things I’ve noticed:
    ~ My feelings towards him increasing (which, I didn’t think was even possible)
    ~ Feeling more love, especially when I’m writing and just after
    ~ Cheering myself up when I’ve been stressed or feeling off because when I sit down to write it, it helps me get in touch with all my feelings of love and it feels good to sit in it for awhile
    ~ Noticing that he’s really handling his stress well right now
    ~ When we’ve had some difficulties, I think about the challenge and I go to it and write. When I do, it helps me shift how I’m thinking about him and has decreased the tension and other feelings and increased our love and peace
    ~ Just opening me up to feel more love and give more love and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  14. Well, I will sheepishly admit, I’ve been thinking about the mission and intending to do the mission, but not actually doing it.

    I will say though, that just intending to do it and thinking about it has actually increased my positive feelings about dh and lit up the air between us with a little extra loving energy. It’s been nice :D

    I think just thinking about it is a big help!

  15. I’ve reached about 60 days on my mission and I love how it brings me closer to my beloved every day. It began as a little list and now it’s becoming more like a daily love journal and I love it so much. It is one of the best things I could ever do in my relationship.

  16. What a super great mission to get in on! Recently, I did the three week secret writing each night of things appreciated about my wonderful hubby. We’ve been together 30 plus years and have shared so much: ups and downs, goals and frustrations, joy and despair. And throughout we have been there for each other to the max. Rick is my soul mate, my darling, my best friend, my fellow artist, and “mi Cielo”—my Heaven!

    To my nightly Gratitude journal, I added a separate pad listing 3 things each night for a week that I appreciate about him. When the time came to give it to him, we were leaving on a trip. I tucked the pages in an envelope, and put it in one of his travel bags. He found it on the return trip home, read my notes, and was very moved and thankful.

    Thank you, dear Sparkle Fairy, for coming up with an extra way to express our love for those dearest to us.

  17. I just love this. I started doing this recently and share the sentiments here regarding the challenge it is to stick to only three things. I’ve lately been finding myself focusing more on the concerns, when there are really so many more strengths in our relationship!

    ok, here goes!

    *The way he listens to me when I am upset. I can really see that he and I have both grown in how we try to work together through a challenge or conflict. Even if we are upset or angry, the tone is different than it used to be. We are able to sit and talk things through, and listen, and to try and understand. That means more than I think he’ll ever know.

    *When he tells me I am an “endangered species” because there is only one of me :) or says that his heart beat is saying “shaw-na, shaw-na…” He has such a sweet way of showing his affection :)

    *I sometimes have trouble sleeping or getting to bed as early as he, when this happens he will lay on my side of the bed so that it’s warm when I get in it.

    I’m seriously beaming after reading the submissions here and adding my own! Thanks ladies!! Cheers to our lovely partners!

  18. Revisiting Sparkle Mission #2, at the Sparkle Fairy’s suggestion on Jan. 23, 2011.

    We are officially “empty nesters” now and it has brought some unresolved issues to the surface recently. We are facing them bravely and wondering if this “good long run” we have had, has run its course, and that it may be time to go our separate ways.

    What I love about my husband:
    As we face this fear, I love how Dh remains loving, respectful, and devoted. I love how we help each other stay positive and grateful. I love that I’ve had him to love and “lean on” for all these years. I love what a truly great and gifted and generous man he is. I love him more than anything. <3

    • Oh, Song Fairy! ((((GREAT BIG HUGS)))) to you and your dh. You two seem such a wonderful couple ~ you’d have to be to raise such wonderful children. I’m sending all sorts of loving vibes that will help fulfill the greatest good for all involved. I love you, Song Fairy.

  19. I’ve been posting my Beloved Magic in my journal, but I’m happy to do it here too. Today I wrote:

    * He has such integrity and such a great big heart. He deserves only wonderfulness and JOY in his life!

    * He always wrestles with the boys which they LOVE!

    * I can’t wait to see him with our baby daughter! It’s gonna be so precious!

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