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Sparkle Mission #3

Sparkle Mission #3: FORGIVENESS

This Sparkle Mission is a tough one but it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself ~ Forgiveness.

Everyone has someone in their lives that poses challenges to them, perhaps even on an on-going basis.

Believe it or not, this was part of a soul agreement between the both of you on a higher plane ~ and indeed all is in Divine Order despite appearances.

Forgiving someone that has hurt you is the BEST way to heal the relationship, even if you don’t choose to continue it. And it’s the BEST way to heal YOU! The load you carry will feel SO MUCH lighter if you chose to forgive. It’s also INCREDIBLY EMPOWERING.

Here are some strategies I’ve used with much success:

* I have a mental “Meeting of the Higher Selves” where I visualize talking to the LIGHT of the person who I’m having trouble with ~ you’ll most likely be amazed with how differently you perceive this person’s higher self than from their physical self! I ask that the situation be resolved in a way that is amicable and for the greater good for all involved. Add whatever dialog you need to help you resolve and move on.

* List AT LEAST five things you can appreciate about this person. This is amazingly powerful! If you focus on these things when you think of the person, you’ll be amazed with how the relationship can shift.

* Use Ho’oponopono. This is a Hawaiian tradition of forgiveness that has been known to produce miracles! Basically it’s using these 4 terms when thinking of the person:

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

This helps in assuming our responsibility in our part of the relationship and struggle. It always directs positive energy to the person and YOU. It’s simple and effective and incredibly humbling ~ talk about moving past your ego and who is “right or wrong” !

For more background info about this technique click HERE. Amazon also has many books about it.

The ULTIMATE in forgiveness is realizing that there is actually nothing to forgive! If we believe that our souls agreed to engage in this struggle for the betterment of both of us, than we realize that each person is actually acting in accordance to that agreement. This involves BIG PICTURE thinking and is not always easy. For some additional help with big-picture-thinking and a life-changing read, I highly recommend the FABULOUS book “Radical Forgiveness.

I would LOVE to hear about how YOU are healing from the practice of Forgiveness! Please share your process in the comments below and remember ALL IS WELL!

(Oh, and this also works with SELF-FORGIVENESS ~ perhaps the toughest kind of all!)


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5 thoughts on “Sparkle Mission #3

  1. How deep your thoughts are and how mystic your magic is.

    I’m blown away by your Magic.

    Love ,

  2. i was reminded of this article on mothering:

    i think i need some help with this mission, kate. <3 i get hung up on the other person forgiving me. and self-forgiveness? i know, i am human too. but i want to be so good and true. how do i get to a place of closure on this? do i ever?

    • You got me on that one, Kendra! I’m the same way! It’s not easy to embrace your dark side, is it?
      Mostly I have to forgive myself when I’m not living up to my mothering-ideals. I have to often remind myself that my children chose me as their mother just as I am ~ not because I’m perfect, ’cause I’m not and I never will be. But I’m the perfect mother for them! And I also allow myself a “lose it once a day” prerogative ~ I can lose it once daily, move on quickly, and then there is nothing to forgive! ;)
      Good luck to you ~ I’d love to hear your processing of this. (((HUGS)) Off to read the article….

  3. Ah Kate, you always have the best magic :) THIS is a good one! I have to think about this and come back!

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