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Sparkle Mission #5!

Little Love Notes!

Sparkle Mission #5: Little Love Notes!

To celebrate 11/11/11, the global day of LOVE, I wrote out 33 little love notes saying things like “You make the world a brighter place,” and “Thank you for all you do,” and “You are so loved.” I smiled as I wrote out each one ~ just the writing of them and imagining people reading them was magical! The next day armed with my 33 Love Notes and my 3 small boys, I headed to Main Street in my town to put them on the windshields of random cars. I let my boys choose the cars to put them on, which made it fun for them too. This was one of the mosts fun Sparkle Missions I’ve done because I did it anonymously ~ no “My Everyday Magic” calling card or Sparkle Fairy sign-off. I didn’t even wear my wings as I did this, as I wanted us to be stealthy and unnoticed. I wanted to people to read the Love Note and then go through their mental rolodex of people who love them while trying to figure out who left them. I love this Sparkle Mission! Spreading the love  ~ is there anything more rewarding than that?! ;)



Oh, how I LOVE Sparkle Mission #5: Little Love Notes! Inspired by Anna, one of our magical posters, two days after Christmas (2010) my 8 year old niece and I stuffed 15 Christmas cards with holiday greetings, a My Everyday Magic card, words of love, and either a scratch ticket or a $20 bill. We sparkled them up a bit and then delivered them to the people working at our local grocery and drug stores, while donned in our wings and Santa hats. Handing them out was wonderful but even more wonderful is imagining people’s reactions when they open them. Who wouldn’t enjoy reading loving words from strangers? Especially if it’s accompanied by money or the promise of it? ;)

Even if you don’t have money or scratch tickets to spare, handing out Little Love Notes to people feels GREAT. Your mission if you chose to accept it is to write some Little Love Notes of your own and pass them out to strangers ~ if you’re shy you can even do it anonymously and leave them on people’s windshields! It’s so much fun, I think I’m addicted!

3 thoughts on “Sparkle Mission #5!

  1. I love it!! And it IS addicting!! I’m so excited to see you posting about it here. I can’t wait to hear the fun stories!!

  2. This is so cool! I am totally going to try it! Once in a while, when I was waitressing, people would leave stuff for me – mostly religious tracts but the occasional note or fun thing. It made my day every time, and I saved them all!

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