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Rainbow Ghostie Hero Finn with a full bag of garbage!

May 22nd 4:45 pm ~ It’s OVER!!! And it was WONDERFUL! Scroll down to the last comment for an update and stay tuned tomorrow for more pics and details. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!!


Thank you Shoreline Times for a great write-up!


It’s Sparkling Essex Day!

Saturday May 22 from 10am – Noon

The dictionary defines “Sparkling” as: A glittering quality; brilliant animation; vivacity.

I’ll add my Fairy definition of Sparkling, which is: doing something nice for people or the environment, as in “I just sparkled a stranger! ”

All the above is what “Sparking Essex Day” is all about! We’re going to do something nice for Essex and with vivacity and brilliant animation!

The Sparkle Fairy of Essex is recruiting children, families, and all Essex residents to pick up the garbage around their homes, on their streets, or around their businesses. And to make it fun and oh-so-memorable, I’m inviting everyone of ALL AGES to dress up as a fairy or hero or whatever! (It takes guts to be this playful, but it’s worth it ~ trust me, I know! ;))

Here’s how it works:

Saturday, May 22nd from 10am-11am pick up the areas around your streets, homes, and businesses dressed in wings, capes or ANYTHING silly. Using your digital camera, take a picture of yourself and what you picked up. (Don’t forget to wash your hands!)

11am -Noon Bring yourself (still fully costumed) and your digital camera to the Essex Park next to the Post Office. Show the picture of your pickings and get a balloon! The Sparkle Fairy will be there to greet everyone and with organic cookies to boot! (If you want to have your picture included here on this site, I’ll be providing my email address so you can send your pics to me!)

I’m just getting the ball rolling with this and am hoping to include some more family fun, like live music.

Keep checking back for updates and the newest ideas!

If you’re an Essex resident or merchant and would like to contribute or become involved please email me:

I’m not great at asking for help, but the Fairies keep telling me to delegate ( ;) ) so, I’m looking for the following contributions:

* balloon ribbon and helium! (Thank you, Riggio’s for balloon ribbon and Ashleigh’s garden for helium!)

* organic cookies or donations for them! (Thank you Kimberly of Riverdog Yoga!)

* a musician or musicians! (Thank you Hal, Ana, and Chris for offering to play! Check out their links in the comments below!)

* sidewalk chalk!

* fun and refreshing ideas and contributions!

(Thank you, Toys Ahoy! for offering Sparkling Essex participants 20% the day of our event!)

Feel free to post any questions, comments or suggestions ~ all are welcome! :)

Let’s make this a day that all the other towns talk about!

Please come help me MAKE ESSEX SPARKLING!

To read more about the Sparkle Fairy’s Escapades around Essex, click HERE.

18 thoughts on “SPARKLING ESSEX DAY!

  1. Thank you to RIGGIO’S for donating balloon ribbon! You’re wonderful! :)

    (Check out their link to see their awesome store and their beautiful Australian Shepherd, Abby! I just love her!)

  2. I’ve decided to use this page as a mini-blog to document the unfolding of this community event. Have you ever run a community event? If you have, you know it can be a bit nerve-wracking. I’ve done it before with Fitness and Nutrition Seminars back when Graeme and I owned First Street Fitness, but it’s been a few years and I’d forgotten how all-consuming it can be.

    BUT! I’ve decided to go about “Sparkling Essex Day” in an “easy and relaxed manner and a healthy and positive way.” (I borrowed that affirmation from a lazy millionaire author…can’t remember his name, but he’s cool.) It’d be so easy to get caught up in the mind-set of “I’m throwing this party and what if no one shows up?” but I will continue to reframe that fear into “this will be an astounding success!” (Thank you, Song Fairy, for this vote of confidence!)

    Seriously, though, when I was filling out the Park and Rec form for a park permit and it asked me “estimated attendees”, I asked my hubby what number to put (just to see what he was expecting) and he said “I don’t know 47?”

    “Forty-Seven!” I said offended, “Obviously, you’re underestimating me!” Maybe he’s being realistic (a trait I’m not famous for) but I refuse to accept it. The number of participants I’m aiming for is 200. Yes, 200! Or MORE! With close to 7,000 residents in this town, I would hope at least 200 love this town enough to keep it clean and have fun while doing it, right? RIGHT!

    The trick is getting the word out.

    Flyers are easy and obvious.

    I’m hoping to get this event on the Fire Station Sign which gets a lot of viewing at the main intersection (already sent in my request).

    I’m also hoping to get it in the two local Shoreline papers (will work on that today).

    AND I’m hoping to get permission to do a broadcast at Essex Elementary School ~ the principal has already agreed, I’m just waiting to hear back from the superintendent. Cross your fingers for me!

    I really want this to be a fun-loving, planet-loving event that brings out the playfulness of Essex! I’m hoping costumes, cookies, balloons, and live-music will be enough incentive. What do you think? What would motivate YOU?

    Getting on TV? Hmmmm…..something to think about. ;)

  3. Go for it Kate! What an awesome idea! I’ll send you easy and relaxed community organizing vibes :D

    PS, we participated in a local street cleanup last weekend and it was really fun!

  4. So, I just got a call and the Fire Station sign is all booked up ~ with the grumpy mood I’m in, I’m not surprised to get such news.

    Ahhhh well…upward and onward…and tomorrow is a new day…thank god!

  5. Taking a break from planning to regroup and it feeeeels gooood!

  6. Okay! Balloons ordered! AND I have MUSICIANS!!!

    Hal (the husband of our poster Yujima) and Anastasia of Music Together.

    I also have Christopher Bousquet, a very talented guitarist who thinks this whole idea is “MAD!”

    THANK YOU!!!! :)

  7. Kate you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! It certainly WILL be an astounding success and I am SOOO excited for you and everyone in Essex!!!

  8. Alison Sloane of Ashleigh’s Garden has BLOWN my mind by offering to blow up all 200 balloons!!!!! She really is an angel incarnate! Thank you, Alison and Ashleigh’s Garden!!!

  9. Alan and Dee of Toys Ahoy! is offering all Sparkling Essex participants 20% of ANYTHING in their store on the day of the event! I’ll have coupons available at the park.

    Thank you Alan and Dee!

  10. Kendra, one of our magical posters had the idea of using sidewalk chalk to write positive affirmations and for children to draw ~ I LOVE IT!!!

  11. Kate and all,
    My family is so glad you are doing this. It is a great message for young children of all ages!

    Please keep up the good work, and we’d be very grateful if you’d contact your inspired and resourceful friends in other CT towns to spawn similar events!

    With appreciation,
    Noah (Guilford)

  12. I had a very nice visit at Essex Elementary School and was interviewed by Riley and Ian!

    Got an encouraging call from our Town Selectman today and I enlisted the help of the very popular children’s librarian!!!

    Things are rolling!

  13. It’s OVER!!! And it was wonderful!!!!
    Luckily with the help of my loved ones and Fairies, I was able to adjust my expectations right in the nick of time and I’m very pleased to say that about 60-70 people showed up. But frankly, I was having too much fun to keep track!

    Being amongst so many families that had picked up garbage that morning was so inspiring! And watching all the children dressed as fairies and superheroes playing with new-found-friends was absolutely MAGICAL!!!

    And the best part ~ everyone was having so much fun, our park party went an hour late!!

    Thank you EVERYONE who came, contributed, and SPARKLED UP ESSEX!!! I love you all!!!

  14. KATE!!! That is WONDERFUL!!!!!

  15. Hurray! We all knew it would be wonderful and full of magic and happy surprises and enjoyed by all—-and for everyone who showed up in person, there are countless others who sent good, clean, sparkly energy!!!

    Congratulations, Kate and Essex Community! I love the images of the fairy people, music, balloons, and dancing!!!

  16. On behalf of Essex Park and Recreation, thank you for your efforts in beautifying our community. Our First Selectman had very complimentary things to say about your event and I’m told it went well. Every town should have people who care enough to give back like you and your group did on Saturday. Please let us know how we can support you on anything in the future. Thanks again.

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