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“I Love My Body” MAGIC!

I wrote this Love Letter to My Body 2 years ago. I was 3 months postpartum and 3 sizes bigger than I am now. It was the perfect time to embrace my Goddessy-figure.

Now, 2 years later, I feel like I really have a healthy, respectful friendship with my body. I treat it every morning to 15 mintues of yoga and eat whatever it wants with gratitude and joy.

It’s a very personal letter and I almost didn’t share it, but 2 years ago I shared it with some of my very close cyber-sisters and the response was overwhelming. It helped a lot of women back then and maybe it can inspire others today.

Two years into my Love Affair with My Body and life with it is truly MAGICAL!



April 15, 2008

Dearest Body,

Today I begin my love affair with you! And I mean to love you madly! I’m not talking about accepting you, respecting you, embracing you, or honoring you – I will do all those things but above all else I will love you unabashedly, unequivocally, madly and deeply!

From this day forward I will not perform even one exercise or movement with the motive to make you look a certain way. I will only move you in ways that make my heart sing and my soul shout out with joy, “YES! This is how I want to move!”

From this day forward I will not put anything into my precious mouth without accompanying it with LOVE! I will listen to what you want to eat and I will honor that with joy and gusto and the knowledge that all food is GOOD if eaten with pleasure and gratitude!

From this day forward I will not squeeze you into a smaller size than comfortable just to be a certain number. I am NOT a number. I am a Goddess! I vow to never buy or wear anything that doesn’t make me feel beautiful. You are beautiful, my beloved body, and you should only wear clothes that reflect this absolute fact!

From this day forward I will cease entertaining any thought of you that is tainted with negativity. You are an incredible, versatile, resilient body that knows exactly what it is doing and what it needs. I cease controlling you – or trying to – and from now on I will let you lead they way.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me thus far. Thank you especially for growing, birthing, and nourishing my babies. You never needed directions, instructions, or interventions and you’ve done beautifully, my most trusted friend.

Thank you breasts, for providing my sons comfort even when words can’t.

Thank you arms, for being strong enough to carry a toddler and an infant at the same time.

Thank you legs, for you ability to jump, run, and dance. And oh, how we love to dance.

Thank you hips…for being hips, all that is sensual.

Forgive me, dear body, for treating you like an enemy at times. Forgive me the times I tried to mold you, control you or deprive you. Forgive me for not being able to recognize your pure, raw beauty until now. I was blind and I was wrong.

Thank you for standing by me, even in my blindness, patiently waiting for me to wake up and see exactly what was in front of me this whole time – my BEAUTIFUL body! My beautiful BODY!

From this day forward I will not hide you. I will not judge you. I will not worry what others think of you. Because we’re in LOVE! And perhaps the only thing more astonishing than the realization that I love you…is the understanding that you love me back.

I am so happy to be spending the rest of my life with you, Dearest Beloved Body.

Now let’s dance!

All my love,


3 thoughts on ““I Love My Body” MAGIC!

  1. *GASP* Kate, you are just glowing so beautifully in that photo with your boys!!!! And pardon me, but look at your boobs! They are fabulous!

  2. Dearest Sparkle Fairy,

    I love the way you think. You really must be from from
    another planet!!! Good for you.

    The response you received from the Fariyhood is very inspiring. I love them all.

    I passed out my first MEM card to a young expecting mom
    at the Market Basket yesterday. Introduced myself as the Granpa Fairy (had to say it twice!) Once the astonishment passed her face lit up and will be visiting MEM. The timing was certainly right because YOUR incredable letter to your body is a brilliant piece of work and the replyswere astounding.

    Love to all of you.

  3. Oh My Goddesss!!! Once again Kate your literary wisdom has left me breathless.

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