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Meet My Neighbors

Zucchini "LOVE" Bread!

12 Neighbors and 12 Loaves of Bread

In an effort to get to know the neighbors on my street (who I’ve yet to meet after over 2 years of living here ~ shame on me!) I’ll be baking them zucchini bread and paying them a visit in my wings!


My First Neighbor!

The boys and I made zucchini bread this morning, drizzling “Love” on the top in honey, to deliver to our first neighbors! Each batch makes 2 loaves, so armed with our goodies we walked down our hill to meet our neighbors.

Our first house was such a wonderful welcome to this project, as we met Ron and Pat. They were nice enough to invite us in (and especially trusting as I was wearing my wings! :) ) and ask us to join them in their living room. We had a great time talking about our town, their family homestead, and what I’d like to do with our land. It was such a nice feeling to be so warmly welcomed and FINALLY get to know some of the people living close to us. Thank you, Ron and Pat, for being so hospitable! (And by the way, their favorite bread is zucchini bread ~ gotta love it!).

My Second Neighbor

The next neighbors weren’t home, but I’ve met Ann-Louise a couple of times before and know how delightful she is! We left our bread for her on her door-step and I hope she and her family enjoys it!

As we walked back up our hill we took advantage of our empty bag and collected the garbage we found on our street. I love that my boys are learning about their neighbors and keeping the earth beautiful!

I’m thinking I”ll bake more than 2 loaves at a time, because after our experience today I wanted more!

Essex Neighbors, here we come! :)



Second Neighbor UPDATE!

I received the most heart-warming message on my answering machine from Ann-Louise (who’s a ray of sunshine herself!) thanking me for the bread and gesture ~ as well as complimenting the spirit of My Everyday Magic. And she said it was “the best zucchini bread they’ve ever tasted,” and I’m sure it was because we baked it with LOVE! :) I’m LOVING already feeling closer to my neighbors!

Sending hubby to the store later to get provisions for our next batch!



I met THREE of my neighbors today ~ and it was SUCH a JOY that I’m still buzzing hours later!

My Third Neighbor!

Today I met Sandy and Art, who were both so delightful! Sandy invited us right in and showed us around her beautiful home. We found out we have places and colleges and hobbies in common ~ and we sincerely could have talked for hours!

After finding out that I have a passion for gardening, Sandy invited me to be in The Garden Club ~ and I have so many fresh and fun ideas, that I think this would be a perfect FIT!

I could go on and on…let’s such suffice to say that I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

(And she’s now talking about having a pot-luck just for the neighbors on our street! Yay!!!)

My Fourth Neighbor

Divine Intervention swept in and made sure that Pat was home to meet us ~ as, according to her, she is NEVER home this time of morning! Just as delightful as Sandi, Pat invited us right in and my children were more than happy to meet the acquaintance of her 3 kitties.

A dynamo, Pat is always on the go. She’s also always reaching out to others, and I felt I found a kindred spirit in her. The children were further charmed by Valentine’s Day cookies offered to them (and just in time as they were wilting from all the chatting I was doing!)

Another exciting opportunity was offered to me as a result of this visit and I’m just feeling that this was all so meant to be!!

My Fifth Neighbor

Up a long driveway and to a beautiful big house lives wonderful Neil. I also got to make the acquaintance of his house keeper, Donna, who’s car is covered in inspiring bumper stickers. :) Neil’s very friendly dog escorted us in to his beautiful home. I could have talked to Neil for a long time, but my children were just about at the end of their rope. However, I did get a chance to peek at his sleeping garden and talk a bit of flowers with him! I look forward to seeing everything in full bloom!

Today was SUCH a wonderful experience! I left Neil’s house feeling on top of the world! I met 3 WONDERFUL neighbors and discovered I had things in common with ALL of them!

If Sandy doesn’t have the neighbor pot-luck, I will! I can’t wait to talk to all these wonderful people more!

Later as I was driving down my hill, I said hello to everyone’s house and was delighted to FINALLY know so many names!

Thank you, NEIGHBORS, for making this experience such a JOYFUL and REWARDING one!!!

8 thoughts on “Meet My Neighbors

  1. I love how you think, Sparkle Fairy. You are making the world a brighter place with all your sparkling energy and love!

  2. You have boundless ideas of giving and creating joy around you! I love this!!!! I had made jars of dried beans to make bean soup and went to 2 neighbors houses at christmas time and kind of chickened out of going to a few more I had wanted to that I don’t know. But what the heck, I love this idea too much to let it go. I am going to bring those soups over anyway. It is almost Valentine’s day anyway.
    I love the magic you bring to the Universe!

    • Sabrina, please come and post your neighbor experiences here and inspire all of us! :) You’re wonderful and those bean jars will be happily received ~ they’re beautiful!

  3. Sparkle Kate, you are my hero!!! Are you sure you’re not from the (naturally neighborly) Midwest? : )

  4. Inspired by the Sparkle Fairy, I baked some fresh bread for my elderly neighbor last weekend. He was so appreciative and we ended up in the longest conversation we’ve ever had.

    I plan on baking more bread for my other neighbors this week!

  5. Wonderful stories. I’m really craving zucchini bread, now. :-)

  6. Kate this is beautiful :) We know a few of our neighbours quite well but I could definately get to know some more

  7. I just found this wonderful label to put on your baked treats to give to neighbors! It completely fit right in with the Magic Movement!

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