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Random Acts of Magic is a way for everyone to get involved with The Magic Movement! Do something nice for a friend, family member or stranger. It can be little or big ~ either way it’s MAGIC!

Have YOU done something nice for someone lately? Post it here and inspire us! Wings optional…. :)

P.S. The first CT Shoreline person to post their Random Act of Magic will win a free reiki or reflexology session with MaryJo, a very inspirational magic maker! Thank you, MaryJo, for your magical offer!

46 thoughts on “R.A.O.M!

  1. I called my sister just to tell her I loved her.

  2. My second act of kindness today!

    I have been inspired to give away a free Reiki or reflexology session to the first person who posts what act of kindness that they performed today!

  3. MaryJo! You’re AWESOME! And I’m so inspired! Can I convince you to copy and paste your last wonderful post from yesterday ~ I want it to always be accessible!!!

  4. I emailed the two women who through the benefit concert with us for Free Our MIdwives and congratulated them on a job well done. They are such an inspiration to work with and I wanted them to know!

  5. Kate,

    As requested:

    I have had a big problem going on for a few weeks now and I’ve been praying and trying to contact my guides and God for guidance. Usually I get some communication, but for this problem I feel like I’ve been left on my own. I finally got some guidance. I was just told that I should stop concentrating on myself and make a conscious goal each day to go out of my way to be a blessing to at least one other person. I’ve been doing this for about 4 days now and I can’t believe the difference inside of me. I feel happier, my fiancee is happier, even my dog seems happier! I haven’t been ignoring my problem but simply turning my negative attention away from it and allowing the positive energy of the universe to work through me. In other words, I have been resisting it less. I know resistance usually makes situations more difficult, but I am a worrier by nature and find it difficult not to resist. But using this technique of doing good for others has made it so much easier. I recommend it to everyone!

  6. I love this! Let the ideas and random acts of kindness flow!

  7. I gifted a total stranger with something I was wearing because she was in love with it. It felt good to give it to someone who loved it more than I! I told her that it was rightfully hers, that I was just holding it until I found her. :)

  8. Wonderousfaire,

    Do you live CT? If so, you’ve won a free Reiki or reflexology session! If not, let me know and the next local person to post wins!!

    Mary Jo

  9. I love this idea — just as I’m now more aware of the richness of my life and all I have to be grateful for thanks to MEM, now I’m going to be stalking perfect strangers in the hopes that I can perform some random act of kindness for them. If I get arrested, will you make my bail?

    Now that the pressure is off, my random act of kindness is this: having started a blog and realizing how gratifying it is to receive comments and feedback, I have been staying up all hours of the night bloghopping and leaving behind a trail of comments like you’ve never seen before. Or like I haven’t anyway. I’m not a commenter by nature. I especially do my magic on those blogs or posts that don’t have many. If you post it, I will come! ;-)

    Oh, and I pointed out the bulk raisin bin to a guy a whole foods last night who was getting frustrated looking for it. It’s not a sweater, but hey, what would his cinnamon raisin bread been without me! kidding… I clearly need to take my snarky self to bed. Consider that my third act of kindness…to you all!

  10. my kids shared their swimming stuff w/ other kids, who they just met!!

    a complete stranger gave me and my family a coupon for freindlys while we were just about to pay for our friendlys icecream!!

    i let a mama know today what a great person and mama she is and how her kids are lucky to have her!!

  11. As my vibration has been increasing, I am becoming more present in my communications with others. Today at work I really made an effort to listen to other people and give them my full attention. I am by nature an impatient person so I am very proud of my effort. When I found myself getting annoyed at anyone, as I did several times, I brought myself back into the moment and told myself how much I liked the person talking to me and that they liked and respected me too. After all, that is why I was having most of the conversations I had today. It brought me right back around into appreciating each person and being thankful for their regard for me. My annoyance melted away and I actually enjoyed the exchange.

    I think being truly present with everyone we converse with is a gift to that person. Nothing makes you feel worse than when you are talking to someone and they keep breaking eye contact to look at their watch or something behind you or not let you finish what you’re saying.


  12. Hooray!! I am looking forward to meeting El!

  13. ps. does the R.A.O.M title remind anyone else of the R.O.U.Ss from Princess Bride or is it just me? Better RAOMs than Rodents of Unusual Size I suppose…

  14. Giving encouragement to a friend who is going through a difficult time.

  15. *Today my act of kindness was giving a cute make-up bag to a girl at work who loves bags of every kind, including make-up bags. We both love bags very much and are talking about starting a Bag Lady’s Club.

    *I am going to call my mom and try to make up with her. We are having a spat and I think it’s a definite act of kindness to suck up my pride and JUST DO IT.

    *Making my fiancee lunch AGAIN!

    *Letting him have “alone time” without resenting it. He works hard and doesn’t have alone time nearly as much as I am able to.

    *Letting my niece (she’s almost my age, so she’s more like a sister) know about the Sparkle Fairy’s website so she can increase her positive, happy energy.

  16. I am forging ahead with my Random Acts of Magic despite my March blues….

    I would like to give away a Bissell Powerforce upright vacuum cleaner. I bought it last April or May before I knew we would be buying a new house in June! Our new house has all hardwood floors so I had to buy a vacuum I could use for the wood floors. I’ve used the Bissell a handful of times and so it is pretty darn new and is sitting in the attic.

    If anyone is interested let me know!!!!!!

  17. My Random Act of Magic:

    * unabashedly picking up garbage in a public parking lot yesterday and being pleased so many people were around to see who will now hopefully be inspired to do the same! I always pick up garbage…in parks, beaches, parking lots, etc. I can’t imagine just walking by when you can DO SOMETHING!

  18. I had the exact same thought today when I was thinking of magical things to do. I am going to get my neice and hopefully some other people and go to a local beach and pick up garbage. I just have to coordinate a time with her. We’ve done that once before at Fenwick in Old Saybrook

  19. Today I gave a new shirt I had that has been hanging in my closet to a friend. I loved the shirt but it just didn’t look good on me for some reason. She tried it on and it looked beautiful on her and she felt really good in it. It was so fun to see her excited about an unexpected new piece of clothing.

    I think I have a possible taker for the vacuum too, which is good news. I can get it out of the attic and someone who needs a vacuum gets one!

    I think my dog would think my best act of magic today was to make her an egg for breakfast! She was one happy doggy.

  20. Striking up a conversation with an older gentleman when out at breakfast. I had the feeling he was sort of lonely, so we talked and talked and I really enjoyed the conversation and he seemed to as well.

  21. *I am gave two people compliments on their looks today. I often think of complimentary things about people, but don’t say what I think very often.

  22. Bringing lunch to a friend who is sick

  23. I bought dear hubby a card today “just because” and put it on his desk, with his favorite candy and a lit candle.

  24. Kate, that is so sweet. I like buying “just because” cards for people, especially my mom.

  25. Calling up one of my mom’s friends just to tell her I was thinking of her and love her.

  26. Picking up garbage on my walk today.

  27. I am writing today to governors of states that allow greyhound racing to protest. I am also contributing money. If anyone is interested in writing to the governors and / or donating to this charity I can give you the website.

  28. I picked up a lot of garbage at the park we visited this morning (if everyone did this, what a cleaner world it would be!)

  29. I realized just that on my walk Sunday because I had brought a plastic grocery bag with me to put the garbage in and it got filled so quickly. I thought maybe I’d try to pick up the garbage once a week or once every two weeks. The road I walk on is such a nice road, too, it is amazing what is in the wooded area along the road.

  30. One act of kindness I always do (and just did today) is stack our finished dishes at restaurants to make the waitstaff’s job of clearing much easier. ;)

  31. Donating money to a dog named Ginger that channel 8 did a story about today. She was burned and abused and my heart went out to that poor little girl.

  32. Again I would like to thank you for this blog. You women are all so fabulous! When I was a bit younger, I had a good deed for the day attitude. It’s the same concept as r.o.a.m. I would always jump at the chance to do some sort of good for random strangers. The great thing about the mind set is the more you practice it the more opportunities you have to act. It creates so much magic in your life as well as others. One such act was buying a journal for a little girl in the store in which I was shopping. This lovely little girl was begging her parents to buy her a journal. Neither one of them felt it was important, or maybe they just didn’t have the money. Either way, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. My journal helped me through some rough teen as well as adult years. I bought the journal and with the permission of her parents, gave it to her. I was flying high off of that all week! Today I am going to create some magic. Thank you for the reminder and affirmations!!!! I feel as if I have found my soul sisters.

    • Oh Maureen!!! Welcome and THANK YOU so much for sharing that wonderful story!! I just love it!!! Please stick around and share your magical self with us ~ you fit right in! :)

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