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Meet the Fairies (Bios and Pics)

The Fairies are the daily contributors of My Everyday Magic. We are a mini global network of real life fairies spreading the message of authentic and unending gratitude, even (and especially) in the face of life’s daily challenges. We’re also known to frequent public places dressed in our fairy garb, doing good deeds and delighting whomever comes into contact with them!


The Sparkle Fairy!

Kate Street

Fairy Name: The Sparkle Fairy

Fairy House Residence: Connecticut
Favorite Color: Purple, Pink, and anything that Sparkles!
Favorite Fairy Food: Cheetos!
Fairy Philosophy: “Believe in fairies and they’ll believe in you!”

~ I’m Kate Street, the founder of “My Everyday Magic” (though I do believe the elementals deserve most of the credit!). “My Everyday Magic” started well over 5 years ago as my own personal gratitude journal. It didn’t take me long to notice that the more committed I was to writing down my daily magic, the more magical my life became. I was hooked.

I’m passionate about inspiring others to find the magic in their lives ~ because just the simple habit of looking for the good in our everyday lives creates a WONDERFUL experience of daily joy and gratitude. So, I started this blog in August of 2009 and it’s been a magical whirlwind ever since!

Shortly after starting this “Blog for Everybody” (as I like to think of it) I woke up in the middle of the night with the whispering suggestions of promoting it by dressing as a fairy in public. I quickly dismissed the idea as ridiculous and went back to sleep. Then it woke me again the next night, and the next night. I could see I wasn’t getting off the hook that easily. So in order to get some much-needed sleep, I ventured out of my house one day dressed as a fairy. I was incredulous with the response! People LOVE fairies! The Sparkle Fairy was born and the rest is history.

As well as a fairy, I’m a blessed mama to 3 magical boys and the wife to my soulmate (and genius) Graeme Street. I’m passionate about co-creative gardening, pre-birth communication and empowered birth, and obsessed with anything that sparkles!

I envision a world of Lovely Fairies promoting Gratitude and their Special Gifts ~ spreading MAGIC and MAKING HISTORY!

Kate’s Links:



Michelle Pier

Fairy Name: The Rainbow Faery

Fairy House Residence: Guam
Favorite color:
All of them of course!
Favorite Fairy Foods:
Dark chocolate, Ice Cream & Cookies
Fairy philosophy:
“Play leads the way!”

~My name is Michelle Pier, or Shell, and I am one of those faeries that just loves to have a good time (what faery doesn’t?!) and it takes a bit of careful balancing to achieve a harmonious combination of rest and activity in my life!

You will probably notice somewhere down the line that I LOVE to write as well as create art of all kinds. I create events that bring the community together to have fun. Following my intuition is what leads my writing and artistic endeavors. There is no certainty, and while that can be scary, that is what brings out the rawness of our being, the truth of who we are. I love being around people, and I also love enjoying peaceful times to myself. I have two little boys, and they are my biggest reminder of how to see the simple magic that is around us all the time.

One of my biggest passions is painting. I enjoy doing custom creations for people who want a very personal experience, one that continues to grow and evolve. Every single painting I have done has a special meaning and purpose, and of course, a place in my heart. I include a written description of my “intuitive” experience, where I paint what I feel, what I am guided to paint, while tuning in to what the recipient may need from me.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I love knowing that you will take away exactly what you need to hear from whatever I post!

Shell’s Links:


Sunshine Faerie

Sunshine Faerie


Fairy Name: The Sunshine Faerie

Fairy House Residence: Canada
Favorite Color: Blue & Purple
Favorite Fairy Food: Lemon Pudding and Cake
Fairy Philosophy: “Magic abounds…look for it and you will find it.”

I am L.J. and I love creating magic in my life and the lives of others. Magic is easy to find in my life as I walk this journey with two of the most beautiful humans I have ever met. My boys are constantly showing me magic, simply by being who they are and living their lives.

When I’m not soaking up the rays and energy of the sun, I can be found chasing dragonflys and being in the moment with the majesty of nature. Nature is my home and I marvel at it’s power and beauty.

I am a Life Coach ( and a Mediator. I have a passion for using the life lessons and experiences I’ve gained on my journey and sharing them with others in a meaningful way. I have been blessed with a gift of seeing things from different perspectives and being able to relate well with others. I love people, I love sharing, I love growing. I consider myself a student of life and am constantly amazed by what I learn and how much more I want to learn. I write. I live. I love.



Ocean Fairy!

Ocean Fairy

Carrie Richards

Fairy Name:  Ocean Fairy
Fairy House Residence: Fairy Isles of Britain
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Fairy Food: Berries, freshly picked and warmed by the sun.
Fairy Philosophy: Live in gratitude, with love and an open heart, play and have fun.  Magic abounds and you have your own key. 

I’ve been a frequent MEM poster since its birth and I believe fully in the power of Daily Gratitude, being a part of Kates magical, inspired community has been life changing and I am excited to don my Fairy wings and complete the circle.

I live in beautiful England, steeped in the magic and mystery.  Blessed mama to two wonderful boys who have brought and taught me more about life than I could ever have imagined, everyday I am thankful for the journey we walk together.  My husband and I choose to home educate our boys and we live a life full of fun, love, appreciation, music and life long learning.  Everyday we work together to deepen and nourish the roots that are our Family Foundation.

Nurture and healing nourish me and I share these gifts through my work as a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner.

I love to read, to write, take photographs of nature and my family, to walk, run, push my body at bootcamp and nourish it at yoga.  I love having crazy fun with my kids.  I love my friends and the wonderful conversations and exciting times we share and I love to drink tea!

I believe in living fully in your truth and I love to see the unique beauty expressed by everyone who does this.


Jezanna Gruber

The Star Fairy

Fairy Name:  The Star Fairy
Fairy House Residence: Massachusetts
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Fairy Food:  Fresh berries! (sometimes atop ice cream!)
Fairy Philosophy:  “Always star in your own movie!”

I’m Jezanna Gruber, more commonly known in these parts as Zanna, and I am delighted to be joining the My Everyday Magic team of fabulous fairies!  I have loved magic since I was a little girl, and have truly gotten into the habit of finding some in my life every day.

I live with my husband, our red-haired little boy, our big black puppy dog, and two beautiful kitties.  I love animals and nature, dancing and singing, and I adore a good story!

I’m the Star Fairy because I’m an astrologer and I love helping people see their beautiful selves through their birth charts!   There’s nothing so magical as being and loving your true self and sharing who you are with the world.



Gloria Martinez

Glow Fairy

Fairy Name: Glow Fairy
Fairy House Residence: California
Favorite Color: “sparkle”
Favorite Fairy Food: all that is chocolate
Fairy Philosophy: Free your Mind and the rest will follow

Affectionately known as Glow in many circles, I love to evoke the magic of others by bringing smiles to their faces.
There’s nothing more magical than paying good fortune forward, and I intend to do just that!

I have a passion for filmmaking with a knack for editing, an eye for directing, but an ultimate love for the whole process. I like most creative activities that keep me hands on ~ photography, graphics, cooking, beading, etc. Like Chef Duff once said, “Artists just need to create…”  I’m also good with kids, although I do not have my own. There’s just something about playing that’s so freeing. Will dance the night away…& not ashamed to go at it alone ;)

I believe the universe speaks to us individually whether it be through music, the wind, or any other magical moment to remind or reveal to us the LOVE that surrounds us.

After all, “Love is all you Need”

Alexa Pagnani

The Spicy Fairy

Fairy Name: The Spicy Fairy

Fairy House Residence: Connecticut
Favorite Color: Turquoise, Burgundy, Reds, Gold
Favorite Fairy Food: Chocolate & anything flavorful!
Hey there! I’m Alexa Pagnani, and I’m currently 16 years old. This year I’m a senior in high school, and I’m loving my new found independence! I am a constant believer in potential and “better tomorrows,” and I’d like to think that with a little effort anything is possible. Not going to lie, I can be pretty sassy, but hey; who isn’t in their adolescence? I’m a spicy teen that can’t wait to get out in the world! I’ve grown up in a small town in Connecticut, so a taste of the big bad world is what I’m craving.
I’m not necessarily religious, but I’m definitely spiritual. When I have the time, I love to meditate and practice yoga; most of my time is consumed with dance classes (hip hop and belly dance,) my job at CT Farm Fresh Express (, babysitting, and hanging with my girlfriends. I’m single, and I love flirting it up!
When I go to college next year, I plan on studying Social Sciences and Psychology (a mix of the two would be perfect for me.) I have a 3.9 GPA, and school is super important to me! My friends and family often consider me a perfectionist, and I don’t deny that. I figure that it’s best to put as much effort in something as possible, because it feels good to be proud of your work. I’m in four school clubs that all have to do with helping the community, and I love the way helping people feels.
My Mom, Dorica Nevin, is one of the biggest pieces to my life’s puzzle. She’s like my best friend, but she’s just as supportive as a mother should be. I am so lucky to have her and her talented, artistic self in my life. (
I love being a Spicy Fairy because it not only helps promote constant positive thinking, but it also helps other generations get a feel of how teens actually feel, act, and behave in this day and age. Check out my posts and you’ll be inspired by a youthful lifestyle ;)
Alexa’s Links:


Fire Fairy

Amy (Amilita) Hendrickson

Fairy Name: The Fire Fairy
Fairy House Residence:  Massachusetts
Favorite Color:  Blue & Green & Orange
Favorite Fairy Food: raspberries (by the handfuls off the vine)
Fairy Philosophy:  “sing to joy and gladness now. . .

My name is Amy Hendrickson, but I love the beautiful sound and look of Amilita.   My fire can be found deep within me, giving me strength, grace and lots of stubbornness to move mountains.  My demeanor might belie my fire, but my red hair gives me away.  My fire is a gentle, warm, soothing orange – full of healing energy, and it spreads and touches those who cross my path.

I found my life turning around when I stopped spinning  and just surviving and  started focusing on the magic of everyday, be it in the beauty of the sun filtering through a leaf – creating a green luminous glow,  the sound of a crawling baby’s starfish-like hands slapping across the floor, or the unexpected kindness of another human taking a moment to make a connection.

I am blessed with three sweet children and one amazing husband, who after 19 years together still makes my heartbeat fast.  What a breathtaking ride it has been sharing this life with all four of them.

I am deeply in love with energy medicine: homeopathy, flower essences, cell salts and reiki.  Flowers speak to my soul. They make my heart sing, talk to me, and bring tears to my eyes.  I am a healer.  I am a flower essence practitioner.

Find me on FB at Grateful Heart Healing Energy.


The Inspiration Fairies

Andrea and Tim

Fairy Name: The Inspiration Fairies
Fairy House Residence: Washington State
Favorite Color:  The Rainbow!
Favorite Fairy Foods:  Creme Brulee
Fairy Philosophy: “Magic is Real!”
As individuals, we have both led exciting, Spirit-based lives.  When we met, we discovered that when we merged our energies and focus, we were even more magical and powerful together!  Miracles happen to us on a daily basis, making our lives really fun!  We met at Fairy Congress, a gathering for humans to co-create with nature spirits and fairies.  Since then we make it a daily practice to work with the fairies and the Universe to make the entire world a better place.
We are the Inspiration Fairies because we are inspired by LIFE!  We find that inner spark of passion and infuse it in everything we do.  WE DREAM BIG, infuse our dreams with Love & Magic (hooray for alchemy!) and take tangible actions to help us FLOURISH.  We set goals that are bigger than us, then raise our skill to meet it.  People are often inspired by our vision and success, and go on to find their own inspiration!
We raise 3 children together, 2 amazing boys and a sweet little baby girl, whom was recently diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.  We live near the woods and the beach, and find ourselves at home in Nature.  In fact, both of us spent years actually living in National Parks & Forests as children.  We lead a self-sustainable simple (yet busy!) life, focusing on family, happiness and health.
Together we run Joyful Gypsy Creations, selling natural children’s toys at craft fairs and our Etsy store.  We insue our creations with positive energy, love and magic.  We are excited to share our unique blend of inspirational My Everyday Magic with you all!
Andrea and Tim’s Links:
Blog and Store:
For info on Cystic Fibrosis:




The Flirty Fairy

Devon Clement

Fairy Name: The Flirty Fairy
Fairy House Residence: The beautiful NJ shore
Favorite Color: PINK! Especially if it’s sparkly
Favorite Fairy Food: French fries and cheese
Fairy Philosophy: “You never know!”

I’m Devon Clement, and I Do Believe In Fairies! I spend my days working with kids and knitting, and my nights partying with my friends and flirting with the cute boys we come across in our adventures. But being the Flirty Fairy is so much more than that! Flirting is anything you do to make someone else smile, and feel good about themselves, whether it’s making faces at a sweet baby next to you in a restaurant, or smiling at an old man in the grocery store, or joking around with your mechanic. By exchanging that positive energy with someone else, you are spreading JOY and LOVE to the world!

I believe that there is magic all around us, and that you only have to look to find it – what may just seem like radishes might actually be dirigible plums (I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, and especially Luna Lovegood for teaching us that things are always more magical than they seem)! All you need is faith and trust, and just a little pixie dust…


Lisa Monet

Fairy Name: Song Fairy

Fairy House Residence: California
Favorite color: The colors in the rainbow
Favorite Fairy Foods: Powdered sugar fairy balls
Fairy philosophy: “Let’s sing together, and wing together!”

~ Lisa Monet is a parent, singer/songwriter, educator, and inspires and delights children and promotes language and literacy-learning through her music.

Celebrating familiar experiences and diverse cultures, she says, “I began singing with and for kids, starting with my own two, and found a whole fun and rewarding world in performing and recording music for families.”

Beginning with her first guitar in Argentina, she has performed in Latin trios, rock bands, madrigal ensembles, and as a solo artist in venues from the Troubador in L.A. to university halls in Spain.

Lisa Monet’s nationally award-winning albums, produced with her husband/fellow artist, Rick St. Charles, are available to hear and buy on her website, at CD Baby, and on Reverbnation.

Thanks to her “magic mentor” Kate Street, Lisa has released her inner fairy and can be seen wearing her wings at her performances. Join Lisa’s magical music e-news list here! Fairy-approved Music for Families!

Incentive! All those who sign up for her music e-news will be entered in a drawing to win one of her CDs for that month. Just email her that you joined!

Lisa’s Links:

official site:
show bills:
follow at:


Papa, Pepere, Popsidoodles

The Grandpa Fairy!

Fairy Name: The Grandpa Fairy
Fairy House Residence: Maine
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Fairy Food:
Lemon Cake

Fairy Philosophy: “Patience.”

I’m the proud father of The Sparkle Fairy, and an avid reader of “My Everyday Magic.” It’s nice to see the compatriot fairies bubbling up all over the world. I’m spreading the word of magic to everyone I bump into in the neighborhood.

One of the best things that has happened in my life is having my grandchildren. No one knows how wonderful it is until you have them yourself. I want everyone to know how important a grandparent’s role is in loving and cherishing the children.


Amanda Young

Fairy Name: The Bliss Fairy!
Fairy House Residence: Guam
Favorite Color: Red, Purple, and Silver
Favorite Fairy Food: Cherries
Fairy Philosophy: “Quality of Life vs. Quantity in Life”

Blessings all! I’m a MEM frequent poster and frequent follower of “My Everyday Magic”, symbiotic sister to the Rainbow Fairy, leisured artist, adventurer, infatuated wife, and work at home mom. Keeping a comfortable home and running a humbled business as a “Green” consultant/ simple living advocator as well as helping my Husband Chris with his business in boat repair and fabrication.
Chris and I have a two little daughters, Evie and Lighlah. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think how motherhood would change me. Becoming this maternal goddess has transformed me into the woman I’ve always hoped of being and even in those testing times of parenthood I am always reminded just how IN LOVE I AM!

~*~*~*~SPREAD YOUR MAGIC! ~*~*~*~


23 thoughts on “Meet the Fairies (Bios and Pics)

  1. I share in all the joy that you are spreading around the world.
    All our love ,
    Dad & Mom

  2. I’m all for singing about the faeries! Wishing you all a magical
    holiday season!

  3. I think you ladies are wonderful and it is amazing that you have formed such and uplifting and magical site.. Don’t let it go, keep inspiring others to do the same.. All it takes is a smile to give off that magical positive energy, the small things in life lift the spirits all around us.

  4. Oh My Goodness! We got “sparkled” tonight! (At Gabrielle’s) What a joyous experience! And we will be paying it forward! Many thanks for providing this most unexpected gesture that totally brightened our day!

  5. Hi fairies! I just found this site for the first time today. What a wonderful idea. I think you guys have the right idea. I plan to start finding the good in every day moments starting immediately!

  6. These faerie profiles make me smile! A special thank you to Grandpa Fairy, who has warmed my heart today in a big way. Your pictures (and guest post) have been a burst of magic for me more touching than I can express. Thank you!

  7. Hello Ladies, you’ve brought tears of joy and hope to my eyes. Love to you all xxx

  8. Just fantastic! What beautiful people you all are!

  9. What you fairies are doing is completely magical! Keep it up!

  10. Well done ladies! You are all doing a wonderful and uplifting job!

  11. You are all truly amazing! Life is really full of magic and every moment of everyday is worth remembering. Your bio(s) inspires me. Continue to share nice topics.

  12. you are amazing and and soooooooo very beautiful.thank you

  13. Hi Kate, I got here through Denise LeFay’s site. All you fairies (and your website) look like so much FUN!!

  14. Love the blog – so positive and magical! Keep up the good work.

  15. Just found your site. Makes me very happy that you’re all out there! Inspirational – thank you :-)

  16. Kate, are you Kerri the Sparkle Fairy that works for Sparkle paper towels?

  17. Love magic and fairies!

  18. Hi fairies I’m so happy to have found you I used to be a very busy mum of 3 children ( all grown up now) running them to ballet, piano and lots more classes we have done everything together going to all local fairs, fetes even a 3 day festival where we the dyed our clothes took our shoes off for 3 days and had so much freedom and fun but iv now got a awful illness EDS and fibromyalgia and lots of others that go with it so now I’m in 24/hr pain but I so believe in my angels and fairies I live right in the country in Norfolk and was so happy to read all about you guys I now like to look for healing in lots of ways and I’m goin to make little fairy houses in my garden was just wondering do you happen to know where I can find groups of fairies that are in England as iv found you guys to be so sprital and good with pain remedies thx again look forward to hear from you love and lite karen xx

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